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  1. We were scheduled to take the Sept 1 cruise from Miami on the NCL Breakaway. We flew down on Delta two days earlier than the sail date to avoid any possible delays due to Hurricane Dorian. We were poised to take the shuttle to the dock when we accidentally stumbled on a notice on NCL that the cruise had been postponed. We were faced with canceling for a full refund by 9m Sunday night Sept 1 or wait for a rescheduled date. Since we had over $700 invested in the fight, hotels, food and parking, we opted to take the cruise on a later date that week even though it would be only a 4 day cruise. We were given the date of Sept. 4 if the Coast Guard approved. We were told that the pier had been closed at the end of the day Aug. 31. Apparently, the incoming passengers on the previous cruise were not allowed to disembark in Miami. I felt sadness for them too. We called our hotel and reserved the room we were in for another three nights. This makes 5 nights expense in a hotel that was not cheap. The weather was on and off with mostly good skies and a few periods of rain. Most of the time, the winds were not threatening. We also learned that Ft. Lauderdale Port Everglades had not closed even though Dorian was forecast to be closer to them than Miami. We made the best of a bad situation and then made plans to go to the port on Sept. 4. Again, late in the game, we heard from NCL that the cruise was canceled. That was about 7am on Sept. 4 although posting was the evening of Sept. 3. We had to discover the news ourselves by being proactive although we did get a robo call later that day, Sept 4. We were offered a refund for the cruise. A previous offer on Sept 1 for 20% off a future cruise was not given even though we could have save $700 by cancelling on Sept 1. We decided to wait it out and then it was cancelled on Sept 4. We think we got taken advantage of when NCL revoked the 20% future offer. The people taking it on Sept 1 got a full refund and 20% but we spent lots of money and did not get the same. NCL needs to review this for fairness. We heard from other cruise line customers that they were getting a 50% discount on a future cruise. NCL has always been difficult to deal with when we have a problem like the time we took our grandchildren on a cruise and they took down the slide to the pool and began welding while we were laying in the sun over several days. They roped off part of the pool saying they removed the slide to prevent drunk passengers on the next cruise from using it. They also closed the kiddie pool forcing everyone to be in the area near the welding. My little grandkids were really disappointed. I think they should give a choice of packages in addition to a 50% discount on the next cruise. A free drink package would be nice along with upgrades. I know the weather was not their fault but the communication was terrible and it still is. We are platinum plus guests.
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