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  1. FYI.....If you are booked in Neptune, laundry and dry cleaning are free.. Just ask your cabin steward:D
  2. Brian..We are enjoying your posts. Thanks for taking us along. Say hi to Susan and John, too! L.B.
  3. Sail.... DRM as listed on our Cruise Log for 3 day out of NYC was Steven Casteels. I can only go by the Log because I never met him. We never ate in the dining room.
  4. I hope everyone is as excited about this as I was..... I just had to "share"... Wishing all well, .... but please don't "overload" the lines or the reps re: reservations for the alternatives. I understand that some of them have not had time to understand that they CAN book the Tamarind..... so, please..... be gentle with them;) Sunshine91...... What are our chances of getting your "favorite table" ? :)
  5. ME Guide Formal nights vary by itinerary and length of cruise. Your TA should be able find out, but the dress code and number of nights for each is usually included with your cruise docs. It has been customary for the dress code for each night of the cuise to be printed on the Schedule of Events that will be in your cabin on the day of embarkation. (I usually cut out this schedule and tape it to the dressing table to "remind" us of future days.) Each daily schedule (delivered by your cabin steward when he turns down the beds the previous night) will also contain the dress code for that next day. Regarding restaurant choices, I would suggest you read some of the reviews on this board that are being written by people currently on the Eurodam, since this was her Inaugural. Welcome to HAL:)
  6. I just got off the phone with HAL Ship's Services. Originally, I thought that I could book only the Pinnacle for dinner on the 3-day August cruise. However, the sevice rep said the ability to book Tamarind with her had just opened and she allowed me to book and gave me a confirmation number! I presume lunch will remain an onboard booking item for quite a while. I don't know if one can book both restaurants online yet, since I have not tried. However, I do recommend that you jot down the name of the rep AND the reservation confirmation number in case the email confirmations don't come through.
  7. Greg Thanks for all the great posts. Sorry to hear about the "throngs" of "kids"! I doubt if I could be as patient as you!!!! Also, it seems that hot tea has always been a "drama". Hopefully, things will get better for the tea lovers! Enjoy the rest of your cruise & give our best wishes to all! .... L.B.
  8. RuthC All of you..... Enjoy every part of the journey! We enjoy hearing about it & thanks for posting!
  9. Sail... Since your asked.... I think it is because both of you are so respected that , IMHO,everyone tries to predict what you may wish when you board..... I was once on a cruise prior to yours (a B2B) and the ship from Dining Room to Neptune was buzzing around trying to get everything into place... Yet, when you and DH came onboard, and we met you, we found out that there could not be two more gracious people.... That is just the way it is with HAL :)
  10. IMHO .. It depends upon what your expectations are... If you are willing to work with crew and staff and understand from the beginning that there may be problems that have to be worked out, you will have a great chance of enjoying what I have found to be a couple of "lifetime" memories. There was an NCL Inaugural which I would never want to repeat :eek: ...and a HAL Inaugural for which I would not trade the memories:) P.S. -- cabin categories were "similar" but not "comparable" .
  11. Brian We are enjoying all of your posts.... keep them going! L.B.
  12. I am sure RuthC will be able to tell you....IF... you ask her on the "Good Nuts" Cruise.... BTW.... She was the one to explain to me how to tell "Good Nuts" :D :D For now, she may want to keep it a secret and explain the whole story later (but only if you ask her politely) :D !
  13. Greg....Keep up the great work. You are "shepherding" those of us truly interested in this ship and your journey ;) ;) and..... Don't forget to check your email for a special bulletin:rolleyes: L.B.
  14. LAFFNVEGAS & SAIL .... The lady in the center of the picture in center of picture (in purple) is JRACHELS --- the OP of the "Roll Call" for the July 5 Inaugural.......She was with us on the Noordam Inaugural, and what a lovely lady she is:)
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