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  1. Thank you. It looks like a bigger menu then the picture what i found on cruise critic. I try to decided between a non a alcoholic drinkpackage and a soda package. Because we have only one sea day and very port intensive cruise.
  2. Does this only work when you sail from / into USA ports or also Europe?
  3. I try to figure out what non coffee they have (like iced chai tea or caramel frappucino without coffee) but i cant find it. On the cruise critic picture it looks like the café have a smaller selection then other ships. Who have a picture from the menu?
  4. Thank you so much. I did Lindos on birkenstocks. Never again. I love Rhodes and go often but Akropolis Lindos was once in a lifetime. Lindos village visit we always.
  5. So i have seen a couple dinner menu's and pictures from mdr food. Im wondering what the buffet food is like? What dishes are there served?
  6. Thank you. So i think it is not when we book with a travel agent?
  7. I would like to do a status match. But i dont find where we can book the cruise if i get the status. Is this only on the msc website?
  8. Thank you. I have looked up celeystal looks good but dont fit on our dates.
  9. So i really want to visit Santorini and Athens in one cruise. We have only time for a 8 day cruise. Im wondering if MSC is the best option. I think i prefer a American line but that made me choose between Santorini and Athens. They dont have both in 8 days. Is MSC a good line for this? What about the party's on board. Are we able to find a less crowded and quit spot?
  10. Did you use the donkey route? We climbed up the normal stairs and walked down with the donkey route steps.
  11. So i try to decided if Santorini fits us. I have walk the steps (donkey route not the normal steps) down in Lindos (Akropolis) and this was verry slippery. Im wondering if the walk down in Santorini is the same or worse?
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