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  1. For double occupancy, it’s usually not that hard to find. Rooms can be sold one one minute then appear shortly after as people upgrade or cancel for whatever reason. We’ve run into problem with getting rooms for 3rd and 4th guest. Even if the room is available and can accommodate extra guests, they have a limit which prevents them from adding a 3rd or 4th guest.
  2. Why would that matter though? You can only redeem a certificate from April if the same year.
  3. You won’t be able reserve ahead if you’re going to use prime because you’ll be under the 90 day refund window. You apply your prime cert you need to be able to reprice the cruise. You’re right though, it’s not impossible to use the cert in May, but your options are limited to what rooms are still available... if any. Plus all the good dining and show times will already be selected.
  4. In theory that works, but you are accumulating points much slower at tables than she would be at slots. Table games are earning you points on your average wager based on 10 minute increments, where as slots are measured on each pull.
  5. I get the offers in Canada. They just don't mail them. I would usually hear about the offers here or on FB then I'd check the clubroyaleoffers website.
  6. Exactly. You don't want to be kicking yourself for not jumping on the bandwagon. I can’t resist a deal. You can still cancel if it is honoured and you have buyers remorse up to 72 hours I believe before sailing.
  7. LOL I was going to use the IKEA reference but was afraid there would be crickets... glad somebody gets it 🙂 I don’t need this package, but I jumped on it anyway just to follow the drama.
  8. Not sure about RFID but they do track every hand that’s dealt. There’s a sensor over each spot where the cards are dealt. I’m not sure how RFID would work unless there were clearly marked spots where to lay the chips. In blackjack the chips could be all over the place if there’s action. The information I received which makes sense to me is they track every hand. The only number that changes in the equation is the average bet which is entered by the pitboss. This way you don’t sit around for hours at a table and only play every third hand and annoy everybody at the table. Each time a player drops a spot or adds a spot the dealer has to key it into the computer.
  9. Your total combined points from April 1 - March 31 2020 will apply towards your status. Since that's already Prime, you will get your free cruise next April. But for now, you earn a cruise certificate based on your level of play on the current sailing.
  10. I’ve not had this problem, maybe because I book immediately when I saw something I wanted. But from what I understand they only allocate certain number of comp rooms. If the offer is good for an entire month, I wouldn’t expect to call on the last day and still have room choices.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Is this the dedicated thread for Club Royale offers? If it isn’t, there should be one. I don’t know why they don’t include a link on the offers site with the offer details. Seems like we get more information here. I’m already booked on Harmony for Sept 1 for the $25K BJ tournament, but have my eyes peeled for other offers.
  12. .... well that story didn't end as I had expected.
  13. We already have this arrangement. Problem was I already took a boys trip back in January, so it would seem unfair to ask for another trip before she could cash in on hers. Also I don’t feel good leaving her with 2 young boys when they’re heading back to school. My balls are properly sized thank you 🙂
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