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  1. Hey thanks so much Dukefan. Your information was very helpful and I see we are in great shape! Here we go!
  2. Booked and heading to Bermuda, and we took what we could get because at this point, who cares, we just want to be onboard! We prefer to be on the 5th floor, PV2. This time we are in PV2 6th under the World Cafe. Does anyone know if there is a noise factor underneath the World Cafe? Also, we would rather have a slider to the verandah than the door. Is there any way to find which our room has. The Viking agent didn't know for sure. Thanks for any info you can share....
  3. I will add that you are typically given a choice of times on the included excursions. We booked all the included excursions around the other excursions we wanted. When you are onboard, the day prior to your excursions, they will have someone on TV (and in person if you want to go) talk about each of the excursions for the next day. We found that information very helpful and with that information made our final decision on whether we were going to go on the included or not. If it didn't look interesting to us, we just simply let them know then that we were not going to go. Wit
  4. We will be checking in with Cruise Critic Boards frequently, hoping everyone will share any information they get. Typically we book so far in advance we have plenty of time to put everything together, but suddenly booking without all the facts, we'll be anxious to share what we hear, and hope everyone else shares what they know. Our TA said today that Viking is trying to put everything together...they don't have the answers yet themselves. All I know is the view is going to be a whole lot better than my computer screen in my front room for the past year....
  5. We're on for the Oslo-Bergen train as a Viking excursion. I've been wondering if we have first class seats?
  6. We were holding out hope for July, but today made the decision we'll have to go for 2022. Unfortunately where we live we're way out on getting a vaccine. There's a possibility we'd not have the second vaccine by then. Getting a row boat and heading for Atlantic is sounding better every day.😜
  7. We were on the second cruise Viking did to NZ and Australia, so were part of a learning curve, missed some ports, and there was some disorganization, but we'd do it again in a flash. We did two excursions without any difficulty. Sometimes it took a bit of planning ahead, but wasn't difficult. We did all excursions through Viking and the trick was getting them organized time wise when purchasing them online. We made sure we had all our options listed prior to going online. There were people who had excursions paid for at ports we missed that were not Viking excursions. They w
  8. We were quite impressed with the update. As noted by our "name", my husband is a scientist, and just prior to hearing this update, he had given a lecture on PCR. The science in what they are doing onboard is good. Just a quick view of the lab they will be putting on each ship, looks great. After seeing this, we are feeling more confident that Viking is doing everything they possibly can. We too feel like we'd be safer on ship in our community.
  9. Great information thanks. Oh yeah, I hope we do not have to tender. (thanks for that info sugarside) I had heard already that Liverpool is a great city to explore on foot, so that is exactly what we are planning on doing. I have a cousin that lives an hour out of Liverpool, so we are planning on meeting up, finding some great coffee, (any suggestions of a great place for coffee are welcome) and heading out on foot. I have friends who geocachers and we've been out hiking with them and stopped for them to find one. That is a neat idea to have one there. I'm going to surprise m
  10. Thanks! I saw that there are love locks at Albert Dock and wondered if it was an easy walk from where we would be docked. I'm having an engraved lock made for me and my husband to surprise him.
  11. Does anyone know where Viking docks in Liverpool during the British Isles Cruise?
  12. I never thought of them taking luggage directly to Bergan from Oslo. That makes total sense!
  13. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I'm thinking we'll stick with taking our own luggage as it would be over $500 (sale price) for the two of us, and I think having it ready to go so far in advance of us leaving would be a little stressful for us. We are also doing train pre excursion from Oslo to Bergen. My assumption is that since we booked that through Viking, they will take care of getting our luggage to and from the train. Someone please correct me if I am wrong!
  14. I see that on our next cruise to the British Isles, luggage service is available. We've only used this once as most every cruise we have taken this was not available. The service I'm seeing on Viking web site, appears to be different from what we have used. Before we took our luggage to the airport with us and we did not see it again until we were on board the ship. On our return we claimed our luggage at our home airport. This service appears to pick your luggage up 5 days in advance and ships it to your destination. We loved using the service, but this one sounds more complicated. Has
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