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  1. Excuse me, but are you talking about a 2- or 4-legged Newfie? Think about THAT one and re-read your posts! I am having a great time reading them!
  2. I will be pleased to report on whatever I find out. I will be there the end of April, so it may be a while before you get my information! Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  3. Thank you, maryann ns, for this information! I, too, will be visiting Halifax and Sydney, and appreciate the information you have shared regarding powered scooter use in those ports. Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  4. Regarding tis discussion, the following was issued yesterday: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20510-fincantieri-cuts-steel-on-third-pinnacle-class-for-holland-america.html The did not, however, mention the name of this lady. Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  5. I have just looked at your extensive review of this cruise on the Zaandam and now blame you for the 5 lbs. I gained reading the menus! I am hoping that at least some of those wonderful items will be available this April. Thanks again for posting all your fabulous reviews and photos, and hello to Carol! ~Barbara~
  6. Hi, Mike! Thanks so much for your post and the great photos. I will access your site for Zaandam info, too. I have booked the April 24th 10-day to New England and Canada, and am really looking forward to experiencing one of the older HAL ships that I have not sailed on before. Any recommendations? ~Barbara~
  7. Thank you for the caring comments. I appreciate them!
  8. Hi, Marilyn. I have been following the thread via the emails I get notifying me of new posts, but I have not been here at CC for some time. I am having real problems with being one-handed, too. Typing is very difficult, so I have stayed away, since as you know, I am prone to commenting profusely. I am frustrated and still in pain, so am not very good company. My birthday was awful, and I have been having a full-blown pity-party as a result of all this. I wish I had better memories of my much-anticipated Edge voyage. You are correct that that is the area where I tripped and
  9. It certainly IS a hazard! I am still recuperating from the broken arm I sustained in that fall, and will have a really obvious scar on my forehead right above the bridge of my nose, and one about the size of a silver dollar on my elbow, too. When Eden is crowded with people, as it was at the time of my accident, it is difficult to walk through that area, dodging furniture, people, and that platform. It is not marked or highlighted at all, and the dark color of it blends into the dark carpeting, making it easy to trip because it is not very visible.
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