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  1. LOL t - I just two (2) at a time... more than makes up for the size difference... Cheers and bon voyage
  2. ... also, what about any delays in the airport before the check-in process and TSA??? Are you self-disembarking from the ship early? Rush hour? Pre-pandemic offered different experiences and exposures, post is a whole new world in travel. Seems a bit tight, to me, especially if using taxis and the like are not going to work in terms of transportation for you. Has there been enough CC'rs that have done this yet? I Am sure someone might post with recent experience, if it has happened yet. You may want to visit the Cruise Air
  3. Actually, at most venues, including MB & CS, let them know which package you have and what they might offer that would be included. There is no need to turn yourself away because of the package you happen to have... Cheers and bon voyage
  4. You may want to check to see what the EU guidelines for sailing are, which may mirror the CDC to a great degree or not. In health and bon voyage
  5. ... or we can order drinks which are fully covered, as well. The PBP is all inclusive for the items on the menu identified as "Premium" and not all items available on the ship and items considered "Super Premium". Cheers and bon voyage
  6. Generally, one has 30 days to transfer booking to a TA, and almost anytime to transfer back to X ONLY with a bonafide reason i.e. TA is MIA after a period of time. I had to have several reservations transferred back to X because there was no communication from the TA for several weeks. There is a form at X's website to complete to request the transfer. bon voyage
  7. dk - sounds like you are a viper!!! 🐍 LOL In health and bon voyage
  8. I Am sure someone will post a link to the Premium Package which is posted on X's website. The included beverages may change due to the pandemic, yet I would imagine that it largely will have the same or quite similar offerings. Also, you will be able to do a comparison between packages, too. As far as everything else, the only real other cash out of pocket would be for any Specialty Dining you want or drinks not on any beverage package. Tips include daily grats, beverage grats and the like... anything you wish to leave above the daily, it is your option. There are a few threads on
  9. J - I would have stopped to see and listen to the whole thing.... Just like the naughty room, love to be there when people would come in to get the contraband LOL Inquisitive minds want to know what is going on... bon voyage
  10. Here you go, two (2) threads... Not sure of current relevancy.... bon voyage
  11. ... or just ignore it and/or not post to them, possibly, by those who may not want to read about this topics any longer? In health and bon voyage
  12. Okay, maybe I have always known about it and did not notice it was AWOL for a bit there, but if I remember correctly and often it can be said I do not, I have seen it every time I have logged in to CC over the last few weeks at least... and not really clicked on it until today. LOL Thank you regardless and bon voyage
  13. The policy is for "opinion and debate".... as such you are able to post factual information. As cited on each page at the very top within a red banner. In health and bon voyage
  14. That just might work... LOL bon voyage
  15. LOL - S - there are times when I think sailing without spouse could be a good thing... spontaneity and not worrying about the when!!!! I hope bon voyage for me soon (and you as well)....
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