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  1. Great idea, thank you.... bon voyage
  2. Med sailing out of Civi for ten (10) nights... bon voyage
  3. What has Flights by X said about the shortage? bon voyage
  4. I Am so sorry you had this issue, yet please remember that during this time most, if not all lines (river and ocean) have had and will continue to have cash flow problems. As such, refunds are taking an extraordinary amount of time, if one can get a refund from some of the lines, less timely. Happy you received your refund, regardless. bon voyage
  5. l - will you list it on Air B&B??? LOL bon voyage
  6. Actually, I view it as potentially 'gaining a year' by undertaking precautions. I have had one (1) employee die from C-19 and two (2) others who were incapacitated for almost eight (8) weeks, this is no joke. All healthy with no underlying health conditions. While I do want to return cruising ASAP, I fully intend to take all precautions and then some as dictated by X and CLIA... if that means I need to take meals in my cabin, so be it... at least I Am sailing and doing my best to enjoy. YET, those who are dining out currently and have not had any health issues, I support their continuing to do so, without question. As you indicate, there are a few, of us here, who need to be more cautious than others and this is not an indictment of those who are successfully returning to their former normal as that is what we all want, to some greater degree for sure. bon appetite and bon voyage
  7. ... nor posting when in bed and sleepy, either. LOL Then again, there are times when it is, especially if words are substituted that you did not expect... like penultimate... bon voyage
  8. w - the specific climate here, today, is 70F and sunny! 😎 Hope it is similar in NYC by you... bon voyage
  9. t - Thank you for the kind words... much appreciated, yet for those who did have questions or input I believed it was a good thing to let them know what the issue(s) were... Not that it will not happen again, yet I will do my best to keep it to a minimum... LOL Most likely I hit send in a half-sleep situation tossed the tablet aside and woke up to the comments after posting... oh well... Thank you again and bon voyage
  10. I think many of us have been in quarantine too long without a release valve, to our individual liking of course... LOL bon voyage
  11. @WrittenOnYourHeart So, so, so sorry about having to cancel, but I understand for sure and the fact that you have a Plan B, somewhat makes up for it... Just think, you can keep at 50 until you sail next! LOL bon voyage
  12. j - we have dined outside three (3) times so far and that is coming to a quick end soon due to weather, we always have worn masks with the exception of when we are actually eating. If we do not cook, then I will do take out and pick it up, which is about once (1x) weekly. I have identified a few of our regular haunts that do not practice good hygiene concerning C-19 for us and will not patronize them again for a long time to come! Stay safe my friend and look to sail with you sometime soon... bon voyage
  13. Hello all - the sentence should have read "I Am very cautious when in the office and out in public..." Sorry for any confusion, this is what happens when I Am in bed and using a tablet that has predictive words and I do not check wording, spelling or syntax before posting. It is totally my fault for not doing so, for this I accept any and all criticism surrounding the post! Everyone who questioned the wording/definition in my original post was right in doing so. bon voyage
  14. Believe me when I tell you, personally I do not think C-19 is a hoax and I do believe as we have friends who have been struck by this disease and a few friends who cannot afford to be struck by it, either. I take penultimate care when in the office and out in public because there are too many people in our area who just do not care and will not wear masks and/or socially distance. When I go to unknown places, I call in advance to find out what protocols are in place to shop or visit... if the response is not satisfactory I do not go. In fact I Am known in our town as the guy who will stick his head through the door and decide if it is safe enough to enter i.e. people wearing masks and in some places I want to see people having their temperatures taken, too. Yours in health and bon voyage
  15. LOL - I Am more adventurous and cautious simultaneously... If it is an activity like cruising, tell me the protocols, no matter how restrictive, I will be there on-board for sure... I whole-heartedly do not blame anyone who does not even remotely want to do this because of the restrictions or thoughts about the ship not being safe enough for them rather that be due to nonchalant fellow passengers or sanitizing procedures or restrictive port tours. I respect and understand their decisions fully and I would abide by all restrictions regardless. bon voyage
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