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  1. Agreed 100% With his prior LE experience, a great match, one of the really good ones, and always even-keeled! Never had the pleasure of meeting his DW but he told me she was sailing with him to Lisbon
  2. Got it and thanks however, I was responding to a poster's theory that Viking Ocean Cruises has been/is "cheapening" the design and construction of their ships, incl. Viking Sky, that was blown out of the water (the theory, not Viking Sky) by our resident nautical engineering expert, Chengkp75
  3. OK, yeah, that one is a "Broodje ouwe Gouda kaas", basically a baguette with old Gouda cheese in between
  4. Norm is going home in Lisbon also, wants to watch the Flames in the play-offs 🤣
  5. Fair winds and following seas, Prinsendam - It's been a pleasure sailing on you
  6. So, you're saying this incident with Viking Sky occurred because Viking Ocean Cruises "cheaped out" on her mechanical design and construction??????
  7. True that however, Phoenix Reisen ships do not make many port calls at Port Everglades Meneer!
  8. So here's a quick "away" pop quiz: including HAL, how many different owners has the current Prinsendam sailed for?
  9. Nope; we're at sea in the Carib heading for the Windward Passage, between Cuba and Hispaniola in very smooth seas! Hate to miss seeing the elegant explorer for the last time
  10. You're correct, Roy! Capt. Schuchmann stays on until Lisbon, then Capt. Dag takes over for five weeks, when Capt. Jeroen comes back and has her until the handover to the Germans in July
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