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  1. I'm all for this. Everything has an impact on the environment and if we can mitigate it even a little, that helps. Think of the impact not just from one ship but from every ship on every cruise line (pipe dream, I know).
  2. The Reflection and this itinerary last year (2018) was my very first cruise! Glad you enjoyed it. We went as a chartered group so most of our excursions were through our TA and they were wonderful. We had a great experience in Cartageña, but I'll bet we were shielded from some of the troubles you had based on our guide. Glad you enjoyed it. It totally spoiled me and we're back for more on the Infinity this October!
  3. Thank you for this. I'm a new cruiser (only one under my belt) and even that one was a gift from God (I say that without a stitch of sarcasm). I get that many who have experienced the wonder of sailing for many years may have grown jaded at the luxury that is available to us. I hope I never do.
  4. I took my first cruise about a year ago (it was a gift! Can you believe that?!) and my stepmom had got the classic beverage package for us as one of the perks. As someone who has to travel on a very tight budget, NOT having to worry about what I was spending on a glass of wine or a fancy coffee was a godsend. I'm sure that drink packages are standard across the cruising world based on what I've read, but for me, the Classic package hit a sweet spot. There were plenty of drinks that I could try, lots of wine that I wanted to try and the limit they set made it possible that if I DID want to try something fancier, I didn't pay much more. I really liked the complimentary products they offered in the bathroom too. I approved that it was Bounding Bunny (no animal testing) approved, something I didn't notice until I was using up my remnants in the gym this year! 😄
  5. Is the new limit for the Classic package $11? I thought it was $9. I hope I'm wrong! My last sailing was 1.5 years ago....
  6. I went on my first cruise ever on the Celebrity Reflection in Feb of 2018 and my extended family and I are going on the Infinity in October of this year. As a first cruise experience, it converted me! I was blown away by how relaxing it was. I had always assumed a cruise had to be a frenetic, party atmosphere filled with kids running around (I'm 50, married, no kids) based on all the ads I'd seen for Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Not that I don't like a good party, and I do like kids - not just running around like maniacs. 😉 The cruise was a gift with my stepmom (an experienced cruiser) and even she said Celebrity was the best one she's been on so far. This was also her first Celebrity cruise (previous: Carnival, Holland America and Princess) and she was sold. She prefers Celebrity now. We are not super deluxe accommodation people, we don't have enough points for any kind of special club, we have a very limited budget (my husband and I, that is, LOL) and despite not being anyone "special" in the cruise line's eyes, I felt so catered to, so made much of. It was really a special and amazing experience for me. I hope I am never so jaded as to be unable to appreciate how rich of an experience you can have on this cruise line.
  7. We're on the Infinity for the Panama Canal cruise in October with family members and this would've been a god-send for this trip! We'll all be doing different stuff and being able to track everyone would've been fabulous. Darn!
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