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  1. As mentioned above, they usually open early in the month before your cruise month. So your March half opened in early February. Your April half will likely open in early March.
  2. Totally get that. We rarely do specialty anything and we've only done specialty lunch once ever b/c we wanted to try Mason Jar brunch on Wonder (I didn't even book it, my SIL did for our family cruise, but glad she did). We loved it so much that it's now a must-have for us once per Wonder cruise but otherwise we never have set lunch plans. I snack off and on all day anyway.
  3. There's just all types of varying strange dining issues on Wonder that seem to come and go. I don't check constantly since I'm not actually looking to book anything but when I do I notice stuff like that. Giovanni's lunch (only dinner) was not listed for my March cruise for months. I did see it yesterday though. No idea what the deal is. That's one I would have actually considered booking at 40% off during Black Friday but no biggie. We may try it for dinner with our first BOGO after this next cruise. Pasta, pizza, etc. with how I eat would be a very heavy lunch anyway.
  4. Agreed. But I understand why the OP is asking since they've never been on RC before and Vision is one of the smaller, older ships.
  5. No, these lounges don't have entertainment on any ship. They are just there for drinks, snacks, and obviously lounging.
  6. I don't even belong in this thread since I'm not a show guy and haven't seen a single Broadway show on any ship ever, lol. Just figured I'd jump in and say the ice show on Wonder is our new favorite (ice show). Great addition of some special effects to go with the skating and music.
  7. Or you could just enjoy CocoCay for free. We love it there and don't spend a penny except to tip on our Diamond (free loyalty) drinks.
  8. No. Only high winds or lightning would keep you off the island. Rain is just rain. Also, I wouldn't trust the forecast even the night before you arrive. I've seen 80% chance of rain the night before we stopped there and then it didn't rain at all until 2pm. It's also common for a brief shower to pop up then go away.
  9. Yes, you each get one 24-hour period of internet. The clock starts once you activate it.
  10. I've been helping a Crew supporter??? 😠 🤣 You were the team most OC supporters saw as our biggest obstacle once we got into the playoffs. Scary offense. It's a shame we couldn't finish that match and our CB ruined it by getting sent off but good match. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if we are both near the top of the table again this season. That May 25th match is actually here in Orlando. Remember soccer is opposite US sports in that the home team is on the top not the bottom when listed in schedules like that. If you could swing going to the match before the cruise that would be pretty cool. We have a very nice stadium and our fans are passionate but mostly not hostile (except towards Miami and maybe Atlanta supporters).
  11. Midnight in the time zone of where the ship leaves.
  12. In my recent experience, they haven't been dropping prices. Others have suggested that they'd rather sell 5 at $3000 than 10 at $1500 (just using round numbers to illustrate obviously) and so leaving some empty doesn't concern them. Another potential issue is if they dropped the the price, everyone who had already booked at the higher price could cancel and re-book if they were willing to risk it.
  13. Ugh, sorry to hear. I obviously didn't actually try to book anything.
  14. I thought it was clearly a joke but I dunno how light it was... their IT is horrific at times, lol.
  15. Of course I get your point and agree but this may have been intentional since it only affected Wonder (someone may have mentioned Icon too). One of my original comments/guesses was that it could have something to do with booking UDP reservations online in advance since Royal said Wonder would be the test ship for it (although, not surprisingly, I believe they also said it would begin in January 2024 and obviously did not). Who knows? Hopefully this helps those who may have wanted to make dining reservations if nothing else. Just sharing info as usual. Between frugality and pickiness, we don't do much specialty dining and I've had my Mason Jar brunches booked since the Black Friday sale.
  16. You mean an escalator for when you get back on the ship from a port? I only got off on CocoCay when I was on Wonder but that sounds right. I could just be thinking of Allure though.
  17. FWIW, nearly everything is back to normal and NOT "sold out" for my next couple Wonder cruises as of this morning. A couple restaurants are missing but everything else is showing availability. I'll stick with my original guess that it was something IT-related and is now being cleared up.
  18. I'm out! If I ever lose weight on a cruise it means I need to seek medical attention!
  19. Not sure what this has to do with the discussion of Wonder dining suddenly appearing sold out for multiple cruises. People with Wonder cruises booked for the next 8 months didn’t coincidentally book a ton of dinners in the past 24 hours. It’s clearly something unique going on.
  20. What fun is that? The seagulls bring back fond memories of the Jersey shore for me. 🤣
  21. Maybe they're about to implement the booking UDP in advance? Wonder was supposed to be the guinea pig ship for that.
  22. They changed the release schedule again. LA and short Caribbean are next week now. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2025_2026/2025-2026_Deployment_Opening_Schedule.pdf
  23. Just noticed the same thing for my upcoming Wonders.
  24. It was on sale for my March 17th Wonder cruise during the "Grand Opening Sale" (during Icon's inaugural) for $19.99 and I've seen $22.99 since then. My best guess was it's because we are there alone but who knows?
  25. Yes. No. Honestly, you're better off asking questions here than calling Royal. That's a serious answer, not an attempt at humor.
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