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  1. Political? Mods? Not relevant. Obliviously you need to relocate if you don't believe in USA. We WILL recover with or without you, Again, you insult the intelligence of Americans. Down boy. Are you running for President to fix everything? JMO
  2. LOL! But it is the harsh reality what parents are going through... JMO
  3. Good grief. Not a South Park fan, therefore didn't even open since I despise people who have to incorporate cartoons into their posts. Use your words to convey rather copying and pasting cartoons. However, I do like puppies and would love to see those! Feel free to leave the USA at anytime. Let's get back to cruising and stop with your underlying Political views. JMO 🙂
  4. Schools/Colleges are still figuring out about classes in Fall. They can't even figure out how to have High School Graduation. Cancelled. I COULD FIGURE THAT OUT! Enormous Football field! But politics tells me I have to stay home and screw our graduates. No graduation, and LOCKDOWN prevented all of our beautiful future leaders to not have a Graduation because people smarter than me said STAY HOME without even having a plan. Cruise Lines still don't have a plan. I don't want my want my kids enclosed in Plexiglass like caged animals if/when schools open again. Education is a priority versus Cruise... Are Cruise Lines gonna put me in a plexiglass container like students? 6 feet apart at the bar? Dining? TBD. No one knows... JMO 🙂
  5. You are free to leave this wonderful Country at any time. Why would you post this? So sad. Please exit our Country and find residence elsewhere. Keep us informed about your whereabouts if/when you left. Good grief...
  6. Let's relax. I wear a mask. It is the responsible thing to do. It is uncomfortable and I hate it although I wore it many hours as a Registered Dental Assistant. I wear it shopping for my family and everywhere I go outside of my home. This is not how I envisioned life for our future leaders to live in "masks". But... Calling people "disgusting pigs" is uncalled for. Maybe you should tone down your responses to an educated level rather than blurting out "disgusting pigs." Maybe you should run for President and solve all our problems with Education/food shortages/remote learning/deficit/virus/disgusting pigs? Are you up for the challenge? Slaughter me 🙂 JMO 🙂
  7. Your continual degrading of society and your political views puts you in the category with Samann11. You need attention and self-absorbed along with Seamann11. You are calling me a disgusting PIG? What is wrong with you? Down boy.... PortFees45...you have serious issues and this political post should be removed...
  8. Does anyone consider how our youth will get back to school before Cruise Lines open up? What about "Kids Clubs" on Cruise Ships? Does anyone have the guidelines how they will operate? Nope. They don't even have a plan to protect adults and repatriate their workers. Not sure I will trust Cruise Lines anytime soon. JMO 🙂
  9. LOL! I will go above and beyond and develop SOP which has yet to be released by Cruise Lines. I do believe a mask with a hole for straw will be sufficient for Mojito consumption. LOL! Be safe 🙂
  10. I want a Mojito from Sugar Cane. It's still dinner time correct? 🙂
  11. Sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone and as stated it was JUST MY OPINION. . My son is remote learning from College. He had exams this week(s). He is specializing in Bio-Tech/Bio-Chemistry. Can they cheat on exams via Remote? Yup. Can anything replace onsite Labs with "hands on"? Be a part of developing cures for this horrible virus via remote? Nope. We all have our priorities/opinions. Sure, I want to cruise again, but not at the expense of our future leaders and how their education has been impacted. POINT? NCL sends at least 2 emails a day, coupled with brochures in the mail to sail on their lovely ships with unknown itineraries and unknown ship protocol. USA children need to go back to school/College before Cruise Lines run again and declare how important they are. Colleges/Schools are WAY more important. Not a troll, but thank you for asking/insinuating. Just reporting from here in my small space of the universe in South New Jersey. Just my opinion and look forward to cruising in 2021 on the Sky which is a lovely ship which I adore. I am hoping all will be safe by then. 🤧 Be safe 🙂
  12. Huh? I can get answers from Municipality about drinking water on land. I am asking about NCL about Tap water from my Cabin and if it is safe to drink. That it not a huge request. I am PAYING to cruise safely and want guidelines before I do so. Your problem about my request is what?
