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  1. Similarly, Seabourn has cancelled sailings on all but one ship through April/May 2021. Odyssey they still have sailing starting January 15, 2021. Seems like they are doing what some thought Regent would do - have one ship start things off, then stage returns of other ships in other geographies. I'm hoping that is what Regent will do, as it would boost confidence in them having a plan.
  2. We have not....we’re in a holding pattern on booking any additional cruises until we see what shakes out. Mainly concerned about the onboard experience; as first timers on Regent the 10 day on the Mariner in Caribbean in December seems just right. Had friends recently on Europa2 “cruise to nowhere”, and while they had a good time I would not want to be so restricted for more than a week or so. Having said that, tacking on the Panama Canal to it is still an option but not until ships are sailing again and we know what we’re signing up for!
  3. Hoping the average age of me and my spouse (56 and 52 = 54) allows our vote to count 🙂. Would love to see HAL be a more upscale and tradition-filled line as compared to Celebrity and Princess. We’ve strayed from HAL for those reasons, but want to return and will; at least we’d like to see the suite categories (especially Neptune) become more competitive.
  4. Despite the issues with Hurtigruten and the PG, there are examples like Hapag-Lloyd's Europa 2 sailing without issue the last few weeks (no stops), or Ponant's France itineraries. I have not heard many details on what seem to be positive examples; maybe with more sailing that happen without COVID there can be more balanced information on what the risks really are.
  5. As someone new to Regent I most certainly am trying to be optimistic; when our October Mariner sailing was cancelled we chose to rebook for Dec 2021, and likely will make it a back to back in our desire to get to know Regent (and our pent up demand for a longer cruise). We’re getting used to the idea that we won’t know when the next cruise is, but we are pretty confident that we will be back onboard in a way that delivers a memorable vacation and a safe one.
  6. We have good friends from Hamburg booked on the Europa 2 this month ; will report back what we hear from them as to whether the Hurtigruten situation changes anything.
  7. So true!! Can’t wait to be able to be there again. The comments made at that hearing could have come from almost any other part of the country, including my county. Hope we can share a great moment together onboard someday soon!
  8. Of course it is a joke! Sorry I did not make that more clear. However, these are real statements of real citizens, so take that as you will.
  9. Not trying to stir the pot about Palm Beach County, but hope you get a laugh from the John Oliver coverage of the mask hearings there:
  10. In the email I got from our TA cancelling the Oct 22 Mariner I was surprised we were given some additional options for rebooking, including honoring our Mariner pricing for a different cruise late next year and keeping the $1000 OBC if we rebooked before end of August. Nice to have choices, but still likely to do refund.
  11. To me the issue is good faith....if when they took your money (mine too after making final payment on an October sailing) they were intending to provide that sailing, then it’s all fair. If at some point it is shown Regent and all the other cruise lines doing this knew they would not offer be able to offer those sailings I would forevermore not trust them as I always implicitly have. Problem is, all lines seem to be doing this, so it might leave a choice of who is the least rotten of the lot.
  12. FWIW, maybe 1 out of 4 cruises on average I’ve seen equipment in the hallway outside a cabin trying to “dry things out”, sometimes for more than a day. Has not yet been our cabin, but have always assumed it happens enough that the cruise line would know how to make it not impact the guest enjoying their vacation. I am sorry to hear what you went through with this; despite my love of Seabourn would likely be a long time before returning if it was me.
  13. I may have jumped the gun; I checked this morning and my booking was mostly blank (no ship, dates, or itinerary), and then I checked the earliest departures and they were November (no October waitlisted). Just checked now and they are back - very sorry if this caused any concerns. From another poster I was expecting the 15th is when they might officially cancel, so I was expecting something to change today.
  14. Just saw the October sailings have been dropped from the Regent website. Counting down to hearing the official cancellation of our Mariner October 22 sailing. Expected, but onwards to the next hopeful booking!
  15. The Norwegian Jewel left Oakland around the same time as Mariner, also headed for LA. It hasn’t docked in LA, but is hanging out nearby. Maybe awaiting an open berth?
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