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  1. swingdancefan, thanks so much for the review. I was wondering if you noticed any special events on board featuring local seafood, etc?
  2. Anyone know of any all inclusive day passes that can be reserved in advance. We are coming into Falmouth and would prefer adults only
  3. trips_ahoy, I am considering this tour. What month did you go? Thanks again Hoyaheel
  4. Ok, thanks. So it sounds like they still had some availability on board and not all were booked ahead of the cruise. Did you find this to be true for other excursions?
  5. We have been to Alaska several times on cruises and independently. We normally do shore excursions on our own (our favorite has been a helicopter and sled dog tour out of Juneau) but Seabourn seems to have some interesting options. I am considering booking the Alaska 14 day cruise and would really like info on excursions for this particular cruise. Which ones are must do? Which is the best place to go kayaking vs zodiac vs catamaran? Would love to see some prices as it is quite difficult to find info about that. Any info is appreciated.
  6. We are considering Oceania as we are foodies and they are supposed to have the best food. We were just off Celebrity suites which has their own restaurant Luminae and thought the food and service were very good. Has anyone been on both recently that can tell me the differences in food and service quality?
  7. We have cruised mostly mass market lines, Celebrity being our go to. We are now wanting to try luxury lines but are having trouble deciding which line after lots of research. We are in our late 40's no children. Great food is really important as well as drinks (we are willing to pay for both). Would really love a cruise that has food based on location. Don't care about entertainment at all. Don't care if excursions are included. Don't want to have to dress up all the time. I would love all suggestions and photos would be fantastic because it seems to be difficult to find photos of food and drinks for the luxury lines on cruise critic.
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