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  1. I agree with TC2, plus we'll be taking our mask along (wearing them no matter what others think).
  2. Yes add it up, like I said I thought I got my refund--however a few weeks later we got another refund. I didn't count at the time, but Regent did and send the balance due later.
  3. I think this states it all............really.
  4. I think it's they the crew makes you feel (good) and not having to take out your room key all the time to pay for things.
  5. One of the reasons we cruise Regent is that no photographer, no pop-up gift/souvenir table, no pop-up drink of the day sale. That just doesn't work for us---we like the way Regent does it.
  6. Stated as it should be. Agree.......
  7. Watch your refunds. We got ours early this month, and I was happy. However a few days ago we got another refund of $1400+, forgot we booked something with another credit card. I forgot about it, but Regent didn't.😃
  8. Most of the time the credit id pretty good. That is what we do, then when ever possible book with miles. With the credit spending (when you charge a cruise that's a lot of mile-we get 3 miles for every travel dollar). We watch for good first class fares from the airline. Once we know we will be cruising we book the air. Haven't had a problem doing this.
  9. The M&M parities are really great, and Regent goes out of their way to make it nice (food, drinks, staff and Officers of the Ship). So if you sign up to go, please go and enjoy. It's embarrassing and disappointing when 25 to 30 sign up and 6 to 8 show up.
  10. Won't you being the same thing going on a land vacation? Staying at a great hotel? I'll be wearing my mask for a while, land or a cruise.
  11. And I agree, those wanting to stay home , nothing wrong with that. Everyone needs to do what is best for them.
  12. I agree with you, however if you chose to cruise I believe you have a better chance on Regent or another small high-end cruise line over the 3000plus lines.
  13. Another nice cruise (with a few extra sea days, which we like) is Tahiti to Lima. Cruise is March 2021.
  14. Believe you're right, it's what is happening right now. What Regent is doing, and what you expect in real time, anything else doesn't matter.
  15. SusieQft, I agree---everyone has to make the choice for themself. People are making that choice now as things open up. For us we're not ready to go out to dinner, but we are back to doctor appointments, seeing friends that we know try an be safe. aYes we go shopping, but buy somethings online. We did cancel (or Regent cancelled) 2 cruises, however wow kept one cruise that we plan to take early next year (March) Unless we something happens that makes us rethink........
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