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  1. According to Marinetraffic the next port will be Barbados on Saturday arriving 7:30 LT. Any idea how the rest of the itinerary will look like?
  2. I followed the track of MSC Orchestra in the past few days. After arriving offshore Itajaí the ship decided to wait for a few hours at open sea before docking at the river port between 11:30 and 6 p.m. on Saturday. The ship then docked in Rio on Sunday from 2 to 11 p.m. and achored off Ilhabela today from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I expected them to go back to Buenos Aires now but instead the next destination listed on Marinetraffic is (again) Itajaí with ETA 6 a.m. tomorrow. Looks like they want to check the live boats there again.
  3. I wonder if this means they dock at Amber Cove, a Carnival-owned port (what I heavily doubt) or at the old town port in Puerto Plata itself without any infrastructure for cruise pax.
  4. I read on Cruisetricks.de (German cruise expert website) that they already assessed the damages at anchor in Punta del Este two days ago and now decided to substitute Buzios with Itajaí. The ship arrived at the anchorage position in Itajaí at 8:00 LT. Not sure if they are too large to dock at the river cruise pier or if they need to anchor offshore due to the damages.
  5. There will still be a full day and an evening in Darwin so it could be worse. And the health of a human being is more important than an excursion.
  6. Considering the itinerary was changed (from Maui-Hilo-Kona-Kauai to Kauai-Hilo-Kona-Maui) and that the ship skipped Kahului yesterday, they probably tried to give the passengers at least one day on Maui by anchoring off Lahaina. If I follow the past track at Marinetraffic this seemed to fail and so they tried to anchor in the more protected bay near Maalea, which ultimately also failed.
  7. I wonder how @mking8288 calculated these 1160 nm, if I measure the distance from SJU to FPO via the Marinetraffic distance measuring tool and placing the track north of Turk & Caicos, I get to around 860 nm which means the ship would have to do 17.2 knots to arrive there at 20:00 local time on Friday. The usual itinerary sees a departure in Charlotte Amalie at 2. p.m. on Wednesday and an arrival at Great Stirrup Cay at 9 a.m. on Friday which is a much further distance than from San Juan to GSC.
  8. According to Marinetraffic the next planned stop ins BS FPO (Freeport, Bahamas) with an arrival at 8 p.m. local time on Friday. This probably means that the following cruise will start 1-2 days later or get canceled completely.
  9. Searching Instagram I found out that Costa Serena, Atlantica, Fortuna and neoRomantica (so all ships currently travelling Asia) are still missing the new hull design while all others (cruising the Caribbean, Emirates, Mediterranean etc.) seem to have it.
  10. Jade is currently leaving San Juan at a speed indicating it is not being towed but sailing by own thrust.
  11. Considering the rumour of a drydock in Freeport, Bahamas is true and the Jade will be travelling at 5 kts, it will already take 7 days at sea to get from SJ to Freeport. Repairing may take more than a few days so I highly doubt the following cruise will take place.
  12. Sounds very true and understandable what you wrote there. Hopefully you will get a credit on future cruises
  13. AIDA Cruises regularly stays in St. Petersburg for one day only (e. g. on their weekly tour from Warnemünde with AIDAmar)
  14. The Breakaway is currently cruising at around 13 knots to Copenhagen. I would feel hoaxed if I was aboard and they told me that skipping another port was necessary to make it there on time.
  15. Well she could have left St. Petersburg after one day and dock at Helsinki today. Then one day at sea to Warnemünde and on Tuesday back in Copenhagen.
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