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  1. Thank you all for your feedback. My TA told me it is going into drydock next month, but TA told me no guarantees. TA also couldn't confirm for sure if pre-planned amplifications would take place. I figured there are some very in the know people on this forum that might have further info.
  2. Holding cruise for Summer 2022 and wondering if anyone has current status of refurbishment/amplification project? She was supposed to go in May 2020 for a major $110mm refurbishment as part of the cruise line’s wider fleet amplification project, which of course was cancelled. Thanks much for any info or guidance on where I can read more about what is to come with the ship.
  3. Happy to hear, and thanks for posting. I will be on Lady O in a few weeks.
  4. Sorry if already posted, is the ship at full capacity or can you tell a lot of people did not sail? Thx.
  5. Going on her in July, thanks for review & look forward to seeing your pictures.
  6. I am not aware of any other form of transportation you can take from JFK to Bayonne (taxi, Uber, private car service). As referenced by others, if possible, Newark is only 15-20 minutes from the cruise terminal. JFK will be expensive and time consuming to get to the cruise terminal. Even when staying in Manhattan, I find Newark a better option than JFK. Good luck.
  7. It would definitely be nice if Royal added ports in the Caribbean. Tend to have same western and eastern destinations.
  8. We did it with 5 (2 adults, 3 young kids). It is doable with your own kids, but I would suggest adjoining cabin, which we do now. May even be cheaper than doing Junior Suite.
  9. Awesome review! Thank you. I know you did a lot of drinking, but can you recall the two formal nights? We have the same itinerary in March. Thanks again!
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