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  1. There is a scenario where it comes back sooner - but it is dependent on universal testing with quick (15 minutes) turnaround time. That may be pie in the sky, but that is what a lot of land based businesses (at least in my neck of the woods) are hoping for.
  2. Hanoj - thanks! A strong light on financial operations, and certainly something to worry about. Viking has been expanding at a tremendous rate, and may have overstepped its abilities to meet future debt payments. A thought based on your post - I wonder if they would delay the completion date of the expedition ships. If the shutdown is 2 - 3 months, I would guess no, but if it is longer they may have to.
  3. One area that isn't given a lot of thought, is Viking is only partially in the cruise business. In a very real sense, they are also in the banking business. They collect their fares in full 6 to 8 months in advance, and then they invest those funds (or at least I assume they do - they may just use those funds to pay the expenses that hit today). So there may be a lot of incentive to fully book as many cruises as possible once things get back to normal.
  4. Here is a question that can help while away the time - Once Covid-19 has run its course and Viking is back in business, do you think they will up their prices to make up for lost revenue, offer deals to entice people back, keep their prices unchanged, or some variant of all three?
  5. On a more pleasant note - we are interested in doing the Caribbean in January or February 2022. Viking has released the dates for some of their longer cruises (3+ weeks) but not yet for the 10 to 15 day cruises. Does anyone know about when Viking releases their full schedule for that time period? thanks!!
  6. I was a bit disappointed in the prices for the Great Lakes cruises. I live right on Lake Erie, so the attraction of doing something unique close to home is there. However, for what they are charging, we could drive that route, staying at first class hotels, dining 5 star every night, and still spend a lot less than the fare for just one person. I think we will let them sail a few years and have them recoup some of their investment (which hopefully will allow them to drop their prices). If it was in the same ballpark as the ocean cruises (on a per night rate), we would consider it.
  7. Thank one and all for providing me with the menus for Lotus and Xiang!! I printed out the picture of the Lotus and gave it to the spouse. I really appreciate that !!!
  8. Thanks for providing the menu! I really appreciate that. I am going to do a "contact us" on the Viking website and pass along our suggestions!
  9. A bit of an odd question - prior to making our reservations at the Chef's Table, I was able to view the menu. Once our reservations are completed, that disappears. The only way I can see to look at the menu again is to cancel a reservation and rebook it. (We are doing Lotus and Xiang). Anyone know a way around this (other than cancelling and rebooking)? Viking folks - I know you monitor these boards. Pass along to the IT staff to make a hyperlink in your current reservations that will allow you to see the menu.
  10. Greetings, We did a cruise in 2018 (Venice to Athens) where we had a couple of days with no ports of call, but that was because of bad weather and not because they were planned. We are considering a cruise (Caribbean and Panama Canal) where there are multi-day sailing between ports and were wondering - when there are planned off days, what does Viking do to keep things lively? On our first cruise they whipped up some stuff, but like I said, that was unplanned, so I am wondering what they do when they know it is coming! Thanks, Pat
  11. Greetings all, This is a slightly different question than one I asked about earlier (having to do with shuttles). I notice many of the shore excursions on this particular cruise end around noon or 1, and with one exception the departure time for the ship is 6 pm. That would give one an entire afternoon to pursue whatever interested them. For me, that is beaches. How difficult is it to reach a beach on many of the stops? Are there some in walking distance? Can you take a taxi? Should you avoid taking a taxi and look for something else? Obviously, the beach would have to be close enough to easily make it back to the ship - the far side of the island would not do. How good are the on-board Viking people in helping you with a question like this? Could they arrange or suggest transportation? I assume this would be a fairly standard request on a cruise in the Caribbean. Thanks, Pat
  12. Greetings!! the last Viking Ocean cruise we did would often have shuttles to go between a point - like the entertainment district - and the ship. I can understand why Viking doesn’t want to publicize its shuttles, as it would undercut its shore excursions. Which is why I am asking you good folks if you have been on this trip if you can remember the island and the destination for any shuttles. thanks Pat
  13. Thank you all - it relieves my mind greatly that doing nothing is actually our best course of action (at least until after the cruise). Right now, everything for her is in her maiden name and based on what all of you have said, I am not going to touch it until after the cruise.
  14. Greetings all, we booked a cruise for this coming February months and months ago. We are getting married in September. My fiancé/wife will have her passport, driver license and Viking booking all under her maiden name. Currently if we don’t have to update anything we would be very happy but if we show up at the airport and are barred from flying because her name doesn’t match something then we are going to be very unhappy. Anyone with either knowledge of or experience this this scenario we would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks!!
  15. Hi to all, Got a question for those who have done the Caribbean on a Viking cruise and have taken a shore excursion that used a catamaran as part of it. My SO is concerned about wave motion (aka seasickness) - I know these cats are far larger than the ones you see tied up in most vacation spots. On your trips, how much motion did the cat have? How many people can it fit? And is there an indoor cabin? I realize that each company will have a different boat, but I assume Viking books so that they share a certain sameness to the features (if you want to be crude about it - I assume Viking books floating buses). Thanks for any and all feedback! Pat
  16. I originally posted this question a year and a half ago, but I am going to ask again in the hopes of getting more current information. For those who have booked Business/First Class through Viking Air - did you feel the price was competitive to what you would get just booking it yourself? Flying 10 hours to Europe or 16 hours (or more) to Pacific Rim countries make flying first class almost a requirement. Thanks in advance
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