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  1. I've booked a quad balcony on the Sun for a girls trip. We have a TBA cabin right now.   We got a great price and all the "perks" we couldnt beat the price on any  cruiseline. 


    However I'm starting to second guess myself. I keep reading that the Sun does not have Pullman beds. The couch is where guest 3/4 sleep.  What kind of madness is that? Even if it was a family cruise putting my two kids in the same bed would of been a nightmare.  


    Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?  I'd be willing to switch to an assigned room if it means we get Pullman beds.  Maybe even upgrade to a mini suite.   


    This trip is a bday gift from my hubby for me and my girls so I have a strict budget I do need to stay in. Asking the girls to chip in is also not an option. 😞  we all know it's going to be tight but willing to do it for a short cruise.  But two on a couch may kill us.

  2. We are booked for Nov after they remove the open bar.  I'm assuming they will go back to swiping cards like any other cruiseline.    Here is my question as a newbie to this.  Is there limit to what I can order example can I order a water and drink at the same time.   Is there a wait between drinks? I'm very familiar with CCL Cheers which is one drink every 15 mins.   The last few cruises I've been on they wont even serve a non alcoholic at the same time as an alcoholic.   


    We did sail NCL once 3 years ago and I feel like they let me order a drink for my hubby and I at the same time as long as they could see him at the table or what have you.  Are they easy going or did we just know the bartender too well. 

  3. I've been wondering this too.  I havent used the site in 3 years so wasnt sure if it was me or the site. I booked yesterday but cant do anything with my reservations.  It also says I'm on a hold however my email says deposit was paid. 

  4. Just booked for Nov. 2019 of us have the plus as we got all the  free at sea perks. The other 2 have the regular package.   


    I'm not sure if we should upgrade or not for the other gals. We are all happy with the "free" selection of spirits, we are not that fancy..lol.     

    I'm not sure if buying some water for the room would be easier than upgrading the package.  We all usually carry our own cup so having ice water will suffice for the most part. I assume we can get that from the buffet or even bars.   


    As far as the coffee part goes. I'm not sure of the difference between all of that jazz. I'm not a big coffee drinker unless it's a iced/blended fancy flavored coffee.  Do they have a coffee shop on the ship that has such a thing? Which package do I need for that?  The other gals are coffee drinkers but are normally happy with whatever is on the buffet/dining rooms.  


    So I'm torn and confused about what's the best option.  It's been 3 years since my last and only NCL cruise.  So I have much to learn. 

  5. I just booked the Sun yesterday for Nov 2019.  My second NCL so I'm far from an expert on any of this.    I was told by the vacation planner that as of today 6/30 that they will no longer be selling as the open bar ship.   It will still be a Free at Sea offer.   My confirmation say all 4 of us have the premium package and 2 of us have the Plus.  I'm still trying to make sense of it all of this. 

  6. Thanks for this. Just booked my first trip to GSC and have all the Cabana questions.  We are 4 ladies who are ready to leave our families at home and have some fun.  I'm thinking the splurge will be worth it, I know they are at HMC. I just need to understand the difference between them. 


  7. Hi, I'm looking to book a girls getaway for Nov.  I priced a few sailings on the Sun and Sky and they seem to be priced pretty good.  I also see lots of Free at Sea offers and an Airfare offer out there right now.    I've only sailed NCL once and it was about 3 years ago.   


    I know I pay taxes on my offers so if we wont use a certain perk it may not be worth the pick all option. However I have zero idea what the internet, dining or wifi packages cost us to add on our own. 


    I'm also intrigued by the airfare offer. It seems from my airport it will be $99 and $34 ( or something close) in transfers.  I'm not sure I can find airfare and transportation for that rate on my own.  However I'm nervous to fly same day in which I'm sure is the case. If something was to happen will NCL help get us to the ship as they are handling my air? 


    We are regular Carnival cruisers but I wasnt finding rates close to what I was finding on NCL then factoring drink package and air. So I was thinking about trying them again.


    Also if the rates comedown with a new offer can we call and change our booking? On CCL I can up til final payment... yes I may lose OBC/offers but I wouldn't price match unless it was in my favor obviously.  


    Anything else I should take into consideration as I've been away so long? 

  8. I just filled out the price match for this fingers crossed I get it.  My question is do I need to do one for each person or one per booking?  I was also curious about if there is a place to leave bags/towels while climbing?  Is there a changing room t get out of the wet clothes at the end of the tour?  



  9. Hello,


    Planning our 1st trip to AC Jan 2019.  I'm sure we will end up doing a tour not just sitting at the pool but I want to be prepared both ways.   I've read there are bars and food service right at the pool.   Ive have never seen a menu or heard of what the price range is.  I think I also read that you S&S card can be used?  

    It anyone can shed some light on this I would be forever grateful.



  10. Id hate to loose any info you have. I often love to reference your reviews. I do like the idea of the blog like Gambee has that I can read the review with out all the comments. Don't get me wrong the comments bring a lot more info to the table at times. I'm often late to the game and by the time I get to read your review it's over or almost over and I had to sort through 16765428 posts and just pick out yours as i don't have time to read each post. If that makes sense.


    Again thanks for all you do for us. Thanks for thinking of us as well with not wanting to remove your reviews.


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  11. Im going to miss some 2.0 food options but obviously not enough for us not to book. I'm not worried about her age. We have sailed many older as well as newer and have a great time on them all! When my son comes I tend to look at newer as there is more for him but the hubs and I are fine just relaxing no need for all the bells and whistles. We did splurge for an aft balcony and plan to enjoy that as much as possible :)


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  12. My hubs and I booked a SHORT 4 day in Oct. It's a late bday for him, early bday for me/early anniversary cruise. Also our first just the 2 of us vacation no kids, no friend's in many many years. We may have a great time or hate each other by the end...lol. I'm debating booking a couples massage for us as a way to relax. I've never had a ship massage so looking for advice. What do you like or dislike? One I'm looking at is a wrap, aroma therapy, massage combo. Intrigued as it's not something Readily available back home.


    So please blow up this thread with your experience on this ship or any other with the spa. Thanks in advance


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  13. Yes all kids will be under 18. My bil is the primary for his booking however thinking of it they may of added an adult to the kids room to make it OK on paper even though they have a connecting room. I don't think he minds paying it one bit we however nervous it may not come back around.


    My situation will be 2 17 year old kids. One platinum the friend a newbie. I want to enjoy my new perks but certainly can't leave the newbie in the dust. So hoping they would not be opposed to him tagging along to board and disembark


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  14. We are currently booked Vista spring 2018. We have 4 families, 5 cabins, 12 ppl going. When we booked 2 families grabbed FTTF.


    My bil and his family are 5 ppl 2 cabins. They where able to snag the very last one. So assuming they will need another one so the kids cabin will get the same priority boarding and such. Even though it's all the same family.


    My 3 are all Platinum and we have one cabin. However my son now wants to bring a friend which means we either switch to a 4 berth cabin or get an adult cabin and a kids cabin. Will his friend be able to board with us and such or will I need FTTF for him alone? Selfishly I'm hoping he could just sneak in with us as he will be in the same cabin as a Platinum guest.



    This is will be out first Platinum cruise so excited to flash a card vs buying FTTF. As I think I now have all the same earned perks as those who but them.


    Any help or feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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