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  1. No, I didn't say that! Jeans are allowed in the Terrace. They are also allowed during breakfast/lunch. As to shorts, I'm not sure of the rule in the Terrace. Again, they are fine at breakfast/lunch. Very seldom saw them at night anywhere on board.
  2. Denim. I know a lot of khaki pants have a similar "cut".
  3. I have NO problem challenging these fraudsters. I snap a pic & make like I'm calling the cops. I then tell the faker about the $2000 fine & 6 mo. in jail for fraud. Trust me it works wonders. If they refuse to answer your 2 questions, you are in your right to boot them out of your business. Publix markets in Fl. does NOT allow the dogs to be in strollers or carts. It's called "4 on the floor" It has had some effect.
  4. Sorry, but we get upset at the 95% of fraud that actually takes place! I also have a friend that had their service dog nearly torn apart by a "fake" service dog. Her dog was conditioned to detect epileptic seizures before they occurred. It's pretty easy to tell the real ones from the fakes.
  5. Hopefully, this will NOT become a trend! Jeans are not what we consider Country Club casual. They were not allowed on our past cruises on Riviera. We'll be off Oceania in 2020, but plan to be back in 2021. If I read that jeans are becoming the rule, then we might start looking elsewhere.
  6. Jeans are OK ONLY in the Terrace. Ok everywhere for breakfast/lunch. Unlike other lines, Oceania WILL enforce the proper dresscodes in the GDR & specialty rest. & I have seen pax comment about slackers.
  7. I've heard rumors here & there from staff on different lines over the years. None were true! I would be hard placed to bet that Jacques is on it's way out. His name is synonymous with the food. Should he pass away(he IS 83)then I'd place more belief in it. Jacques may be his name, but he inspires the menus in ALL the dining Venus except Terrace.
  8. I think we'll be on that same Hawaii trip as you. We've booked the UBD as well & hope to try the Chef's table. We're in a Club Balcony mini suite, so hopefully the balcony is big enough.
  9. We booked the Ultimate balcony dinner as well. It's $100 for the meal. The Chef's table is about $100pp(with wine pairing, somewhat less if you skip the wine)You're guaranteed the Balcony dinner. The Chef's table can be hit or miss: If there's a lot of interest, you might get passed over. If there's little interest, they may cancel it. We're going to try for the Chef's table as well. Reserve it as soon as you board! We're trying it, to compare it to La Reserve, which we've done a number of times on Oceania.
  10. Seriously!? Perhaps he could buy the club! As to music I like classical. I don't mind country(though not piped on board a ship. I like classical music in the GDR, but certainly soft enough as not to interfere with dinner conversation. Rock type around the pool is fine, but again reasonable loudness. Please NO RAP! Save that for the Carnivore ships.
  11. How you been doing? The main thing with Regent is that they are "all inclusive". The price will be quite a bit higher because of that. Alcohol/air transit/excursions/food are all part of the package. I would say that Regent probably goes to more high-end destinations. As to food. Not sure. Food on the Riviera has been some of the best I've had at sea. Oceania's title is "The Finest Cuisine at Sea". Obviously, this is open to debate. We still think our finest at sea was in the Queens Grill on the QM2. We frequently ventured "off menu" & it was always granted. As to service, I would imagine
  12. They are given a special matt to do their business on.
  13. I kind of thought that the GDR was pen for suite/concierge guests on port days. I know it was on embarkation days. That's what we like about the Grills on Cunard. They were always open for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  14. I'm not much of a drinker. So I ask them to go light on the wine. Similar to a wine tasting(without spitting it out LOL!) Two sips works for me. Otherwise it would fill me up. Some said avoid the bread rolls. Just do one & call it a day. The food, most especially in the "Le Bourgeoisie" was our fav.(Odyssey & Dom Perignon) are the other 2. We much preferred the Bourgeoisie over Odyssey. Haven't tried the "Dom", as I can't stand Champagne.
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