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  1. As i recall what is required for Brazil is the Yellow Fever vaccination.. Your cruise documents should mention this. Also check the CDC website because even if not required by Seabourn it might be prudent. I can tell you that last year when our cruise was going from Cape Town to Singapore because the ship had previously come from Brazil Madagascar required all passengers to show proof of having been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. When Madagascar was removed from the itinerary this requirement was removed.
  2. To follow up with previous posts indeed US citizens are required to secure a visa for India. And this is not the type of visa that the ship is often able to secure for passengers. Furthermore you cannot apply for the Indian visa more than 45 days prior to your entry.. In case you think you will just remain on the ship and thus avoid the hassle of securing this visa please note the following quote from the documents I recently received from our TA regarding our December cruise from Dubai to Singapore “ you must obtain your own multiple entry visas for entry into India, even if you do not attend to disembark the ship. You will not be allowed to embark the ship without these.”
  3. Isklaar, Just taking a little CC break - next time I plan on going AWOL I’ll clear it with you first. And thank you for your concern - all is good. Getting ready for another 36 nite SB cruise in a few weeks. Catlover, Sounds like your cruise has been a very special experience. We spent a few days in Normandy some years ago with a private guide who was even more of an expert in military history than my DH. He had us hiking through hedgerows where skirmishes took place and down on Utah beach where he drew battle plans in the sand. But the most poignant highlight was the American Cemetery. I’m sure you will all be quite moved today and I think you are going to need a bigger box of Kleenex. Ka Honu, Quite agree with you about the museum in New Orleans.
  4. Actually the Ovation was chartered by the World War ll Museum in NeW Orleans for a 75th anniversary cruise. The cruise ends on June 7 in Dover and the itinerary states that from June 3-6 it is in the waters off the Normandy Beaches. Not sure why Sea Mapper doesn’t show the ship.
  5. No you really can’t combine them. Only exception is for the Carnival Shareholder credit.
  6. Ianlin you can only take advantage of it once as it is specifically a credit for first time Seabourn cruisers. And you cannot combine it if you are already receiving a shipboard credit from Seabourn as part of your boookkng deal. But the good good news is once you have cruised on Seabourn you can give out these coupons to other first time cruisers and not only will they receive a $400 OBC but you will as well.
  7. I’m in love with that rockhopper - clearly he knows he is a cool dude. Thanks for posting these pics and glad Plan B worked out well for you. the one thing anyone who books an AntRtcics Cruise should understand is the “schedule “ is very fluid.
  8. If you go over to the Cruise Air board there is a thread about their financial woes.
  9. Hi Kej looks like we’ll both be spending the holidays on Seabourn - we’re headed off to Australia for the Sojourn cruise in a couple of days. As to Vietnam visas when we did the cruise to Vietnam on Seabourn a few years ago we just got our visas on board. The price seemed quite reasonable (sorry I don’t remember the cost) and it was so easy. Enjoy!
  10. Elbon I may have misunderstood your laundry question. I assumed you were asking about the laundry service - not the guest laundry room. Seabourn does have a laundry room with washers and dryers and an ironing board for complimentary guest use. Other than an occasional touch up with iron I don’t use it so I can’t say how efficient the washers and dryers are. I find Seabourn’s laundry service to be excellent - everything comes back pressed and on hangers or folder and wrapped in tissue in a wicker basket. When I’m on Seabourn I’m on vacation and the last thing I want to do is laundry. As to internet I have found it to be painfully slow on most cruises and often I can’t get on in my suite and have to go to the Square to get on line. But with unlimited service for me while it is inconvenient it is not a negative financially. I have heard that if you buy a limited time package and have problems with slow service Guest Services is good about giving you more minutes to compensate.
  11. Seabourn does not provide free laundry to first time cruisers. But per their loyalty program your can get free bags of laundry as one of your perks depending on how many days you have cruised.. Once you reached the Diamond level you will receive unlimited free laundry. However, as a first time, cruiser you can get a $400 per suite OBC Referral and use that to pay for your laundry. Bottles of water are are usually available as you exit the ship and in the courtesy tent atcthen end of the gangway.
  12. I generally walk laps on sea days as I have an aversion to gyms. I usually walk early in the morning (6:30) on deck 9 for approximately 3 miles around and above the pool deck ( 48 laps). If you do it much later it will be harder with sunbathers and general pedestrian “traffic.” If the weather is rainy or too windy I’ll walk deck 8 which is a bit more under cover and protected from the elements but I prefer the view of the ocean on deck 9.
  13. Oh my what a lovely man and yes, we were also honored to have sailed with him and Jean on numerous occasions. If there ever was a role model for cruisers who don’t act entitled it was the Cass’s - inspite of their many days on Seanbourn they never acted as if they deserved special treatment. My heart goes out to Jean at this difficult time.
  14. Flamin June, I have also been avidly awaiting each chapter of your travelogue. I really hope that with this mid cruise roll out of Earth and Ocean they find a way to offer each passenger a chance to experience it. And selfishly thank you for being the guinea pig so by the time we board on the 11th all will be running like a well oiled machine.
  15. Fletcher While Seaboirn does indeed obviously rely on flrozen fish for much of most cruises one of the benefits of SWTC is that the chef can pick up fresh local fish.
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