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  1. That one was Covid, one of the other canceled cruises was that needed the ship elsewhere.
  2. I agree-masking isn’t a big deal, unless you don’t wear one.
  3. Disagree, we get asked to eat with the staff, even with the Captain—jacket yes, tie no.
  4. Yes, free laundry is one of the best perks Regent has to give out.
  5. We’ve used BLACKLANE before, very good. For us it will be less costly to book ourselfs direct.
  6. Don’t forget this is all new to everyone including Regent—as time goes on it will get better and faster as time goes on.
  7. If it’s BLACKLANE like they say, they book car service all over. I use them and they are pretty good. However so many cars at one time—???how nice will the cars be, will they have to reach out and get the bottom of the cars in any one area.
  8. If this works and people use the service, how many private cars at the port when the ship arrives—this would be a mad house 200/300 black cars lined up?????????
  9. I’m looking forward to cooking classes when on vacation. Actually we pay good money to attend these classes in Asia. In fact when we cruise Regent you must book advance for classes as they sell out fast. Not for everybody, but those that enjoy it-it’s a fun few hours. Fact is I get tired of eating out every night on the ship—we’ll order a light meal in the suite and watch a movie, we can do that at home too—but it’s a nice night on the cruise.
  10. Thank you, sounds great—we’ll have to try it. We just started cruising on Silverseas—
  11. If you don’t mind, in the lab of SALT, do they have a set up for each person attending or is it just instruction from the chef?
  12. They said they are cruising on nether Moon now—don’t thing they got mixed up.
  13. We have some friends on a cruise now and say SALT was outstanding, they really enjoyed it. Sorry to say the ship we’ll be sailing on doesn’t have SALT yet—hope they add it company wide for the line.
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