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  1. We just did this cruise earlier this month. We went through SPB Tours and they were amazing. We did the 2 day deluxe tour and then added on the ballet. We saw so much- including Hermitage (early admission- we were in rooms alone with our guide) and Spilled Blood. I highly recommend them
  2. I’ve done Haven (can’t remember the room- the big corner forward facing balcony) for a week and I’ve done Star Class (A1 on Oasis) for a week. Hands down Star Class is better. From the perks to the service to the ships... all of it. We have no plans to ever do another Haven cruise, but already have 2 more Star Class booked. And every Star Class Cruise is cheaper than the Haven cruise.
  3. F1 dates for 2020 aren't out yet, which makes it tricky for cruise lines to plan.
  4. Doing this on our Brilliance cruise that leaves next week. I figure for $17/person, it's worth an hour of my time. It might not be great booze, but I'm sure it will be enjoyable at least.
  5. We were on 8330 on Oasis over Thanksgiving and you definitely made the right choice. The space is great- and with 8, you will need it. The deck is the best art and for 8, again, you’ll want that space. Make sure to spend time watching all the diving shows and the practices- it was blast. You will love it!
  6. I have had the same issue with my 2020 SC booking twice this week! I finally called RCCL and they looked into the issue and apparently it is the same person who is going in and adding the gratuities. I was rather upset with them the second time I called, as I had just called 24 hours prior for the same thing. The customer service rep was very good and understood right away what the issue was and that the entire process was not being followed. They have to go in and add the gratuities and then add in a code to make them complimentary. I wouldn't wait and let the Genie deal with them, as you will have already paid them with your final balance 90 days prior. Why let RCCL hold your money that long? It SHOULD (emphasis on SHOULD) be an easy fix.
  7. We sailed Star Class on Oasis 2 weeks ago- I don't recall seeing the dry aged steaks on the menu As far as afternoon snacks, we had an email from our Genie about 2 weeks before that listed the various snacks we could have and indicated our preference. Sushi was on there- but just a word of warning- if you aren't in your room when the snacks are delivered, they just sit on the table, so you may want to consider that when asking for sushi. Our Genie made a point of sending several different snack every day and alternating what we got on the various days. We only ordered breakfast from Coastal Kitchen to our room, so I'm not sure dinner/steaks/etc to the room work.
  8. I would definitely try again. We sail on Sunday in SC on Oasis. Our genie (Israel) first reached out to us 18 days before our cruise. We have emailed back and forth several times- it sometimes takes him a day or two to respond, which I understand since he guests on the ship he is dealing with. But he has always responded to any question or request we make. I'm sure someone one here will have an email address or contact info for you.
  9. Last year myself, my husband, and my son all went together to get a pedicure. Go for it!
  10. I’ve seen several questions on other threads from people wondering when the Genie contacts them prior to their cruise. I figured I would add our experience to this. We are sailing on Oasis leaving 11/18. We got the first questionnaire exactly 8 weeks prior to our sail date. We then got the email from our Genie asking about dining and shows and such yesterday, which was 18 days prior to our cruise. Hope this is useful info.
  11. I can absolutely second the book early sentiment- and also check the different ships. We are sailing SC for the first time this upcoming Thanksgiving- 5 of us in an A1 suite (2BR ATS) on Oasis for $15000. Yes, it's pricy, but we are taking the inlaws to help them see that the disappointing 50th anniversary cruise they had on NCL was not the norm. We booked this cruise onboard last year- so just over 1 year out. The price for that cruise has only gone up Next Thanksgiving (2019) we booked a Grand Loft Suite on Anthem in May- we originally booked at $11000 for 3 of us (8 night cruise). The price has dropped twice, and it is now down to $10000. Considering we did a Crown Loft on Oasis last Thanksgiving for $8000, I thought this was a great price (plus we can drive to NJ, so we put airfare money into the room). Obviously we are paying a premium to travel over Thanksgiving, but with my son in high school, it's important to us that he miss as little class as possible. And we love to travel- and to travel nicely. We are looking forward to all the perks that come with SC and think they are totally worth it.
  12. Our school district has spring break over Easter (April 19) which is really late next year. And you can find us on Enchantment during that time- a busy cruise is better than no cruise at all!!!
  13. We are doing a 2BR aquatheater suite on a Oasis next month and our SetSail pass has no designation of Suite or Star Class...
  14. I don’t have a photo of the suite lounge, but I will say that I loved the suite lounge on Mariner. I really liked the fact that it had an outdoor seating area, which Oasis does not have. We really enjoyed being able to sit outside in the suite lounge area and enjoy an adult beverage.
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