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  1. Have been monitoring and I was waiting to buy at $35 but I saw reports that some analysts predict $21-$22 for the bottom. It hit $32.39 earlier today for the 52-week low. I'll buy at $34 if it starts to go back up but wait it out if it continues to tank.
  2. Ha - charges of smoking while quarantined - I love it. Reminds me of the Basic Instinct scene where Sharon Stone is being questioned as a suspect for murder and lights up - she was told "no smoking" and replied "What are you gonna do — arrest me for smoking?"
  3. You're right - very possible. But I'm not sure that I would care at that point - Hello Royal, we're coming back.
  4. A bit more difficult than sanitizing an entire ship exposed to the virus? Smoking is probably the least of the cleanup problems, especially if passengers are being asked not to flush.
  5. I think that I would smoke anyway. Seriously, what could they do - kick me off the ship?
  6. No apology necessary. Thank you for the update.
  7. Sorry, I can't seem to find where on my reservation that it states I must dress for "the enjoyment of everyone". Is there some sort of vote that's taken when you get on the ship? I enjoy not dressing formally and there are many others like me - would we be everyone? If so, our everyone gets enjoyment from everyone being able to dress they way they choose - formally or informally. "Passengers who simply don't want to dress for dinner might enjoy the experience of a more casual cruise line." - Right! Or those passengers who simply insist that everyone must dress formally might en
  8. And you're right about 30 mins - we just ordered a martini during the wait. But it was the disorganization followed by the (very) slow service. We just thought that things could have been handled differently.
  9. Agreed. And people who want to dress up can dress up - every night if they would like to - so that option is already there. Those who don't want to dress up don't have to - they can be casual every night if they want to. We just came back from the Regal over New Year's week - we waited in line at least 30 mins every night. The first night we went to the dining room shortly before 7:00pm and we were told it was a half hour wait - we were also told that the other dining room was opening at 7:30pm if we wanted to go down there. However, they weren't going to make a call to the other dining
  10. Well the Princess card triples the points on any Princess Cruise or Princess related purchases (airfare booked with Princess, on board purchases and room charges). So, for example, I don't bring cash for the Casino any more - I charge my room for Casino money and get triple the points for what I lose. And, I only use the card for Princess Cruises and Princess related purchases. Never had any problems with redemption until this past week when I also tried to redeem my points as statement credit and haven't been able to do so.
  11. I've noticed recently that when I go to the Princess site on my phone and search cruises, there is now a tab "Casino Deals". Not sure if everyone is getting this or if it's just because I make nightly donations to the cause when I'm cruising.
  12. When Paul Simon met Mickey Mantle on “The Dick Cavett Show,” the Mick asked him why he didn’t use his name instead of DiMaggio’s. “Wrong amount of syllables,” Simon told the Yankee star.
  13. Don't forget the cheating at trivia and how the dinner was ruined because somebody wore jeans on the optional formal night.
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