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  1. On our week around Bermuda we experienced no soot, and no sloshing from the infinity pool. Seas were pretty calm and I don't think we ever exceeded 11 knots, but I did notice that the water level in the pool was lowered while underway, presumably to manage spillage on those below! Yes, it is a hike to and from the stair well/elevator lobby, but no big deal. We never heard or felt anything from the propulsion systems under us, or from the cabins on either side. More so than cabins on the side of the ship you may be slightly overlooked from balconies above when standing at the railing, simply because of the sloped rear.
  2. We were in one of the Deck 4 Explorer Suites in August, and the aft view is wonderful. It's very quiet and there's no wind at all. This shows you how deep the balcony is:
  3. That was our experience in August - I would check the website each morning until something showed available, and then get online immediately to request it. Twice I missed the opportunity, as the website is apparently updated only daily, but on the third try we were able to upgrade. Availability seemed to vary quite a bit from day to day.
  4. This was not our experience. We booked our second cruise while onboard our first, and received 6 month PIF without even asking for it.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to address my question. It sounds as if Air Plus only makes sense if the Viking airfare is cheaper than one can arrange oneself? When we booked our next cruise, while onboard, we were told that Viking Air (or Plus) would not be able to help us take advantage of the BA "Travel Together" voucher that I could otherwise use - and which of course makes travel cheaper than anything Viking would match.
  6. I'm left unclear on why anyone would pay extra for Air Plus? I haven't, I don't plan to, and this leaves me more convinced that I'm right.
  7. We really enjoyed the Segway tour at Royal Navy Dockyard. We did the Catamaran excursion twice, once from each port, not realizing that it would be the same thing each time. Snorkeling was fun. We also did a van trip to St George's that included quite a tour of the North of the Island, with just 3 people in a mini-van. Enjoyed that too.
  8. No reservation required, just walk up and be seated for a wonderful meal 🙂
  9. I don't have a lot of history to base this on, having only just returned from our first ever Viking Cruise last week. While we were onboard we booked a 13 night Iceland/Norway cruise for July 2023, and received some discounts and the ability to pay only 6 months in advance. I do see that those cruises currently available in 2023 seem to be selling quite quickly, but what that will mean for extra choices is very tough to predict. We have of course also seen many cancellations of those cruises that have been available, so it's all still very fluid.
  10. It's easy to remember: ships tie up in port on the starboard side 😆
  11. The airport is about 25 minutes from the Dock, and you can grab a taxi I'm sure - or I think you can just pay Viking for the transfer.
  12. All of our tickets had the “meet ashore” times printed on them on Orion.
  13. Viking provided the negative PCR test, but no one anywhere had any interest in it. We weren't asked for it once, or the CDC passenger attestation I'd completed. We were ticketed at around 45 days
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