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  1. I am heading to Bermuda on Sunday via the Escape. What is this "minor concern" you speak of? LOL! Let's hope for GREAT weather for everyone! If not, I will have a great time no matter what Mother Nature brings 🙂 Have a wonderful cruise PelicanBill!
  2. I have a feeling this thread will go to infinity and beyond! 😨
  3. Yes! I agree! Just wondering if he can EAT like Sid!! LOL! 🍗🥩🐛🐜🐙 GG...have a great time!
  4. Oh...I forgot to mention that while you gone, the 50th Brady Celebration was going on. Yup...HGTV revamped the "the exterior" and entire home and brought it to life. I don't watch "Survivor" or any reality TV for that matter, but this caught my eye. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia... Ahhh...memories... 🙂
  5. Welcome home Wilson! During the time that you traveled today, I spent cleaning out my garage. Eww. I swept out leaves, broke down boxes for recycling, and realized I really gotta stop ordering from Amazon. LOL! Your next cruise is right around the corner. That deserves a BIG SMILE! I will be watching for your review of the Encore in the style that you do which is honest, real time, and not influenced. See ya soon 🙂
  6. Yup, the last day is ALWAYS the worst. Even though you have to go to work tomorrow, think about how fortunate you are. You are able to cruise/vacation... I find it much easier disembarking knowing there is another trip planned. Something to look forward to. You my friend, are heading off on the new Encore in December! I will be waiting for your review of the ship (whether "live" or not). Enjoy the ship until they kick you off! 🙂
  7. Join the Roll Call. They may have more real time info you need: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/norwegian-escape-october-13-2019/
  8. I'll give you a hall pass on the Hull Art since "Art" is in the eye of the blah, blah, blah. LOL! I would never pay that $ for the Vibe...but that's just me. I know you love it and hope you get a pass. 🙂 Sorry if I hijacked for a moment, now carry on 🙂
  9. I LOVE this shirt! However, I am unsure of the Encore since I can't get pass the Hull Art. It literally makes me twitch! No Spice is a downer too. Anyway, are you going to do a "Live - Solo"? Party on my friend!
  10. Hi Wilson! Couple questions: A. What don't you eat (i.e. Tide Pods)? 2. How was your shirt received at Chef's Table? 😜 🙂
  11. Holy Flood Zone! FEMA Flood Insurance rates would be off the charts here at 1 foot above sea level! LOL! Thankfully they have survived. Never been there, but have been to Bonaire on a dive trip years ago... Great pics and loving your review as usual 🙂
  12. That is my worst nightmare! I feel your pain! One good part about NCL is the ability to get a table for ONE at any given time. Hang in there 🙂
  13. Hi Wilson! I am binge watching and had a thought when I came across this... I understand Cruise Ships are catering towards millennials since they are the future cruisers. Well, if that is true, the only thing cruise ships need to do is eliminate everything on the top deck (race cars, laser tag, roller coasters) and install a REALLY big Starbucks with FREE WIFI! I think I just saved the cruise industry millions! You're welcome! LOL! Enjoy your sea day 🙂
  14. There you have it. Lots of folks encouraging you to spend more $ for Vibe/Thermal Spa (which NCL wants). Or you can just roll with it. Find a space on the Waterfront. Whatever you decide, have fun!
  15. I got that from a different website. Conflicting. Of course NCLs TCs & Cs don't say that.
  16. Norwegian Cruise Line's Encore Moments campaign, which runs from Sept. 18, 2019 to Oct. 18, 2019 will recognize and reward 52 people across the U.S. (one person from each state including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), and one person from each of Canada's provinces and territories (excluding Quebec). The 64 nominees with the most votes in their state, province or territory will win their choice of a three-to-five-day cruise for two on almost any Norwegian Cruise Line ship. They will also be provided airfare and accommodations for an award ceremony taking place in New York City on December 16, 2019.
  17. Good grief. A contest? We are all heroes in our everyday life. Period. NCL wants to decide who is REALLY deserving of a free cruise? I don't need to justify my everyday/good citizen actions to NCL to get a cruise. Thanks NCL, but I'm good and will pass. What are they thinking?! Maybe it's me... JMO
  18. Hi Wilson! Woo Hoo! So glad to hear you got your living arrangements sorted out and hope the new job is going well. In a few days, just forget about those pesky things and enjoy and have fun! Forget about those people who have to suck the fun out of everything. Geez...people are so darn sensitive! Anyway, you NEVER offended. Keep doing what you're doing...Sid style 🙂 I am still lurking these boards since I do want to try Carnival (again), but it seems their pricing is high for a "Solo". In the meantime, I am heading out out the Escape next month and snagged a great deal on the Armonia in April 2020. I need to start planning for the next. LOL! Maybe it will be Horizon... I am following (as usual). Yay! 🍹🥃😉
  19. Lovely! I can't wait to get there! Every person that has been to Bermuda has nothing but GREAT THINGS to say about that Island. TenForward: See ya in a few weeks! 🙂
  20. Well, I am hoping this trip works out for you. I know how it is with work and when life gets in the way with juggling vacation time. Have a great trip!
  21. I never saw this link on the Escape webpage before, so it it seemed "new". 😲
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