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  1. We love dancing and were disappointed with the dancing opportunities on Viking. Torshavn had a dance floor that was so small you could hardly dance on it. We danced there but most evenings the music wasn't good to dance to. We thought the Living Room was an excellent place to dance, but no one danced there. We would have loved doing that but were kind of shy since no one else was dancing. Once we went up to the Explorers Lounge and made a request of the piano player, and danced to our song. I heard that a few others danced after we left. We were talking about this with a few other couples, and they said they too were disappointed with the lack of dancing. I really think it only takes one couple to start dancing, then others will. Next cruise I think we will be braver and try to get dancing started.
  2. We've been on Orion and noted exactly the same problems. The placemats are the perfect hiding place for germs and it also grossed us out. What dishes were not used remained on the table for the next person who had no idea of whether or not they were clean. People often handled those dishes, grabbing an extra cup only to decide they didn't need it, and there it sat for the next person. We are always equipped with wet wipes and often clean the table/placemats ourselves, not to mention our hands that have used common serving spoons. We have gotten into the habit of grabbing a disposable napkin and using it when we use serving spoons. It would take a little extra effort on their part to keep things cleaner, but in the long run, it would save a lot of trouble with cruisers and staff illnesses.
  3. As stated, you should not have an issue with getting a table for two, we've never had a problem. Remember however, a table for two does not always feel like a table for two because the tables are so close together you feel as if it is a table for 4 or 6, depending if you have a table on each side of you.
  4. I was SO excited when I saw the subject line as in 364 days we will be following in your footsteps. Thanks so much for being available to answer questions, because we have a boatload of them. We're flying into Oslo then doing the train to Bergen. Questions 1) Did you use Viking Air? If so, can you tell me what your options were? We'll be booking October 4th. 2) What has the weather been like. Sounds like quite a bit of rain. Obviously rain gear needed, but how cool is it...sweaters, jackets? 3) Giants Causeway...sounds like you did not enjoy that much. My husband is a scientist and rock formations are definitely a must see wherever we go. How long of an excursion was this and did you have to travel a ways to see it? Also, am I correct that this is also where the Titanic Museum is? Is it possible to do both of those in the time allotted? Do you know how far the Titanic Museum is from where the ship is docked? Can't wait to hear more!!!
  5. Peregrina...thanks so much. I did not know Viking had that on their website. That is exactly what I need. We are actually flying into Oslo. I want to look at the business class configurations before we call to book because I want to be able to avoid having to climb over my husband to go to the bathroom during the night, or have him climb over me! Cruzzzinma we also always pay for custom air. I want to have some choice in the matter! Did you go business class? If so what did you think of their seating arrangement.
  6. Booking through Viking Air, what airlines are they using from the US into Bergen. We're booking our flights shortly through Viking and would like to look at the possibilities before I have to make the decision.
  7. This is true but we have found it can turn out awful. You can end up waiting forever for a later flight, lose any choice of seating, lose business class and get extra stops and plane changes thrown in. The subject is a little raw for us as we experienced this not long ago and ended up in middle seats on separate rows, and were the last two people put on the plane. We had to literally run hauling our luggage to another location otherwise we would have had to wait even longer. After flying for 24 hours we just wanted to get home. We were told we would get a refund, and after a zillion phone calls and hours of work, we finally received a refund only because our TA got involved and made a call or two! All to say….if I were you I'd give them a call and change that flight!!!
  8. You've gotten plenty of feedback on PV....but for us it makes a big difference to be in a PV. It is indeed, set up beautifully for two people. Very comfortable. We won't book anything else.
  9. Those of you who have booked flights through Viking to Norway, what airlines do they use?
  10. Perhaps I forgot to mention.....I don't do my kids laundry, I never want to rob someone of the pleasure of doing their own laundry.
  11. We took nice black jeans and had no problem wearing them in waited restaurants at all...and saw many dressed even more casual than that. For men a nice polo and good looking jeans was fine, women a nice blouse and good jeans worked. I found that even though we were cruising in summer weather, I was always cold on the ship, so I ended up wearing my light weight jacket everywhere. I was never anywhere that I felt it did not fit in, dinning or otherwise. From what we saw, some people loved getting really dressed up, and others did not, but was overall much more casual than the other cruises we've been on. I overpacked as this was our first cruise to have a washing machine down the hall as the previous poster said. Next time I'm downsizing and making life easier. First vacation EVER that we came home with all clean clothes to unpack! I love doing laundry and just may have averaged one load a day while onboard. Yeah...I probably need therapy😂.
  12. We took the plunge yesterday...there was a good Viking offer, we had a voucher from them...and we have really wanted to go to the British Isles. We're on for 2020 which I love because I very much enjoy having time to learn about everything before we go. That is unfortunate for those of you on CC Boards because I tend to ask a million questions from those who have gone before us! Anyone have advice about what we should not miss? I was specifically looking at Belfast this morning. We have from 8AM-6PM and it looks like an overwhelming number of wonderful things to see. I have heard the Titanic museum is not to be missed, but also Giant's Causeway is amazing. Possible to do both?
  13. The irritating thing about the computers is that couples come to look at stuff and both use one computer, but sit in front of two computers so you can't use the one not in use.
  14. I'm sorry you've had a lot to wade through. Ours was very straight forward and our TA was happy to go over anything we did not understand. Also the company we used through AAA was always happy to answer questions. When we left we had nice little pieces of paper to slip in with our passports etc. that had all them important info on it as to who to contact in case of emergency. I went with a great sense of relief that someone besides the ship had our backs!
  15. We checked out travel insurance and have ended up always getting it through the company AAA refers us to. As stated above, we've found their price and reliability to be the best. Using insurance that is not through the company you are cruising with is a good idea from what I have read. We had a last minute emergency come up before our last cruise, New Zealand/Australia, and I called the insurance company. They were very nice and talked me through what we would need to do. In the end we were able to go so we did not need to use the insurance. I would NEVER recommend going without insurance. Read the policy carefully and what exactly they cover. We did not realize the number of things they help you with. It's a comfort to know you're not going to be stranded anywhere without help.
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