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  1. It would be lovely to meet up with you again next fall.
  2. Margbem, I’m so enjoying reading your posts of your cruise to our favorite part of the world - the Med. I still fondly remember the Med cruise where we met you and your charming DH. Ironically we would have been on part of this cruise with you but we had planned to include the prior one as well to make it a longer cruise and then they chartered that leg so we decided against it. So your report of the charter having been canceled caught my attention. It’s been much too long since we have been there (three years) and we are hoping to rectify that with a three week Eastern Med cruise next September (fingers crossed Turkey stays on the itinerary and no charters pop up). Please keep the reports coming! And please tell Chef Bala thank you from a grateful passenger. He was with us on the Quest for part of our cruise this summer and was kind enough to write out a menu for an Indian dinner I plan to host on our upcoming December cruise which includes some Indian ports.
  3. Need to distinguish between UK and US Travel agents. The two top UK companies typically rebate part of their commission - usually this is 10% of the cruise fare. Even though I live in the US I have used one of these companies for ten years - getting great service and a great price. But I do pay in pounds so I do bear some currency risk and once I book if a cancel I will pay a penalty starting at 10% of the cruise fare (increasing as the cruise date nears). For me it works well.
  4. At least as far as the US travelers are concerned, because the 28th is Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November) travel that week tends to be mostly domestic - people traveling to and from “home” for the the holiday. The week after Thanksgiving is one of the slowest travel periods each year in the US as many Americans are recovering from Thanksgiving and starting to gear up for a Christmas. Not too many are interested in a Caribbean vacation during that period.. That said, it is also possible many on your cruise booked a GTY and so there will be numerous unassigned suites.
  5. It has not changed. At the Silver level (20-69) days you pick one benefit from the list of options, including a free bag of laundry. At the next level you can select two benefits.
  6. Not wall mounted. They are decent powered hand held ones. I keep the one in my suite plugged into the outlet on the dressing table. Since I have long hair the quality of the hairdryer matters to me as well.
  7. Markham Sorry to go off topic but is a dark day indeed as you have just burst my bubble. I have been diligently been practicing my yodeling in anticipation of my December cruise thinking I could stand on my balcony and engage in said activity. I really do think it is the perfect way to ingratiate myself with my neighbors. Why wait for the block party? Yes, yes, I know smoking, spitting and and hanging laundry are banned from those spaces but NO YODElING? Please, you have me running to review the thousand page small print edict known as the cruise contract (which I will do as soon as I remember where I left my reading glasses). Not that I doubt your credibility but do tell me there just might be a loophole for certain tiered Club Members. Otherwise just might have to pony up for the Retreat. Perhaps the enhanced champagne served up there might even improve my yodeling. Okay back to loungers !
  8. As of our recent July cruise on the Quest the refillable bottles were in the suites and the disposable one were available as we exited the ship in every port.
  9. Am I the only one who noticed that there are no new cruises for Odyssey in this recent release? My brief perusal finds no Ody cruises past November 2020.
  10. And I will offer another option from a person who favors small boutique hotels. We stayed at Le Reve in Providencia two years ago and found the rooms well appointed, the charming courtyard a great place to relax and excellent service from the staff.I like hotels that are not in the center of loud cites and this hotel on a quiet tree lined street fit the bill. It was also quite conveniently located to walking to the historic area and a wonderful restaurant where we had dinner. Given the time you have you could split your time with a couple of days in the Atacama Desert. As to wineries, easy to visit the Casablanca Valley, a major wine region, on your way to the port. If you do make sure to stop at my favorite Chilean wine estate, Emiliano, and taste their star wine, Coyam.
  11. Oops - darn auto correct. Should be people and not peephole.
  12. To answer your question - yes, on holiday cruises (even on the one I did in the Caribbean) people dress up a bit more on formal optional nights. Certainly a dress as you describe would not be out of place. In fact even on non holiday cruises I usually wear a long gown on many of the formal evenings. My DH usually wears a white dinner jacket. Most peephole will not be formally dressed but that shouldn’t stop you and you won’t be the only one.
  13. Just got oof the Quest-and all soaps, including the loofah wrapped in plastic, were offered.
  14. You can only make reservations for the Grill and for the the Colonnade on so-called AdHoc nights ( as those dinners are inspired by Keller’s restaurant named Ad Hoc). All other venues are first come first served - including the newish concept for the Patio called Earth and Ocean.
  15. Yes it is in addition to the Future Cruise open booking discount. I am on the Quest at present just finishing up a lovely 36 night cruise and I chatted with the SB Sales Rep about this after we all received a flyer in our suites announcing this new benefit. The one drawback is that it is only on selected cruises.
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