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  1. Wow, this all looks amazing. I am going to have to diet hard before my cruise.
  2. I know Tastes doesn't exist anymore, can you get these anywhere else on the ship? They look amazing
  3. What venue is the beef wellington from? And is that the miso cod from Umi Uma? Both look amazing
  4. Tried to view your attachment but can't.
  5. I thought I would start a fun thread that would help out all of us cruisers that can't wait to get back on a ship and those new to Crystal cruises. What are your favorite dishes and/or drinks on Crystal? Pictures would be appreciated but not necessary.
  6. Thanks Keith, anyone else have info on the brunches? Or any other special events I should be aware of?
  7. There is no BTO night but there is a white party, so bring some white clothes.
  8. Does anyone know if they repeat their 7 day cruise dining menus for the main dining room? Also, are there any days we should eat in the main dining room due to special menus? We are on a back to back and I have paid in full so I am trying to schedule our specialty dining. Also, I have noticed that sometimes they do special brunches, would that be done on a 7 day? Any thoughts would be helpful.
  9. This seems a lot more risky then the Bahamas cruises. Too many other factors such as multiple countries with different protocols, etc. If you get covid in the Bahamas then you are already in the Bahamas, if you are going to multiple countries the cruise ship might be turned away.
  10. Ditto, check you credit card benefits. Ours (Chase Sapphire) has pretty good travel coverage.
  11. I am thinking that this cruise will be a mixture of people with different expectations. I see a lot of people who don't seem to want to get off the ship and want lectures, etc. My husband and I are the total opposite. We are doing a back to back so that we can have a mixture of days on and off the ship. We are looking at this cruise as a really good way to see multiple areas in the Bahamas that are normally not visited, and after this year probably won't be again. We are much more interested in food/wine/music and won't step foot near a lecture while on the ship. I also have a feeling that the
  12. Thanks for the info Keith. I had also called and they told me that most likely we would have to get off the ship. Looks like that is the consensus at the moment.
  13. Has anyone heard anything from Crystal about when they will be announcing excursions or other plans related to the Bahamas itinerary? I keep checking their website but there's nothing. I am also hoping that we will have some info prior to the April 5 deposit as to what they have planned because as of now there is nothing except an ability to use a resort on Bimini. They don't even state if that is complimentary or we have to pay. We will have fun regardless but It would be nice to know.
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