  13. I wouldn't book anything regardless of Port. My kid still has remote learning from College until the Fall and that is still TBD. No sympathy for Cruises since there are much bigger and better things to deal with...like Education for our kids/future. Seaman...you have channeled much energy into restarting the cruise lines. What about College kids with remote learning and no Graduation? What about Seniors in High School with no Prom and no Graduation? What about food shortages? Seaman11 or whoever you are, please keep in mind the impact this virus has had on our future. Food shortages. Education impacts. I challenge your credibility and offended how you can dismiss crisis and be cheerleader for Cruise Lines rather than be cheerleader for Food Banks and Education. Your generation would NOT be self absorbed about cruising. My grandfather was killed in Nazi Germany (Concentration Camp). How old are you? Your resume? Are you a troll? Perhaps. Find peace and be well. 🙂 JMO
  14. NJ Governor opened State Parks a week ago (although Restrooms are closed). It was test and not Phase 1 for State. Today they report people are urinating in water bottles in these Parks and leaving them. Human feces are also being reported from Commissioner of Police. Disgusting! Who do they expect to clean up after them?! Good grief! What is wrong with society?! I do hope these are not the people in future cruising. I have met my share of self-absorbed idiots on cruises and was literally told to "stand down" by Security when I saw an episode at 6:30 a.m. while drinking my coffee in Atrium. Foul language and fighting with Customer Service. I told this irrate passenger to relax and didn't appreciate her tone/cursing at Customer Service. She was in my face and said "don't F++k with me I am from New Jersey and I will kick your ass". HA! I am from New Jersey and embarrassed by this behavior. Super awesome memories and how Society has evolved. Behavior is hideous. Security told me to not say another word... Didn't say another word, but proud I said something to this disgusting passenger prior to Security Intervention. Point? The Cruise Lines need to PROVE how to keep us safe (from jerks with no values who infiltrate the market and deserve everything). If y'all want to keep investing on FCC, that is your choice. I am still waiting for NCL to provide info on first cruises and guidelines. How is the pool/jacuzzi/sauna chemical level? Gym guidelines? Tap water in cabin? Is it safe to drink? Do I require a mask onboard? Do I require a Doctor's Note to board? How is my food? Buffet? Specialty Restaurants? So many questions and it is a hoot seeing y'all planning without knowledge of safety precautions ahead of you. JMO. Be safe 🙂
  15. Questions I have: Can the virus spread in common pools/spas/children's splash zones/drinking water on cruise ships? At this point, the CDC is saying "No" as long as protocol is being followed. What about the idiot who blows their nose into the pool? CDC: "There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water." Can a Cruise Line gurantee this at all times? If so, I want to see it in writing along with their roll out plans where their chemical levels in pools/spas are maintained. Has any Cruise Line addressed this? Drinking from tap in my Cabin: CDC: "The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water. Conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in most municipal drinking water systems, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19." Cruise Lines are different. Is my cabin water safe to drink? Another stipulation in which I want Cruise Lines to address before I cruise again. So many studies have not been done. It's gonna be a crapshoot for the Cruise Lines to prove to me how they will KEEP ME SAFE. NOT vice versa and take my money for future cruise on their lovely ships. I hope FDR is relaxing in the VIBE... JMO and be safe everyone 🙂
  16. I so agree! Prior to C19, no one knew their fate/destiny/death and had no control. Tornadoes, floods, fires. Mother nature/cancer was out of our control and nothing we could do. We lived each day. We have science/data that proves we can control this killer disease. We have the power to control more deaths; unlike Mother Nature/Cancer. I am curious to hear about the protocols the cruise lines will be presenting. Is a Doctor's note required? Fask Mask? Elevator situation? Terminal situation? Has any cruise line rolled out those plans? We hear they plan on sailing in July/August, but what are the requirements to board? A simple temperature check will not solve problems. What if I was fine when I boarded a plane from NJ to Miami/Galveston. No temp when I passed through boarding/security, but I got sick during the cruise and didn't tell anyone. So many variables... NJ has just implemented an EO keeping lockdown for another 30 days. Sure, I miss grabbing a drink with my friends after work at our favorite bar/Tavern. Sure I miss cruising, but that will have to wait. I am definitely not happy about food shortages either. Point? Some people here think I am "mad" at their cruise plans. Nope. Just giving a different perspective and how I can possibly help to stop the spread which = less potential deaths. Cruising is not a priority for me. Stopping the spread is a priority for me and my family... I hope everyone remains safe. Be responsible. JMO. Flame away... 🙂
  17. Good grief. I have cruised many times. Making comment because my food WAS confiscated in my local grocery store which is why I commented. Food shortage here in NJ... FYI: 1. Never pigged out in Buffet 2. Maybe you should stop cruising since people are starving all over the world and would love to have your food. 3. Give your buffet trough to less fortunate. Humane thing to do. Correct? Relax...
