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  1. And yet 100,000 people applied to do the test cruises. If they don't restart early in 2021, they may never restart. It can be done safely, but there will have to be rules to start. That said, we are really glad that our July 2021 cruise is on Flora in the Galapagos because the only way you can do any shore excursions there is with X. Ecuador law.
  2. It doesn't and that is one thing we will miss the most...when we start sailing on Viking Ocean. We were already headed there anyway as we hate the new ships and the Celebrity caste system which gets worse all the time.
  3. I was told you can't less than an hour ago. Did management forget to inform the people on the phones?
  4. I do not believe this has anything to do with the CDC. Edge was supposed to be doing an In and Out of the Canal and they have cancelled all of them. No substitutions. My belief is that they cancelled them as a cost-cutting move because it is extremely expensive to go through the new locks. Especially twice in one day. This really doesn't have anything to do with the length of the cruises as the others mentioned are the same length. When I called about ours I was told (as the letter they sent us stated) that replacement cruises on Silly or Millie would be at the "prevailing prices" and not
  5. My guess is that you were on a Panama Canal cruise on Edge? Am I right? We were cancelled off that cruise as well, with them suggesting that we rebook on Silhouette or Constellation for the Southern Caribbean at prevailing prices. They offered us (in a 1A balcony) $300 OBC (per stateroom not per person) if we rebooked. On the Edge cruise (10 night) we had a classic package, tips and wifi. The new price with the All program for the same length of cruise on Connie or Silly is more than $1000 higher. We were not offered to move the cruise at our pricing. The cruise was just cancelled (Edge will b
  6. Royal has its own satellites. Seriously. And they don't let X or Azamara use them. Their Voom is as good as our cable modem at home. X, not so much.
  7. This is exactly correct except that it isn't really restricting the number of ships, Venice is restricting the size of the ships. Nothing Celebrity owns will be allowed to dock there again. Want to leave from Venice, try Azamara, Oceania, Viking (their 960 guest ships are about as big as will get into Venice.)
  8. Make sure you get a policy that is NOT affiliated with Viking. If they go out of business (not likely but could happen) and you buy their insurance you could be out of luck if they default.
  9. Tell DW that she should go from Vancouver. Not sure why she would want to sail out of SEA. Eclipse and Solstice are almost identical and the trip out of YVR (Vancouver airport designation) is soooo much better. Plus you get longer times in Alaskan ports because you don't have to make that stupid stop in Victoria.
  10. Hi Dani, It is very sad. In non-Covid times we had theater and concert subscriptions. Now you need an armed guard with you. Day before yesterday a man was arrested after he walked up behind a woman downtown and just hit her in the face. She went to the hospital. Lost some teeth. He didn't know her and they had not interacted. Jim
  11. You will be glad you made that decision. I answered this on another thread and wanted to share some other reasons: Living in a Seattle suburb I can tell you that there is no way I would sail to Alaska from Seattle. Not now or in the foreseeable future. With the upcoming huge cuts to Seattle's police and the police that are left having to watch every little thing they do, the homeless problem has gone crazy. We used to go into downtown all the time but the city has changed. We won't go anymore after dark. People urinating and defecating in public and drug use downt
  12. There is another great Flora thread you can get to by clicking here. Lots of info and lots of people who have been there on Flora. We were booked for August this year on Flora. Had to move it to July 4 next year. We had our air booked with Celebrity which made it really easy. We were flying from LA to Quito round trip on Copa Air through Panama. X will give you a really nice air credit when you book. Right now (seems like always) they have a BOGOHO (Buy one, get one half off) sale. One of you pays full price, the other pays half. You at least want to do the 10 night trip. If you d
  13. Don’t worry, they aren’t all like that 😀. This one has 3 overnights though.
  14. I don't have as much a problem with the gym/spa being there as I do the suites taking up decks 16, 12, 9 and 8. I can't imagine sailing the Panama Canal without being able to look forward as the ship enters the locks.
  15. Agreed. NCL may be an overall lesser product than X, their Haven is an amazing space but again, talk about a caste system. You can sail an entire cruise and never hobnob with the "common folks." (An NCL rep actually said this on a ship tour of the Bliss).
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