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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you and feel bad for you and the thousands of others who are calling, expecting and in some cases demanding personalized service and attention to their requirements and needs. This all despite that X and their agents are trying to do the best they can given the fluid situation. Seem like you are playing both sides of the game, one with your TA and one with X, as such I Am surprized the agent spoke with you, yet that is fine too... you got through and received an answer. I trust all of your expectations will be met soon, as 'loyal' passengers do need special treatment for sure. bon voyage
  2. I understand your position, yet with so many layers of 'potential' approvals to deal with e.g. CLIA, CDC and other foreign authorities, do you believe it is a good idea to publish plans to only have them possibly shot down due to pre-publication and without any approvals? Yes, I have read about Las Vegas plans, but I have read anywhere where the State Gaming Board has even considered approving or modifying these plans, before they can even think about reopening. I Am sure all cruise lines have their 'best and worst scenario' plans, but what will be the real plan in the end may and will look very different in the short term, I believe. Thank you again and bon voyage
  3. You may be able to print them out online, still, that is if X has not removed the sailing from your CP. bon voyage
  4. Okay, using Princess and Hal - how many times will they have to come out with changes and modifications before they actually sail? Then, potentially, passengers will be quite upset because they publicized one plan, we got ready for it and then another totally different plan is announced... then we get upset because the plan changed... on and on. While not ideal for passenger planning, I do endorse publishing info closer to when they know ships will sail and at what capacities and ports. This way it will be more concrete as to what can be expected on-board. Thank you and bon voyage
  5. Okay, using your distress about X having "...all the plans and scenarios..." do you propose they release all of them (plans and scenarios) and allow all affected passengers vote on which one they like best? Then when the scenarios do not go as planned, they come up with more for passengers to vote on again until they can really sail without a hitch? Maybe you can offer (an)other option(s) for X and other cruise lines can do to maximize the outflow of 'accurate' info to the public? I Am sure this will be very welcomed, by us all... bon voyage
  6. Actually, I would like to revise the above... After thinking about it, I Am sure the attorney's have read the CoC and TOS but are looking for a 'kink' in the armor if they can find one. While I do not believe they will find a 'sympathetic' judge in the jurisdiction where they have to bring the lawsuit, I predict that a Federal Court will strike it down in favour of RCCL. While the article did not indicate what the amount of damages and compensation they are seeking, I believe they are doing it on principle alone and anything arbitrated for less than total expenses including cost of cruise, in the end will not make them happy. I wish them luck in any case and speedy recovery in health. I wonder if they are on CC and will let us know what is going on??? 😁 If so, I Am surprized they did not come here first or maybe they did... bon voyage
  7. The only thing I can suggest, at this juncture is, I trust that the plaintiffs attorneys have read the CoC and TOS with a solid plan around it, obviously the passengers have not.... while I think not, but all things are possible though. They may only get medical expenses and nothing more, but who knows at this time. Otherwise their ship is sunk in any court of law and they will have spent more money and time than on the sailing. bon voyage
  8. t - you are quite correct, yet there are quite a few who need the security of 'legal' in case they, the consumer, does not follow through on what our real responsibility is. Court remedy.... LOL bon voyage
  9. Then you might suggest that X needs to have a similar payment deadline as Viking? Two (2) different clientele, overall, one group will and can do this and the other will choose not to. There will be quite a few of us who would feel comfortable with it, yet I believe the vast majority will not and therefore not book or wait for sometime after final payment to book. bon voyage
  10. Actually, a TA has 'a fiduciary' responsibility to both the consumer and the cruise line, more often than not. The TA as the intermediary, is responsible for insuring that the consumers payments are remitted timely and in full to the cruise line and the cruise line in turn is responsible for insuring that payments are correctly and promptly applied to the customers account. Thus the reason when one does not see their credit card statement showing the cruise line as the payee, then there may be an issue on which you want to call the cruise line to insure that they have in fact received payment. For those who pay by check or cash to the TA, this is triply important to ask for and receive a statement of account from the cruise line to insure that payment has been made and timely and credited to ones account. bon voyage
  11. Ahhh, yes since you have a TA, you have to go through and not around them... I trust you get it sorted out soon. bon voyage
  12. Thank you m - I believe they will get it right, to a great degree along with fits and starts, overall. Once there is one line that gets a lot of things going, then other lines will either adapt or improve on the idea in order to get most passengers (that want to sail) back on board or at least me and a few others I know... 😀 I believe those who are nervous and skeptical really do need to wait a bit after cruising returns, this way they get to see how things pan out and decide if they wish to return. No muss no fuss.. I do agree by far for sure. bon voyage
  13. Instead of stressing out, just cancel, go to a local beach or nearby mountains, be happy and make no cruising plans until you know ships are really sailing again. bon voyage
  14. There have been a few complaints that I have read, yet far fewer with them... Then again, when the sailing has to be fully paid 18 months to one (1) year out, I would hope they have reserves to payout refunds... bon voyage
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