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  1. Looking forward to when LPC gets changed to Wendys, followed by a freeganism, make your own food from our cold leftovers kitchen. I know I know, shouldn't give great profit saving environmentally friendly ideas away for free! ;)
  2. i couldn't agree more. on the M class it's much worse if you aren't in a suite. You have the choice of tuscan (can't fault it) or the cafeteria for dinner. After watching the cartoon dinner once, i was left with buyers remorse at the rate i paid to watch a boring cartoon, followed by the waiters demanding a perfect rating lol. It's just sad because I would love to go to more than one specialty restaurant during a 12-14 night cruise and not have it be a repeat. While the concept of le petit sounds great on paper, and gives them something exclusive, i have no love for it. Combine that with 'fake
  3. Check out h10 casa mimosa. Was there with 6 family members and we'd all go back there in a heart beat.
  4. Im no expert on the program, some cruise agencies have opted out of the program like Costco. Others are definitely in it as can be seen in the tracker sticked at the top of the page.
  5. Tuscan grille sounds like its for you then. Ive had the normal steaks and upgraded steaks and they are all excellent, massive portions. Get the anti pasta shared plate, the pork belly, some short rib pasta and a nice steak and you are set. Polish it off with a pistachio creme brûlée. Wow. Now I'm hungry. Ive heard great things recently from family who went to murano. Just haven't experienced it myself yet. Enjoy, bring turkey pants.
  6. Been on 3 celebrity cruises in the past year and have seen the winnings go down and people grumbling. Guess they have to pay for these upgrade ships somehow! I have another cruise on celebrity coming up in November and this time I am taking 0 dollars to donate to the casino. If I'm not winning it's at least nice to see others win. It's not nice to see everyone lose and be pissed off. No thanks celebrity! Also seen food quality go down, but that's due to a new executive in charge of food at corporate. Someone please fire that guy. We are using the ship as a floating transportation / hotel, not
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