  18. And you will be a guinea pig? You will flaunt your status how you secured a Haven, yet others have food confiscated from them in grocery stores? You rock! JMO
  19. You have been SPOT ON in your analysis and presentation of facts in real-time from our Tri-State area! Some people will forever feel their cruise is more important than DOE/College/Food Chain/Safety of Healthcare Workers. I thank you for all your knowledge and contributing real-time facts from here in a small town of NJ. 🙂 Be safe!
  20. Not vegan. Who are you to judge my diet and dismiss the food chain issues? Relax...
  21. I am just "reporting" from what I see in my small space in this universe in the State of NJ. I live in a small, waterfront community in southern NJ. Multiple residences around me are "summer homes". Yes, our state is divided to include Northern, Central, Southern. Of course the "northern" section was hit hard/first since the majority commute to NYC for jobs. Then Central NJ was hit. Now Southern NJ. Point? Southern NJ Supermarkets had food limitations 7 weeks ago. Example: Rice: 2 per Eggs: 2 per Pasta: 2 per Milk: 2 per The list goes on... Forget trying to get TP or any kind of paper product. Forget cleaners...shelves have been empty for weeks. Produce was a crap shoot. If you purchased more than what was authorized, they literally confiscated your food at check-out. They did confiscate my food. I confess. I had lipstick in my pocket and slapped it on should they require a mugshot. A food criminal. Good grief and LOL! This is/was a glorious weekend! Spectacular weather! Yet Out-of-State people flocked to their summer homes and uncovered their boats/washed/prepped in preparation to launch their boats on the beautiful Barnegat Bay and into the Atlantic... Governor urged residence to remain in their "primary residence", but... Now I have to compete with these extra "foreigners" for food in my Supermarket which has been hideously under-stocked in prior weeks and which extremely reduces my chances at getting food for my family and has been a challenge. Again, I am just "reporting" from what I see in my small space in this universe. Maybe your "world" is different and are not affected by these food supply chain issues. I can't protect my kids from everything, but these are the kids of the future. They are scratching their heads. Keep inspiring, hope for the best. Life has to go on, and I hope this crisis will build character to people who feel cruising is more important to food chain/remote learning/essential workers. Simply my observation and my experience in my small piece of the world here in "South Jersey". I also want to cruise, but not until I feel confident my Kids will be safe/with food/back in College/Night classes/being educated for our/your future. Hang tight everyone. Be safe. JMO! Stay well 🙂
  22. I just came home from Grocery Store... I have young adults who EAT alot. My College son was sent home to remote learn and a 19 year old who lost job in Trades. And his night classes cancelled. .. Food at Grocery Store Limits =: 2 Pork 2 Beef 2 Chicken Follow the lines in aisles which have been marked. YAY! Lots of Americans are trying to put food on table. Maybe your world is different than mine. Priorities. I still have no sympathy for those who insist on cruising "regardless" of unknown guidelines which needs to be presented to everyone and in new bookings. The food chain is collapsing, yet y'all want to Cruise with exorbitant amount of food being fed to you, yet I am being limited to what I can purchase for my family? Huh? When I am limited to how much food I can buy for my family, I simply have to dismiss comments from people who have no clue/self absorbed and are adamant about cruising. JMO. Be Safe 🙂
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