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  1. The TV is also in a weird area. Can't watch comfortably from bed in regular balcony room. On a shorter cruise might not be too big of a problem but I would hate this on a really long cruise.
  2. It would be great if someone on the world cruise would have a live report so we can live vicariously. I have found however that there are less Seabourn passengers on cruise critic than other lines or they don't post often.
  3. Really glad to see a live blog. For some reason there are not many Seabourn cruisers on cruisecritic. We just recently went on a Seabourn cruise for the first time (our previous preferred line was Celebrity) and loved it. I hope you have a great experience too.
  4. Now that I am back from my cruise I can give some feedback. The beef tenderloin (aka filet mignon) from the dining room was the worst I have ever had on a cruise. Tough and flavorless. On the other hand, the true ribeye (a TK item served in the main dining room) was fabulous.
  5. We were on the Sojourn in November and found that there was plentiful shrimp. I remember even commenting to my husband about the large quantity of shrimp I had eaten over the 12 days, as well as the amount of gelato.( I don't normally eat a lot of ice cream on cruises but the gelato they made on the ship was of high standard with interesting flavors)
  6. When is the earliest you can check in to the ship?
  7. I hope it is on the cold side due to the dress code in the evening.
  8. Mainly asking about A. I see a lot of hype around the TK grill so I would expect that the meat is a better quality and aged longer, but it appears from the replies that most steaks on board are similar in all venues.
  9. I am leaving in a couple weeks for Seabourns 12 days of leeward islands so some of this info is quite helpful for me also. I do really need some advice on our St Johns, Antigua stop as we are there on a Monday until 11 pm. Does anyone have suggestions for the evening?
  10. Our ship will be docked in St John until 11 pm on a Monday. Is there anything to do at night?
  11. Just curious, is there a difference in the quality of the steaks in the TK grill vs The Restaurant?
  12. We probably will try the market lunch if offered. Its always fun to see the galley of different ships.
  13. I am really excited to hear that there is a fresh fish available during lunch as it is one of my favorites if done properly.
  14. I am not sure what all the pushback is on this forum, very strange. Just fyi, I have traveled the world and have done many cruises. Local cuisine is something I would appreciate.
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