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  1. I’m looking to buy 2 certificates....no need to cancel if you can sell them and someone else can use them.....
  2. Breakaway is awesome! If you're in the Haven for $1000 more than a 5 day on a small ship, I'd go for the Haven on BA! Don't know if you automatically get the Thermal Suite access though....check into that
  3. First thing first, get a drink at the first bar I see! Then go to the box office to book anything I couldn’t book online prior to embarking, like Headliners. Last trip we took, we had to go to Headliners to pay for the PPBP, at that time, there was no option to pay upfront online. Check out the pool, especially since I will be flying down in my bathing suit!!! Then more cocktails, a bite to eat at the buffet and then continue with more drinks in order to maintain a constant buzz that will continue throughout the voyage!
  4. They used to have Veuve as part of the Premium Plus. I saw they changed it to Moet Imperial, which is still a decent champagne, but yeah, watch out for that swill they give when you order bubbles....its borderline undrinkable
  5. I think rape is a little harsh, eh? How bout assault, battery, murder? Why not throw them in too! FYI, they cannot drink already. The drinking age out of US Ports is 21. With parent's consent, at age 18, they can consume wine and beer, no liquor. They also do not qualify for an alcoholic drink package.
  6. We booked two adjoining rooms with our 2 kids 15/13 at the time. They both stayed in one room, we stayed in the other. On the reservation, you need one adult 21+ booked in each room, on paper, but then we went to Guest Services to get extra keys and swap. Well, let me tell you, it sounds so flipping easy, but it was the worst nightmare ever! They couldn't figure out how to change them, and we ended up carrying 2 key cards at a time, one as a room key, and the other for charges/drinks...
  7. These are fine, but you will really want to get your card punched and not put in the pouch, as you have to swipe your card for every drink and for dinner and such. Total pain in the butt to take out every time. My suggestion is to get one that has a break away clip, trust me, it's better than either unclipping the card, or taking the lanyard off over your head.
  8. We did a Meet & Greet on our cruise last year and the person who organized it had arranged for NCL to get us personalized lanyards with the breakaway clip (no pun intended, we were on the Breakaway), and she had also brought a hole punch with her!!! Great idea! I believe you can also go to guest services to get it punched also. Bringing the same one I had on that cruise, and hopefully will get it punched on board.
  9. The card will say PBP (Premium Beverage Package) of if you're a raging alcoholic like me, it'll read PPBP (Premium PLUS Beverage Package). We cruised last August when the PPBP was BRAND NEW and all the bartenders questioned it just about every time I ordered a double Woodford and Ginger....
  10. Great review, thanks! We were on the ship in August, going again in April. This time we did buy the Priority Access, mainly because we're going to GSC (with a little bit of luck we'll get there the two days) and didn't want to wait for tenders... You had mentioned that you had priority tags for your luggage for disembarking, what about boarding? Did your bags come to your room randomly at 1:30, or were they marked priority like some airlines do with first class bags? TIA
  11. Harvest Caye definitely IS beautiful. The beach was nice, the water had a decent amount of seaweed, but its natural, nothing that can really be done about it. There were enough loungers at the beach because everyone and their mother took the loungers at the pool. The pool is AMAZING, clean, crisp and gigantic. Nice little waterfall feature under the pedestrian bridge, very little shade at in the pool. Those are the positives.....if you do plan on staying on the ship, you'll enjoy free food, free drinks (assuming you have the drink package), and free everything else....NOTHING
  12. Was wondering, like at the airport, if you buy first class, or have priority access or something, they put a tag on the luggage so it's first on the baggage carousel. Oh well...
  13. I’m wondering the same thing. Going on a. 4 nighter, but thinking that since we’re in port 3 out of 4 days, but also GSC 2 of those days, not sure how much use we’d get out of it without having a sea day, unless not able to tender at GSC.....
  14. Leaving in 50+ days, eDocs ready to be printed, where’s my transfers?? Booked my cruise through a TA (friend of ours), and paid for the transfers right away. There was a price drop about a week and change after I booked, so I told my TA (again, friend of mine who does this less than part time) and she called and got my lower rate, GREAT! Saved almost $300. Went and downloaded my eDocs today, and the transfers weren’t on there. I called NCL, got someone on board, and said that the $118 ($29pp, back and forth) was refunded a month ago. I was out of the country at th
  15. The wave runners are considered an excursion. It is a group and a tour
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