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  1. g - Yes we will and then some! LOL bon voyage
  2. Well, that is not quite correct. If you are traditional dining, NO. Select dining, YES. Traditional diners are to speak with the Maitre d' the night before or upon boarding to register for other restaurants since fixed dining tables are limited in each dining venue. I Am sure others who have done this first hand will chime in on this. bon appetite and bon voyage
  3. m - Thank you for a most wonderful idea, I think I shall consider wearing my Tux on the flight down and back so it will not need to be packed! I Am sure to have quite a few questions and even possibly a cabin up-grade! LOL Thank you again... bon voyage
  4. g - I believe that nj believes the dining experience will translate, to a great degree, to C's RC's... overall so her husband and other vegans will not have issues.... Thank you, bon appetite and bon voyage
  5. g - ultimately I will have our TA in the mix, yet I Am the type of traveler who wants to know as much as possible up front before contacting my TA... event to the point having contacted the lines in advance about catering to vegans and sometimes actually calling to get a real feel as to if they really can do it and to what degree.... Yes, I now realize the galleys on RC's are small and hope they have enough provisions which can be used for non-vegan meals will abound, yet it is ultimately the inventiveness of the chef that pulls it off, IMO. Given we are likely to be in a different port everyday, I can pre-scout out restaurants and/or groceries in advance to plan for my dinner that night... LOL Regardless, thank you for your input... bon appetite and bon voyage
  6. For one, I Am happy you did bother as it gave pause to think about the situation... bon voyage
  7. My bad, I needed to indicate 'down grade' beverage packages without additional charge and no refunds, as a rule yet understand that some are able to do this. Thank you and bon voyage
  8. While I understand the posit, it is generally a known fact that when passengers accepts a 'Perk' at booking on X, then it is not usually changeable. I have not read the details on the P+ package, yet I would presume there are restrictions to its' purchase based on 'what I have read about here on CC and its' quite attractive pricing/value'. So, I suggest that passengers who wish to have the P+ package go about changing their Classic to another Perk and then purchase the P+ package, that is a good workaround if it is such a deal to have or not. OR is the idea to not pay for it at all or get a refund for a better package at a lower rate? Not sure if I would expect such an easy change unless there was a mistake in the system to allow me to book it, etc.. Cheers and bon voyage
  9. Sorry, please refresh my memory as to any recent time(s) when X 'argues' that perks were free? I believe that is what most of us who purchases goods and services here in the U.S. think of as Perks being 'free' as that is how they are, most often, touted in the media as being 'free' and the 'definition' transfers to any company or service who uses the word... I, personally, think it is great that you have the time and desire to keep a spreadsheet on your sailings, yet not the vast majority of us do this as we look at sailings, their costs and decide in the moment if it is worth the value X has placed on the product. If so, we book, if not, we wait. No wasting time beyond that. I do realize that 'value' has a very different feel and belief to each of us and therefore do not think that what I think is of value to me needs to be of value to others, with some exceptions of course. bon voyage
  10. Thank you all for your input... I think my best approach will be to find sailing(s) which will fit our desire, then take on my food issue with the chosen line. No real need to fret over an issue, which may not be an issue! bon appetite and bon voyage
  11. You can try doing it vis-a-vis satellite, if your carrier offers this service and it is reachable when you are out on the open waters. Also, there is often 'no charge' WiFi in many ports, if one can wait that long. Check the cost of that. I Am sure others will have great suggestions and input on this question, which is asked frequently here.... bon voyage
  12. I Am willing to bet that many of us are 'being pretty tough' at the choice of words in the subject line. AND for myself, understanding that X frequently has no control over pricing except on its' vessels, to blame X for pricing is just wrong, just very wrong. To this end, I apologize to the OP since they may be new to cruising and do not understand that some 'basic' research even here on CC would go a long way to help in avoiding such atrocity, as experienced, even though there are some passengers who may not mind using the buses which X sold passage on regardless of cost. Again, My Apology and bon voyage
  13. My bad, I did read two (2) and there were only two reviews about Viking's vegan offerings from 2018... I know better than accepting just two (2) bad reviews... especially with a few other things thrown in the reviews. I will go with the knowledge that most RC's has great food and my only consideration will be on tours and eating off the ship, for the most part. Yet with advance notice I will trust that most places will be able to accommodate... bon appetite and bon voyage
  14. Sounds like some up-front planning and research would have thwarted this situation or not... A rip-off to me would be when there are no other options available, alas you found one. bon voyage
  15. Hello all, This topic just hit me after reading a few reviews here on the RC board.... Euro sailings, I Am vegan, who can recommend good lines for this? Steamed, boiled and/or grilled vegetables constantly every night is not my desire for six to nine (6-9) nights while sailing... LOL TIA for your thoughts and input on this... bon appetite and bon voyage
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