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  1. Seaoma, There is a Coronavirus tracker here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/coronavirus?ocid=spartanntp Click on US - then your state - then scroll down to see the number of cases by county. I don't know how often it updates, but it's at least once per day.
  2. We used the Unlimited Laundry package on our 14 day sailing on the Amsterdam this month, and it was totally worth it to us. The turn-around time was never more than 24 hours, and sometimes it came back the same day. What a relief to not have mountains of laundry to do when we got home. The laundry does a great job, and your clothes come back neatly pressed and wrapped in tissue paper or on hangers. We asked for some items to be cleaned in cold water with cool dry.
  3. They don't enforce the no-smoking policy effectively, unless the cabins haven't been updated since the no-smoking ban went into affect. We were on the 6/3/19 sailing of the Amsterdam, just after the word cruise ended. Our cabin reeked of stale cigarette smoke. I mentioned the issue to Guest Relations, and they had the carpet shampooed and spritzed an air freshener in the room. Neither made any difference to the smoke odor, and the room spray had an unpleasant odor also. The cabin smelled like the casino. It needs to be gutted and refurnished.
  4. I know that ship doesn't have as many dining options as some of the newer ships. What are our options for embarkation lunch, and what would be your choice? Any special "not to be missed" menu items we should watch for? Thanks in advance!
  5. We always walk, unless it's raining heavily. You see more when you walk, and we enjoy the exercise. For the mobility impaired, I agree that the shuttle would be the best option.
  6. I agree with donaldsc and luvteaching. On a sunny day, Sitka is amazingly beautiful. They have a raptor center that may be of interest to your teens.
  7. Everything on our sailing was already sold out except inside and outside guarantee cabins, so unfortunately an upgrade wasn't an option.
  8. Do you think the ship will provide a vase, or would I need to buy one?
  9. Our cruise originates in Seattle, and I'd like to buy a bunch of flowers at Pike's Market for our cabin. Will HAL allow us to bring fresh flowers on board when we embark? If it matters, the ship is the Amsterdam. Thanks!
  10. This won't be our first HAL sailing, but I don't recall if HAL allows you access to your cabin as soon as you board, or if there's a delay?
  11. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond. I appreciate it!
  12. Do you know if the same goes for the $100 in beverage cards gifted by HAL? On the soda card, do they issue partial refunds, or only refund if none of the card was used? They are $50 cards that we bought for $25 each.
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