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  1. For some reason I thought you were in NJ - isn’t the beach wonderful there? Greece cruise sounds good from the weather perspective - Greece on land not as much!
  2. In our case, going on the July 3 Serenity sailing was only because it was a fully vaccinated cruise - and super happy we did it. We were blissfully ignorant in believing that fully vaccinated equaled mostly unable to get or spread COVID (if it happened it would be rare). Loved every minute of the cruise. The great onboard experience (mostly) made up for the incredibly poor pre-cruise communications. Since then what has changed is the growing concern that fully vaccinated people can be infected and could become “spreaders”. This issue exists everywhere. It now impacts any trav
  3. FWIW, if you do chose to bring a jacket you won’t feel odd-man-out. On our July 3 sailing I wore one a few nights and didn’t feel out of place. Didn’t feel out of place the nights I did not as well.
  4. Yes, Air Canada is from the other terminal that hosts domestic and non-US international flights. There wasn’t a lounge open in that terminal (there was a Dunkin Donuts, duty free, and a couple of small shops open). Both the Crystal transfer team and the porters thought that Air Canada was in the US Departures terminal, so be aware that some people may point you in the wrong direction. Good news its not a long walk between terminals. FWIW, if you are connecting in Toronto to a US flight the Air Canada staff is very messed up. We were told (multiple times, even by someone who “
  5. Hi Keith, we opened the PDF attached to the email from the Bahamas government, and then did a screen capture on the phone so it would be more accessible in “photos”. We only had to show the photo version. When we showed it at the counter at Nassau Airport, the person checking us in initially thought it was the Bahamas travel visa and would not accept it (the color and graphics on it look very similar). We then asked her to read it more carefully, and upon seeing the testing date as July 9 and location as Crystal Serenity she relented and accepted it. Didn’t seem to matter that it was not p
  6. Especially for having to get tickets ahead of time, the magician was unbelievably bad. We went to a couple of the astronaut’s lectures which were great, and thought the shows were great as well. Loved the pianists and violin player - bravo! The only stinker during the week for us was the magic show.
  7. FWIW, we departed on 7/10 and took the Crystal transfer to the airport. The crowd and lines in the US departure terminal was massive! We flew back via Air Canada which left from the other terminal (which was mainly empty). Unless you can route through another country I would expect a similar scene on Saturdays; a couple we met onboard were leaving Sunday to avoid the crush at the airport, plus flights were cheaper.
  8. Roland is spot-on, life onboard has been great, and the wifi has not been consistent. I'm very impressed with how Crystal has made this first cruise a return to the service level, traditions, and onboard experience we were all hoping for. It's our first experience on one of the ocean ships (have done Crystal Bach), and it is everything we were hoping for. FWIW, our Crystal River experience also had horribly bad pre-cruise communications and inconsistent information, but once onboard they shine. Someone else with more Crystal experience could comment on whether or not the precruise issues
  9. We used Verifly, and as Keith experienced it made the checkin pretty swift - we just had to show the Verifly app and the green check marks in it, no having to haul out any documents. It sounds like other people have had differing experiences; I suspect not all agents are trained up on it or still will want to see the real documents. But for us it got us boarding pass via online checkin, and a speedy airport process checking bags.
  10. We walked by the ship this morning, and what is funny about this picture is how massive Celebrity Edge is compared to any other ship. It completely hides the RCCL “Grandeur of the Seas” parked behind it! Our last cruise (Seabourn Sojourn, Dec 2019) we were parked next to Edge, Crystal Serenity, and Viking Sun in St. Maarten….Edge is a behemoth compared to all of them!
  11. Our flight 1005 experience yesterday wasn’t bad compared to you or Keith/John&Alex - we were delayed and arrived ~45 minutes late, but was a good and quick experience clearing immigrations, baggage claim, and customs. The Nassau airport is pretty efficient, lines moved quick, and friendly at all points!
  12. FWIW, they were super nice and friendly in canceling/refunding our booking for July 4 after Crystal canceled the stop there. Will definitely book again if there is chance to get to Bimini.
  13. IMPORTANT INFORMATION July 01, 2021 Regarding: OCY210703-07 | Crystal Serenity | July 3, 2021 | 07 Nights | Nassau to Nassau | Luxury Bahamas Escape Dear Late yesterday, we were notified by The Bahamas’ Minister of Health that there are a number of active CO
  14. It was designed for Virgin Voyages to host nighttime activities and parties - bonfires, dancing, etc. Who knows if Crystal will do something like move the “white party” there, or host some other experience that takes advantage of the space being designed for hosting cruise passengers at night. For our cruise (July 3) I doubt they have time to do much, but for the later cruises I would think this could be developed into something great. FWIW, I wouldn’t miss dinner on ship, but for post-dinner entertainment it could be a great space.
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