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  1. Then perhaps bottles purchased through the Fun Shops as a gift are not considered to be bottles purchased on board. I was charged even with proof of the bottle having been purchased from the Fun Shops.
  2. We received a bottle from the Fun Shops that had been sent to us as a gift and were charged the corkage fee. I explained that it was purchased from the Fun Shops as a gift and even happened to have the gift card that accompanied the bottle but that didn't matter. FWIW, our status did not matter either as they clearly saw our Sail and Sign card when they took it to charge the fee. I can understand the corkage fee if I had brought my own bottle. However, I am not in agreement with being charged the corkage fee for a bottle that had been purchased through the Fun Shops. To me that was just tacky and nothing but corporate greed. Upon returning home, I spread the word no more Fun Shop gifts for me as a sender or recipient.
  3. Let the buyer beware certainly applies to AARP Rewards. Purchased the $100 digital gift card (only option for Carnival gift card) available yesterday but never received the digital card. Contacted AARP Rewards and was told they have nothing to do with the purchase and that I need to contact Carnival. As expected and even though I know Carnival was not the vendor from whom I purchased this gift card, I called Carnival and was told there was no purchase from them and nothing they can do about this gift card purchase which was from AARP Rewards. To add to the mix, the purchase through AARP Rewards required me to use PayPal so there's a third party also involved. I will dispute the transaction with my credit card company. As others have mentioned they have done, I am absolutely done with AARP and their new, horrible rewards program. I wish anyone else opting to purchase Carnival gift cards through AARP Rewards better luck.
  4. Each year when we have cruised on Carnival during Hanukkah, there was a Menorah lighting ceremony (flameless) in the atrium each evening. Have a great cruise!
  5. It looks like Any Lab Test Now offers PT/INR testing. The price listed on their website is $49 although there's a disclaimer that prices can vary by location. You may want to check with this company. Hope this helps and that your husband is doing well and that you both have a great cruise! Any Lab Test Now Blood testing service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Address: 4242 N Federal Hwy Suite A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Hours: Closes soon: 6PM ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Wed Phone: (954) 566-1717 Appointments: anylabtestnow.com
  6. I have not see future cruise booking available onboard for some time now. Upon my return from a cruise, I've had offers for future cruises available sometimes for two and sometimes for four weeks. Once the offer was good for six weeks from the date we returned. The most common timeframe I've been offered is two weeks though.
  7. Coffee makers (electric) are not in cabins and not allowed. You can get coffee by ordering it from room service, going to the Lido buffet or the ship's coffee shop during the hours it is open. The coffee at the ship's coffee shop is available to purchase and is not included in the cruise fare.
  8. Thanks so much for providing us with this information and link!
  9. Very much appreciated from here in South Florida jordanaire. Thank you and everyone for your thoughts and prayers!
  10. The check-in period is 90 days prior to sail date and yes that is when passport/credit card information is first able to be entered.
  11. This is what I have experienced time and again also. It's always been faster for me to just go to Guest Services. Bottom line is the Priority Guest Services assistance by phone just has not been a worthwhile benefit in my opinion.
  12. You're welcome. Also, I think you can have the shipment delivered to a UPS store at no charge so you can pick it up there. If I remember correctly, you log in to your UPS MyChoice account, access the shipment that's on its way and there's an option to have it re-routed to a UPS store.
  13. My (recent) experience has always been that the $500 cards have always been shipped by UPS and do require a signature and I was also unable to order more than two of the $500 gift cards per transaction. With a UPS MyChoice account, which is free, one can log in to their account and track what is being shipped to their address. It is also possible to have a shipment redirected to a local UPS store and the customer can then go to the store to pick up the package. I have never received a shipment confirmation from Rewards for Good and if I recall correctly, during the process of placing orders, the site does indicate that no shipment confirmation will be provided for gift cards or magazine subscriptions.
  14. Thanks to you both Sparky2 and coevan.
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