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  1. Sorry for the late response! Sounds like he's a lot of fun to be around.
  2. Seen a few gowns, but only one night did I see a tux. Never saw any tuxes after that.
  3. You sure you were on Star Princess?? There is no Crown Grill. It's called Sterling Steak house.
  4. We did 1 cruise on Princess in 2016 on the Regal. A very nice ship. The food was quite good. The buffet was the best we ever saw on any ship. The trip was a 14 day B2B. The first week was Superbowl week & I hate to say, but it was a trailer trash jamboree that first week. tons of drunken ill behaved pax mixed with regular pax. Formal nights were very interesting that first week. The second week about 80% of the pax changed & it was much nicer! We're fine with the formal nights. We usually brought sport coats on the Riviera. We'll do that on the Star, along with a few ties. Pricewise our Star trip is only about $500 less overall. We are foodies & I've explained to Richard the food will be decent, but not to expect the quality of even the Regal. We will try the Chef's dinner & perhaps the ?? Ultimate balcony dinner?(not sure that's the correct name) The ambience of that should be nice. It's true, a cruise is what you make of it. Personally, I intend to make full use of the Sanctuary on sea days. I really enjoyed them on the Regal.
  5. Yeah, do leave the ball cap in the room. Looks crappy when dining out, or at least remove it once you're inside.
  6. No shorts in the dining rooms at night. Exception the buffet. Basically, it's "Smart Casual". Slacks & a collared shirt. Long or short sleeve, your choice. Hawaiian shirts/Guayabera shirts are fine, too. For formal nights, a tux is NOT needed. Check out Youtube for videos on Princess & then decide how you want to do formal nights. We're on the Star Princess for Jan. 28. Cancelled a 12 night trip on Oceania Rivera(not my choice!!)I just hope it measures up. We're booked in a Club Class minisuite(really just a larger verandah cabin)for the slightly better amenities I hope it provides. Really love Oceania, but the Hubby dug in his heels. I told him if it doesn't measure up, he can scream in the mirror!!
  7. We had booked a great 12 night cruise to the Caribbean in Feb. 2020. Unfortunately, Richard got an e-mail about a Hawaiian trip aboard the Star Princess. He then dug in his heels & now we're going on a trip to Hawaii Jan.28. I decided to at least book a Club Class mini suite to get some decent accommodations. I've told Richard to look into the mirror if this trip does NOT measure up. The food certainly will not be to O's standard. Oh well.
  8. I certainly could not find fault in the Terrace Grill at night. One night when I had my fill of Dover Sole in the GD, I went up to the Terrace & had my second fill. Dover Sole is my absolute favorite fish.
  9. I've got a few of those type of suits. Nautica/Ralph Lauren/Hilfiger have some nice types. A little pricey, but I'll wear them as shorts, rather than swim in them.
  10. So what did you not like about the GD? Not true gourmet, but the food was fine in nearly everyone else's opinion. You seem to be bragging a bit about your self importance about being in the in the owner's suite. The rest of us are not too impressed.
  11. I feel most pax should opt for the larger ships. We found the Riviera to offer more amenities than their smaller ships.
  12. Bathing suite? Must have weighed a lot. LOL! I presume your bathing suit was like a pair of shorts.
  13. Yes, that's correct. Only at night. I have to admit to not seeing shorts/jeans at night in the Terrace. Saw one kid a few years ago who seemed to wear the same jeans day in & day out. That's really been the only time. I'm sure it varies among the ships.
  14. "Wear whatever suits you". This attitude is what's wrong with cruise lines now. There is a standard that is acceptable & one that is not. I get so tired of those pax who say "It's MY vacation & I'll dress anyway I choose!" Well, it's our vacation too! & we don't care to see this cruise line denigrate to what is commonplace on Carnival/NCR etc. That is why there is a dress code as to what is acceptable & what is not. No one is looking for tuxes/gowns here, but what one would expect to wear at a nice restaurant that advertises "Business Casual". It's really not that hard to wear decent but not over the top clothes. For us we simply wear khaki style pants(nicely pressed) & nice button down shirts long or short sleeve. We bring 2 sport coats for dining in the specialty rest. "Country club casual" as the brochure says. For women a nice dress(no gowns)or a stylish pantsuit looks good as well. A sparkly top or two to kick it up a notch, if you like.
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