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  1. I agree with all - but, they are very chinsey with their wine these days. We barely got a taste! It was about 1/8 of a glass - if that and no refills. We noticed this on our most recent Explorer cruise (last month) as well as our TA on the Grandeur in November 2023.
  2. Just keep checking back. I signed up for our culinary classes on Splendor (which is sailing this November-December) on November 11, 2023! We usually take 3 or more depending on the length of the cruise and if we haven't taken that class. Last month on the Explorer the instructor was so scattered and not very good (she was a guest instructor) that I canceled our other class. She didn't have the right utensils, and she would bang on the pot (which Chef John Stephano had said to never do as it can damage the pot). In November I plan to find out who the instructor is right away and depending I may cancel the 4 we have booked. We've enjoyed all the rest of the instructors though.
  3. So far we have taken 15 of the Culinary Classes. Some are better than others as well as some instructors are also better than others. I did not enjoy just one "Farmstand Fabulous" - it did not include what I had hoped. I wanted a class in cooking what we would find at a farmstand. It was not that. I do wish they would include a more detailed description on their website for each class instead of being so general. For example "Turn up the Heat" was about cooking with meat, I thought it would be about spices. I have learned to not have a reservation at a specialty restaurant on the evening of my 4:00 cooking class.
  4. When we were there Osaka was our port and we were only there for one day so we had to make the best of it. We saw way more than those on a Regent excursion (judging from the conversations once back on board).
  5. In 2019 I used Tours by Locals and had an excellent day tour of Kyoto. My guide was Ken if you want further information (and it's not too late for my response) please let me know.
  6. We have 5 cruises booked and my TA was only able to apply the 2 category upgrade to the one that is in 2025 because it isn't fully booked. We kept our same PH suite but received the price of the suites 2 categories below us and are saving over $12,000!
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