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  1. I cancelled on 3/6; received my full refund yesterday. My daughter received her refund yesterday as well.
  2. We did this cruise in October out of Barcelona and loved it! Definitely not your usual beach/Caribbean type cruise we usually do but this was our 25th anniversary and had a wonderful time.
  3. Personal Cruise Consultant; basically a specific NCL salesperson assigned to you if you request one
  4. I changed mine (following the same steps graphicguy described above) a few years back. The supervisor re-assigned me to a new PCC, no questions asked. The new one has been simply phenomenal!
  5. Wait, they updated the website on this overnight but still can't figure out the ongoing dining reservation issues? lol I'm at 110 days to go and still can't make dinner reservations. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Same here. I called the pre-concierge number and they said they are having issues and are way behind. Dining reservation options for my 6 Oct sailing won't be available until late June.
  7. Ugly as it may, it's definitely a conversation starter and most remember it. Some of my friends still talk about it years later! I've also seen so many posts in here about it so at least they succeeded on making it unique and memorable.
  8. Amy, We stayed in one of the OS w/2 balconies (10506) on the Dawn in November, you will LOVE the two balconies! It is an awesome room. Enjoy!
  9. My PCC is always available during the weekends. And the few times that she wasn't, her voicemail always pointed me to her alternate's number. She told me long time ago a large number of new reservations happen during the weekend so don't hesitate to call.
  10. Last year we stayed in one of the Owner's suites on the Dawn. Our preference letter came via email about 45 days out, and then at the 30 day mark after I didn't respond to the first one. The luggage tags (alone) came in the mail around the same time.
  11. Lots of H4's still open on our Western Med/Oct 2019 sailing on the Epic; currently booked on 17025 but still have time to change. Considering the itinerary, would it be better to stay port or starboard side? Other than the center/front facing one (already taken), are there any H4s better one than others or are they all pretty much the same? I'd love to be on 16016 (right next to the Haven bar lol), but as we are sailing out of Barcelona our only choices are the 17th deck. Looks like they reserve the 16th deck for the Wed boarding in Civitavecchia. TIA! JB
  12. On our last cruise in November (Dawn) Cagneys and La Cucina were by far the worst of the restaurants we tried! So disappointing.
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