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  1. This OBC offer is nothing but a scam. Approved on the 16th November 2020 but still not applied to booking and Princess representatives are claiming it has already been applied. Cruise Vacation Planner not responding to my inquiries regarding this either. If others have been successful in getting this OBC offer applied then I am happy for you. I'm glad I held off sending the letter of appreciation to the Princess suits I was going to send on behalf of Princess extending this offer. I'm very dissatisfied with Princess' customer service and this scam of an offer, in my opinion, has only crea
  2. I was approved for this credit and after about two weeks the OBC amount did show up under Onboard Credits. Our Cruise Vacation Planner said he would get it applied to our newly booked (prior to the 7th of December) November 2021 (3 day) cruise. Not only did this OBC never show as having been applied to the booking, it is now gone from the Onboard Credits and today the entire booking is gone also. I have not received any communication from Princess that this sailing has been cancelled.
  3. FWIW - I applied and was also verified within just a very short few minutes. Our Cruise Vacation Planner advised that it may take up to the 7th December for the OBC to be posted. I'll be checking online myself but nice to know our CVP has set a reminder to check himself on the 4th December too.
  4. You're welcome and glad you were able to find the numbers.
  5. You can always do a mock booking and when you get to this section select the "Forgot your VIFP Club Number?" and search for the numbers this way. (Screen shot below edited to show fields to which I'm referring.) TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF Country of residence State of Residency 55+ years old Military/Select Promotional Programs Show rates for VIFP Club or Past Guest Forgot your VIFP Club Number?
  6. I see cruises out of Miami for various dates throughout December 2022 right now.
  7. My recent (July and August) requests by email were denied. I received a reply via email advising the shareholder benefit request is not accepted by email and that I need to fax or snail mail the requests. After sending the requests by fax, the I noticed the OBC was applied within 7-10 days.
  8. Thank you for providing this info including the Shareholder Request Form. I was able to open this one and download it. Appreciate your guidance and appreciate Princess allowing the request form to be submitted via email!
  9. I called and was only able to get my final payment extended 7 days (yes, just one week.) This extension was of no benefit to me and the final payment would have still been due prior to the ultimate cancellation of October sailings. I have read of EllaDuChien's and other's experiences which resulted in more of an extension. So, if you do call requesting an extension and do not like the answer you get, you may want to politely end that call and redial and see if you get better results from another representative. YMMV.
  10. I won't take a test. I have nothing against being tested. However, given the current false positive, false negative, accuracy factors, a negative test result does not indicate anyone is truly negative. If exposed to the virus and still within the incubation period for it, a negative result would mean nothing to me. I love cruising but will wait for at least a vaccine and/or effective treatments.
  11. No, I will not cruise if a mask is required.
  12. Well stated and I agree it will be a major hurdle for Carnival when operations resume. Carnival is very negligent about enforcing their own rules.
  13. I'm looking at the website right now and cruises to Caribbean destinations are available. I am able to do a mock booking and get all the way to logging in to complete the booking. Maybe it was another website glitch?
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