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  1. If you had to choose between Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun which would you choose and why? I've only been on the Escape and Breakaway before.
  2. Are there solo meet ups on NCL ships that DON'T have studio cabins?
  3. darn it! maya chan is all booked up for April 10 when I'll be in Costa Maya. My bad for taking my time- but wanted to thoroughly research stuff. So now I'll look into other options you all have mentioned. I'm not one for just lounging on a chair all day- want to do something like snorkeling, have yummy food, get a massage etc. Not interested in seeing ruins. I wish NCL had more options they offered. such slim pickings for costa maya. What is this aviary "happy cruzer" mentioned? I haven't heard of that before. Sounds neat.
  4. What excursion do you recommend in Costa Maya?
  5. I will be on the breakaway in April. Are there any comedy shows? I dont see that as an option when I go to book entertainment on the website.
  6. On Escape I enjoyed Taste the best Best food was the chocolate lava cake.
  7. Sailing on Sunday on the Escape. Will be in a studio cabin. I've read there's a special concierge that helps studio passengers with reservations and stuff. Is that true? Is there anything I should plan to reserve myself once I get on the ship? (Or even now?) What is a Vibe pass? What is thermal spa pass? I'm a person that likes massages. Is that a good route to go to get a massage or should I look at thermal spa pass? For the salt cave is that only through the thermal spa or can you sign up for it singly? What do you recommend one do first thing on board? I like swimming and going in hot tubs. Are they always crowded? Not really a sunbather. I'm overwhelmed with all the things one can do on a cruise. I plan to just do meals at the complimentary places. What is embarkation like?
  8. Thank you so much! I'm on Escape this Sunday for the first time. And first NCL. What did you do for shows?
  9. I too am stressing out about this! Flo can just go away.
  10. Anyone know if a studio passenger could have access to use a freezer or microwave for ice pack/heating pad?
  11. Is there a formal night? Is it necessary to pack something dressy? I'm trying to pack light.
  12. I'm taking NCL Escape Sept 16. It's my first time on NCL. I'm staying in one of the studios. Have any of you stayed in them? What's it like? Are the showers equipped with shampoo and soap? What do you do for alarm clock? Do you recommend getting an internet package? Can you buy soda ala carte? I don't think I'd drink enough to make a package worthwhile. All my excursions I booked are through NCL. I'm nervous about the one in Halifax concluding half hour before the ship is to leave. Will this be okay? Do you have to reserve times for dining or can you go anywhere? Is there any place to get a slice of pizza? Have any of you taken a transfer from the airport to pier via NCL? I'm nervous about not finding where to go. Is it easy to figure out?
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