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  1. We just got off Anthem this morning too- and we were also in a GLS and Shane. He was fantastic, although this was his last cruise on Anthem for now. I will say Star Class seemed even better on this cruise than previous on Oasis. Maybe we should have staged a sit-in and refused to get off the ship????
  2. We are also on Anthem for Thanksgiving and got our Genie email today too. We have Shane as our Genie. 27 days seems so far away!!
  3. We just did this cruise earlier this month. We went through SPB Tours and they were amazing. We did the 2 day deluxe tour and then added on the ballet. We saw so much- including Hermitage (early admission- we were in rooms alone with our guide) and Spilled Blood. I highly recommend them
  4. I’ve done Haven (can’t remember the room- the big corner forward facing balcony) for a week and I’ve done Star Class (A1 on Oasis) for a week. Hands down Star Class is better. From the perks to the service to the ships... all of it. We have no plans to ever do another Haven cruise, but already have 2 more Star Class booked. And every Star Class Cruise is cheaper than the Haven cruise.
  5. F1 dates for 2020 aren't out yet, which makes it tricky for cruise lines to plan.
  6. Doing this on our Brilliance cruise that leaves next week. I figure for $17/person, it's worth an hour of my time. It might not be great booze, but I'm sure it will be enjoyable at least.
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