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  1. Westmount, I also thank you for taking the time to post the farewell picture of some of our favorite crew members bidding you goodbye. Safe travels home. And so now, I believe all Seabourn ships have been cleared of passengers. Truly a strange time. As we all adjust to a new normal at home and hopefully watch this pandemic subside we begin the wait to see when and where the ships start embarking passengers again. Like many here I don’t believe the 30 days is a realistic time frame to safely start up again. Most of all I hope all my fellow cruisers stay well and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you on future cruises.
  2. Westmount I really feel for you and the latest unfortunate turn of events. You have done an amazing job of keeping up a good attitude in circumstances that would get to even the most optimistic person. And now, just when you had the end in sight this is a cruel blow. Being a bit cheeky I think Sojourn should be renamed the Flying Dutchman.
  3. There is an old saying “ I married you for better or for worse but not for lunch.”
  4. And the ban on cruise ships in NZ extends until the end of June. So this means Seabourn cannot operate the revised leg of the Sojourn world cruise from Auckland on April 28. Will they now revert back to the original embarkation port of Sydney?
  5. Btoohill, I hope you have a fun and safe cruise. I’m sure the Seabourn crew will do their utmost to keep passengers as safe as is possible within their powers. Just be aware that Vice President Pence announced this morning that Americans returning from the Schengen countries in the next 30 days will be funneled through an an approved airport (likely conveniently Dulles in your case) and then be required to self quarantine for 14 days. Personally that would put quite a pall on my cruise if I had that to look forward to when returning home. However as you are returning home the April 22 you should be ok- unless the time frame is extended. So much uncertainty right now.
  6. It would have been nice had Trump clarified the travel ban in his speech. In any event I still wonder how the cruise lines will react to this development.
  7. President Trump just announced a 30 day travel ban from Europe (exempting the U.K.). It will be interesting to see how Seabourn responds to those of you with cruises to Europe in the next month knowing their US passengers will not be able to fly home.
  8. To the poster who booked Philippine Airline tickets with Skylux you should know that the reason those tickets are non refundable and non changeable (even with a change fee) has nothing to do with the airline.. Unfortunately you bought tickets from a consolidator (Skylux). Consolidators often sell tickets that may have a good price but in exchange you are getting very different fare rules and highly restrictive terms - including being truly non refundable. It is too bad for the poster but perhaps can serve as a warning to others that before you buy tickets from a consolidator read the fare rules so you fully understand what you are purchasing.
  9. All this recent upheaval in the cruise industry in Asia has made me try to recall if similar mass cancelations and itinerary changes took place during the SARs outbreak in 2002.I was active on the CC boards back them but I really can’t recall a similar situation. Is my memory letting me down or was the cruise industry less affected by that outbreak?
  10. Flamin June I can’t imagine how beyond disappointed you are. I know you are not surprised by it but that doesn’t make the situation easier to accept. I don’t share the view of others in thinking YOU are better off with the new itinerary. I’m sure it all comes from their good intentions and trying to help you make lemonade out of lemons. But while I might like the new itinerary the point is it doesn’t work for you and A as you had up your hearts set on returning to some favorite spots along with some new ports. And add to that there is the added difficulty of switching flights from a Singapore embarkation to Columbo at this late date if you booked your own air (as we always do). Especially as it would appear airlines (or at least Singapore Airlines, not sure if you are booked on them) are not willing to refund tickets since Singapore is not on the travel ban list at present. I’m not sure if you work with a travel agent but if so this would be the time to get them to really go to bat for you. Good luck and let us know what you decide and what the end result is in dealing with Seabourn. BTW, I did not get a chance to reply yesterday but your latest witticism of the Ovation and the loo gave me a good chuckle but now that image is stuck in my head. Unfortunately the analogy was prescient as your cruise plans have literally gone down the toilet.
