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  1. We have a cruise with "Regent Reassurance" and feel OK, we did have 2 cruises canceled early in the year-took some time but got the refund on one and FCC on the other. Got what we expected. Think it will be the same--however I'm hoping to cruise-but we have a back up cruise we like just in case. Better safe than the other option.
  2. In reading it, it seems like no cruise over 7 days until Nov 2021. That kind of stops all are cruise in 2021.
  3. It's really a wait and see. I'm tried of making changes--so I'll just wait and see if our cruise goes or not.
  4. Yes they take care of the bus ride, however a lot of good car service companies.
  5. We were big Oceania fans, love their suites-----but enjoy cruising on Regent more. I enjoy not pulling out the card all the time, and the food is better on Regent.
  6. And happy to have them added, put's us in a new level........😁
  7. We use Viator everyplace, they do a really good job. Never disappointed when booking, touring.
  8. Just an FYI, (nothing about HS) the Mariner is a great ship. We really enjoyed cruising on the Mariner.
  9. Just checked, got account information, no problem. I think. SusieQft is right-they added SSS nights to your account.
  10. That is odd, (US booking), we've always used a TA, we always use a credit card. TA takes the number and forwqrds it to Regent, Regent charges the card--not the TA. Never had a % charged for using--If someone wants to charge a %-it's time to move on.
  11. I agree, in most case's if you have an interest you need to call your TA to see if everything you read/want applies to you and that trip.
  12. We've cruised a few times on SeaDreams, really a nice ship with some of the best service we've had cruising. The only problem, short cruising is what they have--we like a little longer cruise and a little bigger ship (which is why Regent fits us now).
  13. We were going to do the Papeete to LA in March 2021, they made a change (small they said) making it Papeete to Lima. We will stay with the cruise, and decided to make it a b2b adding Lima to Miami. We hope it goes, but if not will be looking at the SF to PPT.
  14. We did the Tokyo to Vancouver last year, it was a great cruise. You'll have a wonderful time.
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