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  1. My recent (July and August) requests by email were denied. I received a reply via email advising the shareholder benefit request is not accepted by email and that I need to fax or snail mail the requests. After sending the requests by fax, the I noticed the OBC was applied within 7-10 days.
  2. Thank you for providing this info including the Shareholder Request Form. I was able to open this one and download it. Appreciate your guidance and appreciate Princess allowing the request form to be submitted via email!
  3. I called and was only able to get my final payment extended 7 days (yes, just one week.) This extension was of no benefit to me and the final payment would have still been due prior to the ultimate cancellation of October sailings. I have read of EllaDuChien's and other's experiences which resulted in more of an extension. So, if you do call requesting an extension and do not like the answer you get, you may want to politely end that call and redial and see if you get better results from another representative. YMMV.
  4. I won't take a test. I have nothing against being tested. However, given the current false positive, false negative, accuracy factors, a negative test result does not indicate anyone is truly negative. If exposed to the virus and still within the incubation period for it, a negative result would mean nothing to me. I love cruising but will wait for at least a vaccine and/or effective treatments.
  5. No, I will not cruise if a mask is required.
  6. Well stated and I agree it will be a major hurdle for Carnival when operations resume. Carnival is very negligent about enforcing their own rules.
  7. I'm looking at the website right now and cruises to Caribbean destinations are available. I am able to do a mock booking and get all the way to logging in to complete the booking. Maybe it was another website glitch?
  8. Kudos to the cruise line (MSC) for abiding by and enforcing their rules.
  9. We booked this cruise since it's one of the few 7 day itineraries remaining at the two ports in our backyard here. I would have preferred not booking until later in to 2021 but have an upgrade that will expire and that Carnival will not extend. If this sailing ends up being cancelled then we'll just re-book another one further out though.
  10. Good morning. Thank you for this and all of the codes you have shared.
  11. Just as a heads up to anyone who had their original gift card shipped to their PO Box, Carnival sent my PO Box address to Card Fulfillment Services and they then shipped my refund (gift cards) via FedEx to the PO Box. FedEx contacted me earlier today requesting a physical street address which I provided but a few hours later returned the shipment to the shipper (Card Fulfillment Services) telling me that this shipper does not allow a shipment to be directed to anywhere other than the address on the shipping label. Why Card Fulfillment would even attempt to ship to a PO Box via FedEx is beyond my understanding. I contacted Card Fulfillment Services by email and have already received a reply that they need to contact Carnival with my "correct" address (the PO Box is correct and safer for me to receive our mail in this area and my Carnival profile has the street address) but the person replying indicated that hopefully they will be able to send the gift cards within one week to the street address. Time will tell. It's only been 4 months tomorrow since requesting the refund after all! No more pre-boarding purchases for me ever again. I'll take the suggestion (Saint Greg I believe and thank you for it if you're reading this!) and just have the gift card amount loaded on to my account once onboard. Bottom line here is if your original gift card order was shipped to your PO Box, you still have work to do in order to get your refund. Here's hoping that all who are awaiting refunds receive them very soon.
  12. For me that would mean that it's not yet time to cruise.
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