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  1. Only 47 minutes??? That’s a new record. I have done 3 hours with them before. Next time, use a local TA and let them sit on hold to get you what you want. Won’t cost you a penny more and it might even get you something else.
  2. While I agree that your viewpoint is probably correct, I wonder why you felt you had to be so darned rude to the original poster. Are you the smartest person on Cruise Critic? You know there is one great way to never have to read a thread like this again. Get off Cruise Critic. Then reading something like this thread will never bother your sensibilities.
  3. Ok, we are the first to admit we have not sailed the E-class but our friends have and every one of them will not go back. We are Elite Plus and we also will not go back...to Celebrity. We have one X cruise left...on Flora and that will be it. When they brought out two ships that don’t have a forward facing place I can go unless I’m in a suite, don’t have any small bars/lounges where I can sit/drink/talk with friends, when they converted the wonderful Martini Bar to the size it is on Edge class ships they lost us. We are moving to Viking. That’s the cruising we want. Yes, it is more expensive. But no kids, no photographers, no smoking, no casino, no art auctions, small ships with great food and lots of ports. Sounds like heaven to us. And an included shore excursion in every port as well as free internet. By the time we added up all the things that were included (and not allowed) to worked for us. If it means we cruise less, great but we will be happier when we cruise. I don’t like the direction X is heading. Makes me sad. We never got to sail on Horizon or Zenith but we LOVED the C and M class ships and we love the S class as well. So for so many reasons, we are out of here. Jim
  4. Sorry, your thread title was 125% trip money when you Lift and Shift. But you don't get 125% credit when you Lift and Shift. Only when X cancels you.
  5. Thanks Phil I knew they had a collective name. Another tip. When you are there and are eating in a restaurant, make sure you have Guernsey butter on your bread. It comes from Guernsey cows and it is the BEST BUTTER I have ever had. I can almost still taste. We loved it so much we could have just eaten the bread and butter for lunch. One more thing. Before you go read, "Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." It's the story of how these islands (so close to Britain) were occupied by Nazi forces in WWII and how the islanders organized their own type of resistance. There is a movie as well but the book is outstanding.
  6. Lift and Shift is only supposed to allow you to move your booking from one year to the next with guaranteed pricing and perks. No 125% for that. To get the 125% you need to have your cruise cancelled by X and then let them keep your money and apply it to a future cruise.
  7. Make sure you take that one. We did it last June on Reflection and it was awesome. Wish he had spent longer in Iceland. But we did have four full days there. As you plan your shore trips, remember that it will be light there until...well...always. We got in at noon on day one and toured straight through until around 12:30 am. We were exhausted but it was sunset when we got back to the ship (we where there in June almost at the Solstice). I slept three hours and went back out to shoot pics at 5:00 am and the sun was high in the sky. If you haven't rescheduled yet, I encourage you to consider June as everything is blooming and beautiful. You can see my pics and read more about our trip here: https://jktravelredmond.com/tag/iceland/
  8. You have the WRONG travel agent. Mine sends me and all his customers a monthly sheet with all the details of their upcoming cruise with original pricing and upcoming pricing. Find yourself a LOCAL travel agent (not an online one) that you like. Your TA should be someone you know and looks out for you first.
  9. Just a quick thought from a travel professional who deals with Viking a bunch. They are pretty much the only cruise line that consistently sells our their ships...really early. So they may run promotions but when they do, there may be very few staterooms left. Prices do go up as it gets close unless the ship is not selling well (which isn't often considering the loyalty of Viking cruisers). As far as how often they have promotions, that just depends. It seems like they are always having something. If you have a good TA, they will reprice you on a regular basis right up until you make final payment to pick up any great deals that show up.
  10. You are right Prost Seattle. Everyone who loves wine should go to Walla Walla. We went last summer and had an awesome time. Had an AirBnB right downtown so we could easily walk to all the great restaurants in the evening. Having been to the California Wine Country years ago, I think you are right about it being like a young Napa. Great choice.
  11. You should consider the Guernsey Islands. St. Peter's Port is awesome.
  12. Great topic TeeRick! I am with you on New Zealand. Would go back in a minute. Would also include Edinburgh (been there three times, once on a ship), Inverness, Amalfi/Capri, The Guernsey Islands, Iceland, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Québec. Been to all of those on a ship and would love to go back. Alaska would be out for us (at least the parts that you cruise too as we have done eight Alaska cruises—it's what you do when you live in Seattle). As far as drivable vacations, we have been just about everywhere in the NW and SW Canada. About a four hour car ride is our max so maybe 8 to do in two days. Pretty much anywhere with our grandkids. We are doing an AirBnB with them on the Washington Coast (3 hour drive) in August. We were supposed to be in the Galapagos on Flora then. Thanks for a great topic! Jim
  13. Totally agree. And totally agree with the previous poster about AA. And United isn't much better. Thankfully here in SEA we have predominately Alaska and Delta.
  14. Hi guys! Great to hear from you. Where you going next July? We have a river cruise in December but not sure we are going to be able to go. Had to move our Galapagos to next summer. Jim
  15. We remember you Pam. Sometimes I just don’t get anyone who doesn’t value every single life. We have friends who lost moms, sisters, cousins. Some of them were health care professionals risking their lives to treat others. Stay safe yourself.
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