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  1. islandchick

    Which line to choose?

    It always surprises me how quickly a thread can be turned into a "formal wear" thread. I (the OP) do like to dress up on occasion and usually overdress for many occasions. However, I don't want to be forced to dress up every night on the ship (formal nights ok) and don't want to be told how to dress on the rest of the ship (Such as Regent having a dress code for the entire ship after 6 pm). In places such as Alaska I expect to have a much less formal dress code. So in other words, I want to be the one to decide based on my day what I will wear. It is my cruise after all. I can't fathom how my attire at a bar would degrade another persons experience. Could we also talk about service, food, special events, etc? Please?
  2. islandchick

    gastro pub!

    We were on Equinox in July. Wanted to try the burger and flatbreads at the Gastro bar, however never saw anyone eating anything and it did not seem set up well to have food. They did confirm that they served food but we never saw a menu.
  3. islandchick

    Lawn Club Grill on Reflection

    Our favorite specialty restaurant. Salad bar, pizza, grilled meats, and don't forget the chocolate chip cookie (I know it sounds plain but it is really not a cookie, its fantastic). You can order all you want. I suggest surf and turf. I know someone above said that it can be windy but we have never found that to be the case as they have roll down windows for that. Also they will hand out blankets if it is chilly.
  4. islandchick

    Figuring Out Formal Night

    Day 2 and 6 on Equinox.
  5. islandchick

    If you could design a ship what feature would you include?

    Just stumbled upon this thread. Too funny!!!!
  6. islandchick

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    Sounds like O is a little better food wise. I have seen numerous posts that the food has deteriorated on O and did not want to book with O and be disappointed. Our experience on Celebrity in suite class has been great for food and service. When we were not in suites we would usually only eat in specialty venues which are also really good. While we love Celebrity we are ready to have a change once in a while. I would hate to book something more expensive in a smaller room and have the food and service not exceed our Celebrity experience. Thanks to all for the info.
  7. islandchick

    Michael's Club

    Back from our cruise. Equinox indeed does not have coolers in MC. We were never asked to provide ID in MC and they seemed to know who we were in MC and Luminae immediately. It was a nice touch. We had no problems taking drinks out but of course everyone had the drink package. Based on info from this thread I did ask the butler to empty the mini bar. He did so and filled it with water and sodas for our use, then later added beer to the mix. It was a fantastic trip.
  8. islandchick

    Signing for drinks with the Package

    The bartenders will take your card, no signing unless a charge.
  9. islandchick

    Regent vs Celebrity suites

    Thank you Linda, that is just the kind of info I am looking for
  10. islandchick

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    Thank you. We are not big on entertainment but we too feel that Celebrity is slipping in that area.
  11. islandchick

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    I have done my research. I am a regular Celebrity cruiser and am well aware of the cost differences. I have found many threads but mostly vague. If you don't have an answer to the question posted I am not sure why you are chiming in.
  12. We are considering trying Regent cruises. We are foodies so food is really a highlight of the cruise for us along with the ports. We just got off of a Celebrity cruise in the suites class and had our own restaurant Luminae. The food and service were very good. Has anyone been on both that can tell me the differences in food and service?
  13. islandchick

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    We are considering Oceania as we are foodies and they are supposed to have the best food. We were just off Celebrity suites which has their own restaurant Luminae and thought the food and service were very good. Has anyone been on both recently that can tell me the differences in food and service quality?
  14. They do have several wines available but not on the menu. I am not sure about the Baileys but they may have it because they have specialty coffees with alcohol. Sorry, but they don't have champagne.