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  1. Found an article which was from the NY Post about Serenade of the Seas which is presently off of Barbados. It is a crew member interview. Being that it is the NY Post and inclined to sensationalism the title says horror...lol Read it. Fake news headline! Royal is doing the right thing for all the crew members presently on the ships. https://nypost.com/2020/04/10/cruise-ship-worker-reveals-horror-of-coronavirus-quarantine/
  2. Wow really sounds like RCL was trying to keep that information on the crew member quiet! I guess we need to be realistic. 27 people from Wuhan on the ship. They had to get to NY by plane either through Newark or JFK airports. Probably visited Manhattan as most tourists do and stayed a few days at a hotel in the city visiting all the city tourist spots. If any of them test positive I hope the CDC will tell us where they traveled through, visited and stayed.
  3. FYI I work for a company that purchases from China, The Chinese government will not tell anyone what is really going on. I received a letter from one of my suppliers that has 2 factories in Wuhan today. The factories are not opening after the Chinese holiday and will not open under government issue. There is no date as to when the workers will be allowed to travel back to the factory. He told me anything that will be shipping after the working ban is over will be sterilized...yeah right lol I don't believe that at all and I think he said that just to keep his customers. I truly think the numbe
  4. My daughter is presently on Symphony and even though the ship is huge the first 2 days out of Miami were rough. They closed the top deck and then the following day the pools were closed. They were like wave pools! Very windy and a lot of movement. When they left St Kitts to go to St Thomas the sea was calmer.
  5. We like to go to the art auctions onboard. That said, I have never bought anything as most of the prints you can find online at a better price. There was an article last year in the NY Times about Peter Max having dementia and Park West Auctions. Google it. I swear they had shills bidding this last cruise. Pictures were being bid on that in the past no one ever bid on before and for big money too! Just do your homework.
  6. Did you book a cruise using your 10% myvegas coupon? If yes this is great news! I was getting upset yesterday when I saw the must usefor sailings before March date because I want to book something for September 2020 now and the 10% was a big savings. Please let me know if they took it! Thank you
  7. We just got off Anthem last Sunday 12/8 and it was the Royal Swedes
  8. OK so we leave this Sunday on Anthem of the Seas and I was looking to rebook a few things at Black Friday sale prices. There is nothing! I don't know if it is the timing of the cruise or just that Royal runs so many "specials" throughout the year that that the sales are non existent for my cruise. The prices I paid for the deluxe drink package $48 per day and the deluxe with voom $58 per day are less than what they are showing on the website. Showing up as deluxe $52 per day and $65 per day with the voom. Even the excursion in Nassau we booked is higher priced today too. Just goes to prove if
  9. We are sailing 12/1 also and I plan to check the Black Friday deals too. I have the same message as you in my cruise planner.
  10. Thank you...missed doing it last year and plan to try to do it this year!
  11. Is there a cost for the puzzle room on Anthem and if so how much per person? Thanks
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