  11. Flamin June, As ever your remarks are the voice of reason. I too have become concerned about the Covid speculative comments that are based neither on first hand accounts nor reliable sources. And mea culpa, I realize that recent my online wondering if they will maintain the current Singapore to Dubai March sailing puts me in the speculators club. Guilty as charged. I can only imagine how difficult this period is at present for those of you booked on that cruise. Everyone likes certainty and at present the situation is anything but. Please hang in there. There is an old phrase used in the US when hoping for favorable outcomes, “God willin and the crik (creek) don’t rise.” Of course in your case with the flood waters lapping perilously close this is unfortunately doubly apt. But please do know that we are all pulling for you whether you end up with a brief Singapore holiday away from rainy, cold weather or better yet a cruise, modified or otherwise. As to the communication issue I fear Seabourn is not alone in their failure to keep in constant contact with their customers. One of the key tenets of good PR is simply staying in touch with the customer even when the situation is fluid and there is nothing new to report. Most people just want the assurance they have not been forgotten and that when a situation changes they will be given the updated information in a clear, complete and timely manner.
  12. Well there you go - two great minds in agreement based on some logic and a boatload of hope but with little inside information (at least in my case). My thinking is also that Singapore might be treated as a unique, and therefore a less risky Southwest Asian port, given the country’s supposed transparency in reporting and measures undertaken to contain further outbreaks.
  13. And as to the post of Oceania’s canceled cruises while it is quite interesting to see the large number of cancels cruises the thing I note that differentiates this from Seabourn’s planned schedule is that once Seabourn Ovation leaves Singapore heading towards Dubai on March 14 they will be not be returning to Southeast Asia until next fall. So it seems to me that there is less necessity of canceling the Ovation’s cruises from March 14 onwards. The issue I see as potentially unsettling the current situation however relates to the passengers who disembarked the Westerdam a few days ago in Cambodia. While many are still “self” quarantined in Phnom Penh there are many who have flown out to numerous countries who may or may not have been infected. There seems to be a question as to the reliability of the testing performed by HAL prior to their departure that led to this potential for transmission of the virus by non symptomatic passengers. And of course I don’t believe they have yet determined where the infected female passenger who was trying to fly out of Malaysia picked up the virus. Since the ship departed Hong Kong on Feb 1 and passengers only went ashore in Taiwan either she picked it up when she went ashore there (which seems highly unlikely since there have been so few reported cases there) or she picked it up in Hong Kong prior to boarding and this is one of the rare cases where the incubation period was in excess of 14 days. In any event this situation may make some other countries in Southeast Asia who have until now not banned cruise ships to change their minds.
  14. Flamin June I hope enjoy the book as it will not only give you some insight into the early days of cruising but more importantly provide some much needed humorous distraction in this difficult period of uncertainty. And now thanks to you I have another book to add to my reading list. Anyway, let me know what you think. As to flip flops you might think here in sunny Arizona we wear then a lot. Actually the only time I wear them is when I’m out by our pool as they are waterproof and easy to step in and out of (walking on hot flagstone decking during an AZ summer is not something I would recommend). I generally find the stiff rubber thong part uncomfortable and the bed of the flip flop either too hard or too soft and lacking in support. One brand I have found that seems to offer a happy medium is Kate Spade. And they have the added bonus of looking cute!
  15. Flamin June Just had a thought of another “prologue” activity you might undertake (now that your wardrobe and A’s shoe closet have been restocked) to help get you in the mood for your magical mystery tour. All of this talk of ships being turned away from port after port and passengers quarantined is straight out of Mark Twain’s book “The Innocents Abroad.” If you haven’t read it recently do so again - if you have never read it treat yourself to a barrel of laughs. But please don’t be tempted to reenact the adventure when he and a couple of friends, frustrated as they sat on their ship in the harbor of Piraeus quarantined due to cholera concerns and could only look at the Acropolis in the distance, to decided to jump ship and swim ashore. Jenny, Thank you for your kind thoughts. And I am so sorry that recent medical issues forced you to cancel your cruise and also hope your remaining recovery is speedy and you soon find yourself back on a Seabourn ship.
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