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  1. Greetings all, This is a slightly different question than one I asked about earlier (having to do with shuttles). I notice many of the shore excursions on this particular cruise end around noon or 1, and with one exception the departure time for the ship is 6 pm. That would give one an entire afternoon to pursue whatever interested them. For me, that is beaches. How difficult is it to reach a beach on many of the stops? Are there some in walking distance? Can you take a taxi? Should you avoid taking a taxi and look for something else? Obviously, the beach would have to be close enough to easily make it back to the ship - the far side of the island would not do. How good are the on-board Viking people in helping you with a question like this? Could they arrange or suggest transportation? I assume this would be a fairly standard request on a cruise in the Caribbean. Thanks, Pat
  2. Greetings!! the last Viking Ocean cruise we did would often have shuttles to go between a point - like the entertainment district - and the ship. I can understand why Viking doesn’t want to publicize its shuttles, as it would undercut its shore excursions. Which is why I am asking you good folks if you have been on this trip if you can remember the island and the destination for any shuttles. thanks Pat
  3. Thank you all - it relieves my mind greatly that doing nothing is actually our best course of action (at least until after the cruise). Right now, everything for her is in her maiden name and based on what all of you have said, I am not going to touch it until after the cruise.
  4. Greetings all, we booked a cruise for this coming February months and months ago. We are getting married in September. My fiancé/wife will have her passport, driver license and Viking booking all under her maiden name. Currently if we don’t have to update anything we would be very happy but if we show up at the airport and are barred from flying because her name doesn’t match something then we are going to be very unhappy. Anyone with either knowledge of or experience this this scenario we would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks!!
  5. Hi to all, Got a question for those who have done the Caribbean on a Viking cruise and have taken a shore excursion that used a catamaran as part of it. My SO is concerned about wave motion (aka seasickness) - I know these cats are far larger than the ones you see tied up in most vacation spots. On your trips, how much motion did the cat have? How many people can it fit? And is there an indoor cabin? I realize that each company will have a different boat, but I assume Viking books so that they share a certain sameness to the features (if you want to be crude about it - I assume Viking books floating buses). Thanks for any and all feedback! Pat
  6. I originally posted this question a year and a half ago, but I am going to ask again in the hopes of getting more current information. For those who have booked Business/First Class through Viking Air - did you feel the price was competitive to what you would get just booking it yourself? Flying 10 hours to Europe or 16 hours (or more) to Pacific Rim countries make flying first class almost a requirement. Thanks in advance
  7. Maybe! When I look at the possible excursions, there are a number that are beach only - so, no additional activities (like snorkeling). I was trying to find out if instead of paying $40 or $50 per person to go to a beach, if it is not better to just take a taxi. If there are things like lunch involved, it may change the equation. You have let me know that there are lunches offered on at least some of them, so thank you very much for that info - it does help a lot! Pat
  8. My SO and I are strongly considering signing up for the West Indies Explorer. While this question won't make or break our decision, I am interested in the answer. This particular cruise has - no surprise - a lot of excursions that take you to beaches. My question is do they provide more on these excursions (like lunch or some other desirable feature like drink coupons) or are they more like shuttles to the beaches and you are on your own till it is time to go back? If it is essentially a shuttle ride, how much moola is the excursion? Thanks to anyone who has taken this cruise and can shed some light on it.
  9. We are considering the Miami (or San Juan) to Barcelona transatlantic crossing, but have a question - there is a stretch of 6 days with no shore excursions. Does Viking have a better set of entertainment for a cruise like that? We have done one cruise, and while we loved the cruise, we were not blown away by the entertainment. Before we sign up for something like that, we would love to hear from people who have done it about how Viking fills that time.
  10. ooops, the cruise critic site doesn't allow you to post an URL. just do a search on VeniceLink and you should hit it.
  11. Just finished a cruise that started in Venice. For us, Viking ran a water based shuttle to San Marco Plaza, but there is also the "B" waterbus line that runs from the cruise terminal to San Marco. The company that runs it is Alilaguana, but there is another waterbus service run by ACTV. This website gives info for both plus rates.
  12. We too are Clevelanders - know Hopkins well. Be interested in hearing what your experience is once you get your tickets.
  13. I am, she is not - does your spouse have a website to look at? Either a generic booking site like Expedia, or something more specific?
  14. Hi, My SO and I are finding cattle class on long haul flights to be dreaded. So my question for those who have experience, if you book business class through Viking Air for a long haul flight - either US to Europe or US to Asia/Australia/etc, how are the fares compared with standard retail? Can they get you a good price break?
  15. Thanks! I was envisioning getting 200 euros out and paying $10 for the privilege (my bank does like those foreign fees). My bank does 3% of the cost of the transaction, and then if the originating ATM tacks on $5 or so, I would be paying more than if I did it here. So knowing the European ATM's don't usually charge a fee, puts it back in the very doable column. I have all my banking relationship with Citizens Bank, and I don't travel enough to track down a bank with no fees. So you have helped my greatly - thank you!
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