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  1. I read a couple of comments on here about an announcement on Tuesday at 10am. Is this happening?
  2. My transpacific cruise from Sydney to Hawaii was cancelled on 23/3 and I requested a full refund the same day. I called on 10/4 and they said I would receive the money back before 23/3. I called again on 20/4 and they say the refund will now be on on 7/5. I know they have a lot of refunds to get through but I am still getting impatient as it’s £23300.
  3. Has anyone heard if R004 is cancelled due to depart next Monday. I imagine it will be but nothing on p&o website.
  4. We are pm the transpacific coming in on Solstice in May. I just wish that they would make the decision so then I can book something else.
  5. No wonder I cant find a cruise if people are booking "placeholders"
  6. What do you mean “unless in the U.K. you can get a full refund instead of a FCC” ?
  7. Celebrity UK seem to have been doing this for ages as my booking with them has always been today and I sail on the 25th April.
  8. This really confuses me. Up until last week I was in a Aqua cabin and when I booked it got Free standard drinks package, free gratuities and $200 obc. Last week I upgraded to a Penthouse suite, as Im in a suite I get a premium drinks package anyway. However with that. They are currently offering $1000 Obc but i have been told i only get the $200 that i got when i originally booked.
  9. I went on Royal Caribbean and they provided cups. You didnt have to use them unless you went to one of the automated machines. I think mine were still in the wrapping when i got home.
  10. I do have a couple of other questions if anybody doesn’t mind helping me out. i have read on here that I get unlimited laundry. Is that correct? also I keep reading about the retreat. What is it and Is that something that is on the newer ships/refurbed ships as I’m on solstice and it doesn’t get its refurb until next year?
  11. 😂😂😂 what a hilarious think to say and I feel there is no bitter in this comment! 🤣
  12. Say for instance you decided to have room service one evening could you go to an outside bar in shorts or is it just a complete No?
  13. We are also doing a TP in April, was a bit worried at first but now starting to not worry so much.
  14. Yes I am from the UK, we are flying over to Sydney on the 21st April. Doing the transpacific to Hawaii.
  15. Thanks for your replies, it’s been very helpful. Just got 9 weeks to wait now 😩
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