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  1. Another day, another uncoordinated “special offer”: pay in full by July 31 and there’s another 10% off (except you have to ask for the deal, and it seems to be buried on the website). I think they are slinging offers around now faster than they can update the website. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/seabourn-invites-guests-to-rediscover-extraordinary-worlds-with-introduction-of-new-early-bonus-savings-promotion-available-through-july-2020-301066907.html
  2. For something that far out, and deposits being very low, not sure what I’m missing here. The risk would be the delayed refund of the deposit; if (like us) you’ve already got a future cruise deposit I don’t see much additional risk of using it for a future cruise. Always nice to have something booked to look forward to!
  3. I've read on the Viking board that it is very unlikely VIking would acquire another line. Consolidation is very likely, but not clear where Seabourn would fit with respect to other lines. Maybe Genting would merge Crystal and Seabourn, but other than that seems like few good fits.
  4. We booked on the Nov 16 Sojourn, MIA-SJU. Sorry for posting this when it should have gone into an earlier thread (my bad):
  5. We decided to book a cruise for November, in case we’d be in a position to start traveling again when Seabourn starts sailing. We booked an OB guarantee yesterday morning, and by yesterday night already had a cabin assigned. It wasn’t the best of assignments (V1); hoping it might change as time goes on, but surprised both by how quick and how underwhelming (FWIW, am okay with the V1 but given the state of affairs was underwhelmed). Anyone have a similar experience before?
  6. If the victim was drugged and raped, and it can be proven, then sexual orientation should not matter at all.
  7. That's a typo in the article; the pdf of the filing shows it was filed on 3/30/20. The alleged assault happened at the end of March 2019.
  8. Wow! Not unthinkable that something like this could happen, but almost. I’m surprised this was filed at the end of March, and only getting press attention now.
  9. The singing in the shower video in here shows the size of the shower (and how much entertainment you can create there): https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/03/us/coronavirus-cruise-ship-singer-barbados.html
  10. The caviar service is available 24/7 anywhere on the ship, including room service. We usually have standing orders for a double order in the Observation Bar at 6pm; half toast and half blinis (blinis you have to ask for). The supplier is the same for all Thomas Keller's restaurants, Regiis Ova - and TK is the co-owner. Not sure what specific caviar they serve. Have never checked if they have other caviars for a charge, but I don't think so. On the cocktails topic, like you we stick almost exclusively to wine - except on Seabourn before dinner. We have had a couple of great bartenders, and they really made a big difference because they get to know your tastes/preferences. Never have had a weak drink onboard. Where you may be let down is the mixers - seems like unless you preorder Fever Tree you get pretty average stuff. Real cocktail folks here would have more details, but as a rookie that's been my view.
  11. To be fair, the menu and suppliers are virtually the same at his newer restaurants (the TAK Room and Surf Club); on our last cruise Chef Michael from TK dined with us, and apparently they are testing out new dishes between these restaurants and the ships. True, TK Grill on ship is not French Laundry, but the food is the very similar to other parts of his empire, and there are staff who go between the ship-based and land-based restaurants. Example video below of a starter on our last cruise - liked the live video feed from the kitchen and great presentation. And FWIW, we really liked R2 and prefer it over TK Grill. TK Grill starter.mp4
  12. One thing that always makes me feel good after a cruise is "useful" reminders of good times with Seabourn - the travel adapter won at trivia (and caps, umbrella, flashlight, etc...); the nice gold bookmark; the Molton Brown linen mist, and others. While many people are full to the brim with such stuff, I would hope that everyone has come across at least one such gift that they appreciate. These maybe a bit wacky, but I wouldn't mind coming back with : - a jar of sea salt harvested during the voyage - Cognac that was "ocean matured" during the voyage; paired with one matured during a completely different voyage for comparison purposes - Recipe cards for something special created for the voyage On a different topic, surprised no one has mentioned re-doing the in-suite bar area and adding coffee/tea to it - would minimize trips to Seabourn Square for some number of us!
  13. Thanks for the map - we love transatlantic crossings, and will refer to that map in the future. Have never had a rough crossing, but that only means we are due for one!
  14. FWIW, I like the spirit of re-thinking what the Seabourn experience could be on the other side of this crisis. Here are a few to chew on: 1. Why not have a few land-based Seabourn experiences to whet the appetite for being back onboard - a pop-up TK Grill restaurant in selected cities based on where Seabourn guests typically reside; "Caviar in the Turf", Dr. Andrew Weil spa sessions, etc. Could start those during the current hiatus, and if goes well make them ongoing. Free/reduced charge for Seabourn Club members. 2. Offer a subscription-based approach: 30-60 nights for a flat fee ($300/night/pp?); or other non-traditional pricing that could help them stabilize revenues over the next couple years. In 1981 American Airlines sold a lifetime first class pass for $250K; maybe there is something in that to help Seabourn get through the short term. https://thehustle.co/aairpass-american-airlines-250k-lifetime-ticket/ 3. Automatically give everyone on board the Future Cruise Deposit; why have to sign up for it or work with the Future Cruise Consultant. Admittedly maybe not the best ideas, but to the point of this thread if we start thinking outside the box then we might actually come up with something that works for both Seabourn and ourselves.
  15. Hi Chuck - I was VERY tempted to do the same, but didn't pull the trigger. They've pulled the Q016N 3 night on May 30 from the website, so I would expect you'll get a cancel notice shortly. Keep us posted! John
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