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  1. On Orion we had extra sea days added so they announced dance classes in the Explorers Lounge. We were happy to hear that as we are dancers with some years of studio dance lessons behind us. As others have said, the class was taught by two of the singers. The dance they were teaching was something they had made up and was physically not something people in the typical age range you would see on Viking, would appreciate. They had us jumping up and down...and to be honest, we look pretty good doing a Rumba, Swing or Hussle....but standing there jumping up and down wasn't going to happen with all the bones we have broken over time. So we decided to make the best of it and just enjoy ourselves. We positioned ourselves in the back of the class and modified their jumping up and down to 'real' dance steps. There was a couple in front of us and the man kept turning around harassing us for not doing the right steps. We told him we were fine, not to worry about us. HE WOULD NOT STOP....finally he loudly announced to the class that we were doing the steps wrong. Seriously...we felt like idiots...it was awful. We thought the singers/dance teachers would say something like, 'don't worry we're all having fun here,' but they said nothing. We left. Later when I saw one of the singers hanging around, I approached her and gently asked her why they would allow another cruiser to humiliate us like that an not say something to defuse the situation. She said that they did not hear that happen. I will have to take her at her word, but goodness, everyone else there heard it. All to say...we'll probably skip the dance classes from here out and stick to the private studio instructor that makes us feel like Fred and Ginger!
  2. Yes molymoo, things are taking longer for sure! When we rebooked the guy who was helping from Viking said that this was not his typical job, but was brought in to help with rebooking because they were over whelmed. Also to get our insurance changed (not Viking) to the new booking, it took our TA almost two months to get a response. I tried contacting them in early March via email regarding a question, and they never have responded to me. We are having serious withdrawals...we need to be on a verandah with a sea breeze blowing in our face.
  3. Oh this makes sense. The cruise will be cancelled (Norway will still be closed) we rebooked before knowing it would be cancelled because we were advised by TA and Viking that everything was quickly being rebooked and we'd likely not get booked in 2021 if we didn't do it prior to it being cancelled.
  4. We cancelled our cruise for July and rebooked for July 2021. We got 100%, but we are hearing now that some are getting 125% for rebooking. Does anyone know why the difference?
  5. Oddly the date is still there saying they will post on April 7. Yep, we've done this before so know about booking by room class. Another interesting thing is we've booked excursions at midnight Pacific time, so I'm always on at 2 AM here in the Midwest to get it done. Now the time is posted as 2 PM rather than midnight. Wondering if this is a new change, we haven't booked excursions in a little over a year.
  6. Our excursions are not supposed to post for us to see until April 7, but they are up now! ( to see, not book) I do not know when they came up as I have not been checking on them. I'm not mad about that for sure!!! Thanks Viking...please don't take them down if it was a mistake!
  7. We agree....our cruise is not until late July, and we are impressed with Vikings way of dealing with this. So we'd like to add a, "Thanks Viking, you are handling this really well."
  8. Not saying it could not be a problem, but New Zealand even though they sound quite restricted, it's very easy as long as you follow instructions and go to the desk where they simply ask you a question and send you on your way. We even had a narcotic (my dentist sent it with me in the even a questionable tooth decided to cause me agony in the middle of the south pacific) and it was not an issue. They did not ask us, nor did they look at any meds or proofs. However, we were prepared. We had printouts from our doctors office, and pharmacy, as well as labels. We took meds in daily pill boxes, and it was not an issue. I had a letter from the dentist explaining the narcotic. Overkill we know, but we felt more secure, and I'd always recommend being over prepared.
  9. We did Auckland to Sydney so I cannot address boarding in Sydney, but from disembarking there I think it could be a bit complicated dropping off your luggage early. I think it is much safer to leave it at the hotel and pick it before boarding. Docking in Sydney can change, (ours did) and where we were docked was much more difficult to get to. We were either bussed, or ferried.
  10. I'm looking forward to hearing your report on this...we're there in July and wondering about Oslo, the train, and Bergen. Are you staying at Thon Opera? Would love to hear about that as well, if you are.
  11. As often as we can, we grab a napkin to use on handles when we eat in World Café. Then we use wipes we bring before consuming our food, even though we have washed our hands at the door. Also, we often wipe off where we are eating with a wipe. Yeah...we are germaphobes, but it makes us feel better. I am glad to hear they took off the placemats. They look really nice, but they are germ catchers.
  12. This is one of the reasons I like Cruise Critic ….reminders are very helpful. We all know we should check, but I get busy and need post like these to remind me.
  13. Arlowood...thanks so much for the information it was very helpful.
  14. Ohhhh wow thanks for the heads up!! It had not occurred to me that we might have to pay for using toilets!! Do you recall which coins they take to get in? BTW, those of you who have not been to Australia, don't ask where the restroom is...they will assume you are looking for a restaurant! They are toilets in Australia also! We may have left some Australians laughing.....
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