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  1. I think you will be fine. I wanted to add that there was food at the airport in Baltra once we landed. When you get there you are escorted to the VIP Lounge where there was plenty of free snacks. Our complaint about it taking so long to get to the ship should not happen for your cruise as it had to do with it being the first cruise after the pandemic and they wanted to welcome each Zodiac individually and we were on the LAST ONE! So we had to sail around looking at birds while they got all the other Zodiacs on and did a big welcome for them. I thought the idea was awesome but just not carried
  2. Sorry, but a lot of travel insurance companies will not insure for COVID. Many have done that since the start of the pandemic. Make sure they do before you rely on that fact.
  3. OK, so if you hate sand or dirt in between your sandals, then you will want to change shoes. I had Tevas and had to put up with it because carrying a 5lb camera and lens as well as a GoPro I have size 13 feet so there is no way to fit my boots in the dry bag and I am not carrying two backpacks around not to speak of putting my wet Tevas in a dry bag with my SLR. So I had some hikes in Tevas with sand between my feet and the sandals. 😜
  4. Nope. Not once. The water landing walks were really easy ones. The dry landing walks were the hard ones on rocks or lava.
  5. There was a young lady who was quite the hiker that I followed around for three days because she always seemed to know where to step on the rocks and lava and she had one of those. Worked really well for her. Jim
  6. Not necessarily. You are guaranteed one included excursion in every port.
  7. They will be giving you two very cool water bottles when you get there so you don't need to bring any. Most people used those. They are thermos types. That said, I did not carry any water with me. Kathleen did but she wasn't carrying a camera. For me, it was because of that of facilities that I mentioned earlier. We were encouraged to bring water and I could easily have fit the water bottle into my dry bag but I was fine without. Thankfully most of the long walks/hikes were on cloudy, cool mornings. And I do hope you get the JW but I have to say the EB was awesome and
  8. One other thing I forgot. You can click here to download some Celebrity PDFs that I saved. The big one is the dailies for the entire week. Our entire schedule with other items as well. The others are menus, one is the room service lunch and dinner menu, another is a mid-week menu and the last one is the Celebrity menu choices for the pre and post hotel dinners.
  9. Thanks for noticing those. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back and edit after 30 minutes so I will drop them here in case you need the links. You can get the Dry Bag at Amazon. As to my website, I am not allowed to put it on CC so if you Google my name, Jim Bellomo you will find a link to my blog and if you then go into the About Me page you will find a link to all our old cruises. Hope this helps. Jim
  10. Summing up the Galapagos on Celebrity's Flora This was a hell of a trip. We have decided it was the best we have ever taken. On the final night on board Captain Patricio (one of the nicest guys you will ever meet) talked for a few minutes about how he feels about the Galapagos. He said that (paraphrasing here) that "the Galapagos should be the model for the rest of the earth. A place where every animal and bird has learned to live together. And the people who come to visit care about those islands and do their best to nurture them." I loved that. It's the way I felt walking through t
  11. There was no clock in the room. I don't think I have ever seen one on a ship (other than on a phone and the phone is too far from the bed to see it). We both have Apple watches and wear them when we sleep so we didn't notice it. We actually had four bags. I had a 24 inch bag that I could have carried on but didn't. I also carry a camera/laptop bag that weighs about 35lbs with everything I put in it. My bride had a 30 inch bag she checked and a good size backpack she carried on. All my clothes and Tevas fit in the 24 inch bag. I only carry electronics and photo gear in my camera bag
  12. Flora—what a ship! Now that I have told you all about the cruise and the adventure and shown you the islands and the animals, it's time to talk about the ship. I can honestly say, Flora is my favorite ship we have ever sailed on. She is also the smallest ship we have ever sailed on. But I wanted to give you a little bit of an idea what our overall accommodations were like and the public areas of the ship as well. First, as you can see above, she looks wonderful in the water. Almost like a private yacht...a BIG private yacht. Let's start with the staterooms. Here's an iPhone pano
  13. More Questions—More Answers So I have had a lot of questions from both the comments on my blog and from Cruise Critic, I thought I would do those first and it would give me a chance to add some additional info I haven't covered yet. So let's get to those questions. (BTW: I may have answered these on Cruise Critic or on this blog before but not in both places. This will give me a chance to do both.) We’re on the July 25th sailing, and I’m starting to think about what to pack. How quickly does the laundry turn around and do we need to bring slacks or just shorts? I g
  14. I am going to do another set of questions as the next post so I will add that there. This may be the first trip where I took NOTHING that I did not wear or use and pretty much wasn't missing anything (except one pair of shorts that I left in Wellington by mistake) that I did need. I did the entire thing out of my camera/computer bag and a 24" carryon.
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