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  1. An Ernest K. Gann classic! The aviation part of the movie is actually fairly accurate (I’m retired airline flight dispatch). 😀
  2. This sucks. Awfully broad brushed.... Dept of State:  Americans should not cruise.
  3. We found the WiFi to be stable in our cabin on deck 8. One major outage (not onboard) with the authentication server for a few hours.
  4. Concur with the visibility of the Azamara officers. Same thing with Cunard. CD and Capt/EXO were often about. This guy was friendly when passing in the hallways. We thought the CD was great!
  5. We were in the shade with forays to the pool. 😀. Great place to read a book, have lunch, and people watch! 😀😀😀
  6. All day til about 4pm. They let you leave for about 30-45 minutes for lunch, or to be in the pool. They put a sign on the chair at either the top or bottom of the hour, stating that if no one returns by the next half hour, your stuff gets moved to a table. On the first cruise, some entitled people came up at 0700 and “reserved” up to 8 chairs with no one showing up for hours. Many complaints put an end to that. Much better situation on the second cruise.
  7. Us too! We did back to back, and disembarked today after 22 nights. After some early issues with pool deck chair management, the entire experience was wonderful! Outstanding food and crew. We enjoyed spa services instead of booking tours (did our own in a few ports). Don’t over order in Jacques or Polo, as the food is “heavier” than Toscana or Red Ginger (our favorite). We ate lunch often in the MDR, or at Waves Grill. Both have excellent menus. On sea days, get to the pool deck by 0800 to secure deck chairs. Be aware of the great Happy Hour in all bars, where common drinks are BOGO.
  8. So far great! Only issue is the mad rush for pool chairs mostly on sea days. Deck crew has ramped up their efforts to keep people from reserving multiple chairs. We have just decided to get up there no later than 0700 so as to get chairs. Fabulous food and service.
  9. Embarkation was slow due to one security checkpoint only.
  10. Lack of CBP personnel. We are turnarounds and waited about 1.25 hours to clear. We are in the city now so likely all is well over at terminal F. 😄
  11. Words to the wise: Give yourself tons of time when disembarking at Miami. Riviera is running at least an hour behind today.
  12. We are currently on Riviera and have had the same pool deck issue. However the staff responded very well to the complaints (they told us many guests wrote about this issue in their mid cruise critiques). While all chairs are gone by 0830, the staff moved chairs around for us when people left, and the left items table was overflowing. We stay on for the next cruise and are hoping for a better situation. Otherwise Riviera has been excellent in all respects.
  13. Riviera is simply outstanding. Excellent food and service. Being larger, not quite as personal as the Azamara Journey, but we will look for a great itinerary on one of Oceania’s R ships. The Coral was beautifully appointed but came out of drydock the day we began our cruise, with many items not completed. Promenade Deck full of pallets of carpet, many IT boxes and holes in the ceiling just lying around. But still a great trip through the canal! We are very much enjoying the more refined experience here on Riviera.
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