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  1. I like 2.5. Oceania seems to fit the bill, but sometimes the itinerary or time of the cruise doesn't match your choice. This is the reason we're giving Celebrity one more shot. Overall the dress style for the 14 day cruises is pretty good, but we have noticed the decline somewhat. It's the food quality decline that brought us to Oceania. We're in the food industry & really like fine dining.
  2. That cruise was Jan. 2017 on the Eclipse(14 days) That's the funny thing you don't need dress clothes, just decent & he certainly wasn't wearing them. He did get denied at the entrance to Moonlight Sonata.
  3. Yes it can really look smart. This is what we like about Oceania. No ties/suits or tuxes required. No jeans at night either. We wore sport coats in the specialty rest. but overall, everyone really looked nice without being over the top.
  4. "Well, Betty Grable should have such legs!" Yes, I do wear nice trousers. I wear nice pressed khakis during smart casual nights. Perhaps we'll wear sport coats on those nights as well. We really were not underdressed. We had nice trousers/dress shirts/nice shoes sport coats & ties on Chic nights. As I said, we do leave Tuxes for Cunard. Still in that elevator as Lonesome George Gobel used to say.."Ever walk into a room full of Tuxedos & you're a pair of Brown shoes?" Kind of felt that way in the elevator.
  5. You're right, I HAVE paid a lot of money to enjoy my cruise. I just don't care to dine in a fine dining establishment, when some pax are really trying to see how sloppy they have to be dressed to be denied entry. As I've said many times.. Is it TOO hard to wear a nice pair of pants & a nice button down collared shirt?(short or long sleeve, fine) This is smart casual. Flip flops, crappy looking shorts(or any shorts) & t shirts are not in any way shape or form, considered smart casual for dinner in the main dining rooms. The buffet? Fine, knock yourself out!
  6. As Daffy Duck would say: "Aha! Pronoun trouble!" Not sure which is correct. "Could care less or couldn't care less." That aside, as long as pax aren't wearing skivvies or bathing suits into the eating areas, I'm pretty fine with most any choice during the day. At night, I feel pax should at least make some effort to not look like "Onslow" from "Keeping up Appearance". In 2017 on the Eclipse during one of the Chic nights(14 day cruise)This guy got in the elevator to head to dinner. Overall it was a really well dressed crowd. Lots of tuxes & gowns(longer cruises seem to go this way)Well, the guy was wearing one of those Tux imprints on a t shirt in shorts with sneakers & yes, the ubiquitous ball cap. My spouse & I just had nice sports coats & ties(not full suits) We were somewhat underdressed for the crowd in that elevator. The guy in the t shirt goes "Awww, how nice, you're all going to Prom!" I responded: "Awww, how nice, you're going to a trailer trash jamboree!" Talk about an elevator in hysterics!
  7. A few years back my spouse & I were in a restaurant in Chinatown in Boston. Just as a patron was leaving, the cook & waiter came running out of the kitchen(the cook wielding a meat clever)There was a real altercation with words & the patron put money down on his table & quickly left. My spouse who's Chinese basically said the patron was from Japan(where tipping is considered an insult)was not leaving any tip & the staff at the restaurant persuaded him to reconsider. My spouse when he first came here from Singapore didn't tip much either. My chewing him out many times finally seemed to work. Personally, I think we should have gone to that rest. 25 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of arguing!
  8. We cruise more often on Oceania as of late. It tends to get quite warm in the dining rooms, so yes, I've also had to take off the coat.
  9. Basically a lot depends on length of your trip. We do 14 day trips & notice pax tend to dress much nicer than the 7-8 day cruises. You'll get your odd balls who feel it's their right to dress as sloppy as they feel they can get away with. Basically, for most nights, a pair of nice pants & a button down shirt is fine. For Chic, you'll find most will dress up somewhat. Perhaps some Tuxes, especially on long cruises(where you may see quite a few) most will opt for dressier pants & a sport coat(with or without tie) We don't bring Tuxes(that's for Cunard trips)We'll bring nice slacks & dress shirts & sport coats with a few nice ties to go with them. On regular nights is khakis & short sleeve Ralph Lauren type shirts.
  10. I think most do share the ideals. It's just that the corporate higher ups don't like a paying guest getting upset when not allowed in the dining room for dressing poorly. Well...what about the other paying guests who DO get upset when standards get relaxed to the point of being trashy? I've seen it & so have others. I will comment to the Maître D when I see really sloppy dress at night. I know you know my opinions on dress styles. How long before shorts & flip flops DO become the norm? This why among other reasons we switched mostly to Oceania the past few years. No Tuxes, but NO jeans/shorts/ball caps etc. either. "Country Club Casual" is their slogan. Nice pants (dress) or nice khakis. Nice button down shirts with or without sport coat. That's how pax should dress at night. Is that too hard for people to fathom? During the day.. I could care less what pax wear.
  11. Hate saying it, but I've seen pax trying to get in dressed as CGNORMANDIE said. I'll admit they were stopped by the Maître D. If pax are dressed like slobs on Chic night, sorry but it does affect my night. If I want to go to a Trailer Trash Jamboree, then I'll dress for the occasion. I'm NOT talking tuxes & Gowns, but the type of clothing one would be expected to wear at a nice(but not formal rest.) If one can't get some nice shirts & pants into a suit case then I suggest they get a different suitcase.
  12. We always dine at a table for 2 to avoid what happened to you. For the staff to allow pax dressed so slovenly to show up like that even on "Chic" night is disgraceful. I mean is it sooo hard to at least wear nice slacks(not jeans) & a nice button down shirt so hard?
  13. Not sure I'm seeing their humor. Now your humor I get!
  14. Cunard pays pretty much the same as the other lines.
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