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  1. We made our final payment a few days ago for the Dec 12, 2020 sailing of the NCL Escape. Our adult daughters are concerned for our health but we are looking forward to our sailing!
  2. A BIG THANKS to all who helped us find Carnival's wine packages on Carnival's web page!! Jerry 'n Linda from WV
  3. We, too, are interested in the wine packages and will be sailing the Sunshine in a couple of weeks. After reading your post, I logged into our reservation and tried finding wine packages info. After having no success, I finally gave up. BossyKat, can you help me out with the steps that I need to take in order to get to the wine info about which grimpil inquired in the original post to this thread? THANKS in advance for your help.
  4. We will be sailing the Bliss in less than two weeks. I just received the following e-mail request from a family member that will be in our party. The e-mail text reads as follows: "Dad, Do you have time to ask on Cruise critic if the Bliss offers any wines that meet the below criteria? sugar-free (less than 1 g/L), low in sulfites, and lower in alcohol (12.5% or less)." Do we have anyone out there in "Cruise Critic Land" that can help me out? Thanks in advance for all answers and/or suggestions as to how we might find info related to our daughter's inquiry!
  5. We will be boarding the Bliss out of L.A. on Apr 21, 2019. Does anyone know if bartender, Clarense Bennett (AKA Chocolate Cowboy) will be on board for our sailing? We met him in July 2016 on the Escape and he was such a wonderful gentleman. We have heard rumors that he will be returning to the Bliss soon (if not already.) Looking forward to an update on Mr. Bennett's present assignment. Thanks in advance!
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