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  1. We are booking a cruise on the American Harmony and have a choice of staterooms either near the Magnolia Lounge (forward) or near the Sky Lounge (aft). Can anyone tell me which of these is likely to be a source of late night noise, if either? A third option is right next to the stairs mid-ship, but that doesn’t seem like a very quiet option either. My husband is an early-to-bed guy, so we don’t want to be next to the space with the after dinner party, if there is one. Thanks!
  2. We'll be docked at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas for one day next December, and I'm trying to choose among the beach excursions RCI offers. Choices seem to be: Trunk Bay on St. John's Christmas and Honeymoon Coves Magens Bay Beach Sapphire Beach Secret Sands Beach Does anyone have any input into advantages/disadvantages of any of these? The descriptions on Royal's website are all equally effusive, so it's hard to compare. We won't be hitting Coco Cay on this trip, so we're really just looking for a chill beach day with food available nearby if poss
  3. I would totally take a Disney cruise as an adult if the budget allowed. The adults only areas are so serene and always spacious, and we’ve always booked the fine dining on days and times of our choosing. I also recommend the spa, if you roll that way. Re size, I think the Aqua Dunk ride on the smaller two is more fun than the Aqua DUCK on the larger ones. But the larger have golf simulators. There are a few little things like that that are different. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.
  4. I didn’t mean that a person new to the reservation receives extra credit, but the Disney customer service told me that since my daughter and I have credit of $3,000 each, we can add my husband and book a cruise that is $6,000 total for the three of us. That the portion of the credit that she and I don’t use is transferable to him, as long as she and I are also on the reservation.
  5. You can also take an additional person. My daughter and I have credit now, and it would be more than we would need for the cruise we have our eye on. An email to Disney confirmed that if we add my husband to the reservation, some of the credit can be used for him.
  6. That’s not true for us. We were supposed to be in the Magic as of March 23. We took the 125% credit as a place holder.
  7. I know the general sentiment about flying is that it's safer to arrive the day before the cruise in case of mishap, but if the cruise departs at 7:00 pm (onboard time limit of 5:00 pm) would you consider it safe to fly in that day? The flight would be NYC-Miami, so many options if the first plane in the morning gets a flat tire. What does Cruise Critic think? It would help with this particular trip to minimize costs with hotel and an extra day of pet sitting.
  8. I’m considering going alone his summer, so I’d be curious about whether you get the sense that there are any accommodations for introverts (dining for one, quiet places to sit, etc.) Especially in Bimini. I would be a solo cruiser but not a swinging single — just looking for peac and relaxation.
  9. We've been cruising since DD was 8 and always have the later seating. It makes for more relaxed afternoons, as you say, plus the lines for the water slide will dwindle when the early diners leave the pool to get dressed. And there are fewer very young kids, which makes for a more pleasant dining experience (plus fewer of them in the early shows). I recommend it!
  10. We took this trolley during a trip to Key West (not via cruise) and the tickets were for two days. Maybe that accounts for the lower price, assuming the cruise ship is only in town for one day?
  11. Thanks all. What happened for us was, I booked two port excursions, and upon checking out the system asked if I wanted to apply the OBC. I said yes, and it reduced the cost of one excursion accordingly. After I paid the remainder by debit card I wondered what would happen if that particular excursion were canceled (as has happened twice on DCL when it was too windy for parasailing). I know we can use up the money with gratuities and cappucino, etc., but it did make me wonder “what if.” Thanks to all for chiming in! Happy cruising!
  12. Forgive a foolish sounding question, but I’m planning our first Royal Caribbean cruise. I’m used to Disney, where you book your excursions, specialty dining, etc., but you don’t actually pay for anything until the end of the cruise. With Royal, since we pay as we order things, is there any advantage to using on board credit for something in particular? For example, if it is applied to a port excursion that might be canceled, would that matter? I want to make sure we use it up on this cruise and don’t end up spending more than we had to with on board credit left over. Thanks.
  13. How about fanny packs, maybe someone on etsy could do a custom family logo on them for you.
  14. I thought the DCL discount for Canadians was to make up for the fact that they have to pay so much more for books than we do.
  15. P.S. I adore my child, and there are other kids whose company I enjoy, but I totally understand the desire to experience a child-free environment, on vacation or not. I'm not sure why some of my fellow breeders are taking the question so personally.
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