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  1. For our last cruise we had to park in the outside lot which is no problem at all. We asked about the indoor parking and they told us because of the other ships that use the port the only parking that was available in the indoor lot was handicap only. They leave plenty of handicap spots so don't worry. I saw a few cars being directed their. Just mention you need the handicap parking to the guys that direct traffic and you will be fine.
  2. So sad the BOGO is gone. Did that the last 2 cruises and it was well worth it. Hoping Black Friday will bring some surprises!
  3. Just curious...BOGO is now only offered to Diamond +?
  4. Which machines are your favorites? Any big winners out there on a favorite machine?
  5. Hi All We usually play the table games but want to give the slots a spin 😉 What are your favorite machines to play and why? Someone told me the penny slots were good but you need to bet at least $2.00 each time. Thanks!
  6. What day are you getting back to Cape Liberty? Saturday morning will have traffic. Sunday will be easier. I live on Long Island and it takes us 45 minutes to get home leaving the ship between 7 and 7:30am Either day figure on at least 2 hours travel time if you must go to LGA as there is ongoing construction. A 12pm or 1pm flight would then work. Newark really would be easier.
  7. smokeykat

    Jet Boat tour?

    Has anyone done the Jet boat small group tour booking through Viator? Is it worth the cost? You are now booking the best value for your money on this 1 hour Jet Boat tour. Enjoy speed, spins, wave riding, sliding, and more all while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Expect to get wet! Thanks
  8. We did the tour that RCCL offered. It would be perfect for your grandmother. The bus meets you right outside the port. We went to the Citadel and had time to get out and watch the changing of the guard. The tour guide was non stop facts on the way to Peggys Cove. You will learn a lot! Walking at Peggys Cove does have hills and rocks so the walker is perfect for her but I would not recommend walking on the rocks with her. You have time to visit the shops, see the lighthouse and get a bite to eat.
  9. I just purchased our deluxe drink package at $48 pp It was $55 pp before this weekend sale. If it drops lower on black Friday I will buy it at a lower price and refund back my credit card. I used $100 onboard credit towards it too. I got the deluxe and my husband got the deluxe with Voom. You need to call to get the packages this way as online you can only add 2 of the same packages. Also I was told if I do repurchase later I do not loose my onboard credit as they just apply it to the lower price packages. For us it is worth it. We are not big drinkers but drinks at the pool add up even if they are mocktails, fresh OJ in the morning, bottled water especially Evian throughout the day, speciality coffee multiple times a day, cocktails before dinner and wine or after dinner cocktail or coffee with a shot. Every time I order a drink I order a bottle of water too. This way I have for the cabin later
  10. It is $100 per person still. Melia is $137 but that is all inclusive with food and drinks included for the price. I can't see the price for Atlantis online. Does anyone know?
  11. Has anyone done hotel day passes in Nassau or Paradise Island? I see Melia, Hilton and Atlantis offer them. The Hilton site says the hotel is walking distance to the port. Thanks!
  12. We were on Anthem last year and yes I remember the constant reminders for "10's" Glad it calmed down! Going again on Anthem beginning of December.
  13. It is only on Black Friday. 11/29 I purchased my drink package for Anthem last year on that day
  14. My drink package price also went up for my December Anthem cruise. I noticed a lot of prices increased on Monday. It is RCCL getting ready for the Labor Day Sale...so they up the prices just so you think they are giving you a deal when they add the sale this weekend....lol
  15. We did Anthem last year and just did Adventure in July. Now we booked Anthem for December. Here's my take: Windjammer was easier to do for breakfast on Adventure. Anthem always seemed to crowded and a table for 2 was harder to find. Not so on Adventure. Shows are better on Anthem. Not that they are bad on Adventure, they are just better as Anthem has larger production shows. Both main dining rooms are equal in my opinion. Food is the same. The specialty Italian restaurant is excellent on Adventure. Both ships have the same steak house and it is just OK. There are better steak houses in NY or Long Island for sure. Anthem has Wonderland which is a must do for the experience and really different. The casino is better on Anthem. Adventure is to "old school"for me. I like roulette and there is no electronic board to show you what numbers came in previously. People were writing the numbers down. Anthem is better for cold weather cruising. Keep in mind if you are not going during school breaks on the Canada cruise, you will get an older crowd. A friend of mine did this last October with her husband and they are both 65. The crowd was older but they still had a good time. We did Canada on Adventure in July and there were plenty of kids and all ages of adults. Have fun in whatever you decide!
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