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  1. We were on the Mariner a last April/May from Japan via Seward to Vancouver, nice ship for that cruise and everything TC2 states is 100% right---really makes no difference which side. In the Glacier Bay the ship makes a full circle---for we had fog so it really didn't make a difference, but the ship still made a full circle.
  2. We're going to be on the Navigator, so if you write more I'll be looking forward to whatever your write. Hope you do write more, but enjoy your cruise and time at sea.
  3. No, we booked about a week and half before excursions.
  4. They should be listed now, we're on New York to Barcelona and they were list last week. We're on a b2b starting in Miami/New York/Barcelona and have booked the classes we wanted.
  5. They only have them on the Explorer and the Splendor. Mostly on sea days, however we have taken a class on a port that was short--it started at 4:00PM.
  6. Agree, we're on the Splendor coming up and I checked a little while back to find that the Culinary Kitchen was booking classes before they even offered excursion bookings. Got what we wanted, but had I not looked until was time to book excursion we may have missed out.
  7. You should try your Roll Call site for your cruise, that will target other cruisers on your cruise.
  8. Nice photos and we'll be looking forward to your review. Happy all when well on your way home---until your next cruise best wishes to you guys.
  9. Oh no don't do that (go to a household goods store), we purchased a rice cooker doing that---like we couldn't buy one in the US. But every time we use it we think of the trip and laugh about it😁. And yes we paid extra for the wiring.
  10. Tickets do go fast which surprises me. I just booked a few days ago and when back to look and make sure everything was OK (which it was) but most tours were booked full with waitlist only. Just like Bill we don't fuss, we look ahead of booking time find what we want, some ports we tour, some ports we just walk around town. It's really not a big deal, the last thing we want is to worry about it. The most important thing is to enjoy your cruise and go with the flow, getting upset, worrying - you'll have lot's to do even if you don't get off the ship.
  11. I agree, but what is real is real. Before we leave we book the tours we want---sometime we check daily until posted if nothing is showing for that day. Kind of like the cooking classes--once they didn't post until very late. I also agree we keep open days to just walk around town on our own----we aren't big tour people but do book some that we like---and we have cancelled some tours a few days before the tour(so if you want something always stay on the waitlist-people cancel). We enjoy the ship and some of the best days are when most people are gone on tour--really for us the ship is the biggest part of our cruise---like we've said we like doing nothing most of the time-but that is us.
  12. That's true, but be sure you FF number is entered for you flight and check again at the check in counter. Also always pay for your cruise with a credit card that gives extra points for "travel charges".
  13. We've really never had a problem, just book as early as you can. If an area isn't listed yet just check it everyday until it is, that happen to us once and sure effort it appeared a few days later and we booked it. Never give up, once on the ship we decided about a tour we hadn't booked. Gave are name to the desk, after lunch when back to the cabin and the tickets for the tour were on the desk. But as everyone said book as soon as you can to be sure.
  14. That is possible, all your TA is doing is breaking up you rebate- part OBC and part check. If you don't won't the OBC part just tell them you prefer your total rebate in a form of a check. But always ask if Regent is giving OBC your cruise (could be a promotion or that cruise falls in a group cruise from your TA) that you should get. I'd think most TA's would give it without asking but why chance it (always ask).
  15. We also get a check back after the cruise, depending on what Regent is offering we'll also get the OBC. Keep in mind it's the total amount you should be concerned about, not because it's split into OBC & rebate.
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