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  1. At that rate I’m in for a $550 refund from them!!!! It definitely pays to get the drink package!
  2. We did a private tour with Rony's. Brian was our driver, and he was fantastic! We brought coloring books and school supplies for underprivileged children, which he set up at a church, went to the chocolate factory, sloth and monkey spot, toured the island and he took us for an amazing lunch across the street from the pier and we had IGUANA and beer and enjoyed every minute of it! 😉
  3. Scenario.....Hi Customer Service Person, I lost my bracelet (but I really gave it to my unvaccinated friend) can I get another one??? How will they combat things like that??
  4. I live 15 minutes from Newark airport. Pay me and I’ll drive ya!
  5. From what I heard, the texting will work at no charge if you have the VOOM. My question is for anyone who had the VOOM, are you still able to use iMessage on board to each other and back to the States with ease??
  6. Thumbing through the app and looking at deck plans, it shows American Icon Grill aft on Deck 3. However nothing is mentioned on the Royal website or ship info about it. Anyone know if it’s open or available to dine in? Reviews online say it’s a bit better than the MDR and at no cost, and definitely something I’d love to try but no info!!!
  7. They blocked what? iMessage? I was told by them that I could use iMessage to text with my kids back home. So even by having the VOOM surf and stream I still need to pay $1.99 per???
  8. $1.99 per?? What the actual?!?! Even if you have VOOM?? Either way if you’re connected to WiFi can’t you just use iMessage if you’re both on iPhones?
  9. That makes a lot of sense, the one and done. However, I know a guy who supplies medical supplies to the cruise ship industry and he said they are mostly getting AZ. But then again, nobody really knows the truth
  10. Jersey weather sucks Nov-March. Not uncommon to have a foot of snow dumped on us at any given time. That being said, Newark Airport very rarely closes because they have one of the best ground crews around. Kudos to them! However, like people said before, don’t think you’re getting outside for a couple days, probably at least til you get down to The Carolinas. Always the casino and plenty of indoor activities. I live 25 minutes from Bayonne and have never and will probably never cruise in the winter from Jersey just because I think it’s a waste to not be able to utilize the whole ship for 3-4
  11. They got back to me within one business day! Very professional
  12. They said not to give it to a porter, what if I put it in my luggage and then give it to a porter? I’m getting to the ship pretty early and would hate to have to carry it everywhere I go for a few hours!
  13. Just checked, $25 each way! A lot cheaper than Royal! At that price I might just take them to the ship and do the airboat excursion and drop off since our flight is at 3:30!
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