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  1. I'm out! If I ever lose weight on a cruise it means I need to seek medical attention!
  2. Not sure what this has to do with the discussion of Wonder dining suddenly appearing sold out for multiple cruises. People with Wonder cruises booked for the next 8 months didn’t coincidentally book a ton of dinners in the past 24 hours. It’s clearly something unique going on.
  3. What fun is that? The seagulls bring back fond memories of the Jersey shore for me. 🤣
  4. Maybe they're about to implement the booking UDP in advance? Wonder was supposed to be the guinea pig ship for that.
  5. They changed the release schedule again. LA and short Caribbean are next week now. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2025_2026/2025-2026_Deployment_Opening_Schedule.pdf
  6. Just noticed the same thing for my upcoming Wonders.
  7. It was on sale for my March 17th Wonder cruise during the "Grand Opening Sale" (during Icon's inaugural) for $19.99 and I've seen $22.99 since then. My best guess was it's because we are there alone but who knows?
  8. Yes. No. Honestly, you're better off asking questions here than calling Royal. That's a serious answer, not an attempt at humor.
  9. I believe "Desserted" is the milkshake place on Icon. Mason Jar on Wonder (and soon Utopia) has adult floats. I had a root beer float with absolut vanilla and kahlua that was a fun big kid dessert drink.They have an orange soda one too that I'll likely try next month.
  10. That's expected. They are usually available early in the month prior to your cruise month so early March for you. For my March 17th Wonder sailing, I believe entertainment opened on February 7th. In the past it has been closer to the 1st but not necessarily on the 1st.
  11. That wasn't the point; that's why I added the note. Based on your post about losing $12K, your payout was 0%.
  12. You don't lose $12000 when you cycle it through. If the payout is say 80% you would expect to get back $9600 and only lose $2400. NOTE: I just threw out 80% as a round number. I know very little about slot payouts and don't gamble on cruises but I'm aware of the general concept.
  13. The August 17 and 24 dates in that Wonder flyer don't make sense given that Star's inaugural is August 17th.
  14. That's always the question, lol. The group rates I have for my 4 upcoming Wonder's range from not bad (March 2024 and 2025) to kinda high. We'll see what June/July 2025 brings...
  15. Probably should have said June/July. In any case, you can make out most of the text for those dates you mentioned. It shows Costa Maya, an "R" (Roatan), and a 2nd Mexico stop (which would be Cozumel).
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