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  1. Just checked. Our cruise on the Jewel is still on for April 10th out of San Diego. Probably will have to cancel anyway if all this covid testing is still in place.
  2. Oops I forgot to specify that this was for international flights not domestic.
  3. I know to fly you have to test negative or have a doctor certify that you have tested positive within the last 90 days, with or without symptoms, and are no longer contagious. Will this work with NCL? I have no idea.
  4. That's true. We took an early boat from the Ship and got there. Our friend working on the caye told us that soon after we got there the sea got rough and didn't resume until around noon. It was a little rough reboarding.
  5. A couple of cruises ago we did two beach days, a private island in Cozumel and Great Stirrup Caye. The private island in Cozumel involved finding our group in the pier area and waiting around for quite a while for a long bumpy boat ride to the island. On the island we were served small plastic cups of draft beer and some sort of pre mixed drinks also in plastic cups. There was also a pretty mediocre taco buffet set up that we ate lunch at. The excursion set us back about $60 per person. Our stay in Great Stirrup Caye involved waiting in line on the ship for a few minutes for the tender and a short ride to the pier. We had a nice selection of beers and and open bar using the unlimited drink package. We didn't eat at the buffet which was free because a friend working on the island caught us some lobsters and fish and grilled them for us. People we talked to said it was ok. Both places had nice beaches and were very relaxing
  6. I think Royal Caribbean has found a brilliant way to sail safely from Florida. Provide a miserable cruise experience for the unvaccinated and charge them more for the privilege. Being segregated in a special dining hall, not being able to go to shows and having to wear a mask indoors while 90% are are walking around maskless would not be fun. If I were unvaccinated and offered a full refund to not sail, as Royal Caribbean has done, I would take it.
  7. Wasn't March 2020 the last time any cruiser set foot on Harvest Caye? I'm sure the building is still there and will be about the same no matter what it's called. Cold drinks and a tropical vibe.
  8. I think it ends when all the testing, contact tracing etc. ends. I am hoping these early cruises go well because having missed a cruise last April and recently booked a cruise for April next year we are ready to go. Being optimistic, we booked hoping that by the time final payment is due the covid protocols will have ended. If not, we will cancel and not cruise until things are like they were before this pandemic started.
  9. Exactly. My wife and I have both had covid and both been vaccinated. We have no fear of getting sick but are concerned about testing positive on some mandatory test. We have two trips booked that require testing. The first in Oct. is a two week stay in Puerto Vallarta and the second is a cruise in April. We will risk the Puerto Vallarta trip because it is easier to control where we go and what we do. If all the testing and contact tracing are still in place we will probably cancel the cruise before final payment. I personally don't care if there are a few covid positive people on a cruise with me. We will never get back to normal as long as asymptomatic people are required to be tested. This disease will be around for many years.
  10. I don't think it would be too hard to charge the gratuities on drinks actually served. NCL is able to keep track of taxes on drinks served before leaving departure port and the amount over $15 that a drink may cost. The heavy drinkers would pay more than they do now and the light drinkers less.
  11. After reading about the case of the fully vaccinated folks in the Yankee organization testing positive I just wish that the testing requirement would be dropped. It would ease my mind.
  12. I hope this requirement for a negative test ends before the end of October when we will vacation in Mexico. Don't want to spend two weeks in a hotel room with food brought to us while we wait out a quarantine before flying home. By then every American that wants to get vaccinated will have had more than enough time and I will not feel responsible for those who get sick. We have had Covid and also been vaccinated so have done our part. At some point life must get back to normal for those of us that love cruising and international travel.
  13. Savannah would be great. We really don't care for Orlando and Miami is not much better. Have never been to Savannah but know that it is an historic place like New Orleans, our favorite port to sail from. Would enjoy a couple of days there on either end of the cruise.
  14. All true. I tested positive for covid in November after losing my sense of smell. Was never treated but the local health department called me to find out where I had been etc. based on my positive test taken at a local CVS. Was fully vaccinated in March. Ready for a cruise in 2022.
  15. Oops. I should have been more more specific when I referred to countries in Asia. I was referring to east Asia, what used to be called the Orient.
  16. All the countries in Asia have low vaccination rates, but they all have low infection rates as well. If folks want to avoid areas where vaccination rates are low, don't cruise in Asia.
  17. This whole discussion has become very silly. Why would anyone risk getting off a cruise independently at risk of being stranded in a foreign port and having to find their own way home?
  18. Last time we cruised it was in the Haven. There were plenty of scruffy people in there, including myself.
  19. No, but I remember a cruise on the Spirit years ago with over 800 spring breakers from Auburn and Vanderbilt where some of the behavior was as bad if not worse than crawling under the table. Spring breakers are technically adults. Since then we have avoided cruises in March and April.
  20. Wow. I guess We won't be cruising until these kinds of restrictions are lifted. Will not be able to cruise until 2023 anyway due to having too many vacations backed up because of the loss of 2020, our miserable year of staycations. Surely things will be back to normal by then. We should be docking in the southern Caribbean on the Breakaway today, but we all know what happened to that cruise.
  21. Today, if not for covid, would be our first sea day on a 9 day cruise on the Breakaway. We will not be able to cruise until 2023 due to limited vacation time. The one bright spot is that, I assume, cruising will have resumed and we will have some idea of how cruising and covid are shaking out
  22. All this talk about natural immunity vs vaccinated immunity doesn't concern me at all. I had covid in November and the vaccine in March. I also see no problem with getting vaccinated every year. I have been getting the flu vaccine annually for years. The only thing I'm worried about is coming up positive on a required covid test and maybe being denied boarding on a cruise or international flight.
  23. I had my second shot 10 days ago and I should have paid attention to the tiny spec in the syringe. Since that day I have been hearing Bill Gates voice in my head telling me to dump my mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod etc and get back to windows stuff.
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