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  1. Update: Just got an email confirming the change I saw on the app. It doesn't mention any kind of 'compensation' ( for lack of a better term), but I'm okay with that given that we are basically trading a Bermuda day for a Portland day to avoid sailing into the storm. 🙂 🙂
  2. Yeah, me also! I'm just curious if anyone here has any guidance regarding if RCCL offers a discount on the cruise based upon the change. I've read elsewhere that RCCL does, so I'm just wondering if anyone here had any guidance.
  3. App has been updated to Day 2 Portland, days 3, 4 sea days, day 5, 6 Bermuda, 7 sea day back. Guess we'll see!
  4. I'm booked on the Serenade boarding tomorrow. The cruise was/is to Bermuda, 7 nights. However, given the path of Hurricane Jerry I suspected that we might be diverted. Today on the RCCL app, our day 2 (which was to be a sea day) is now changed to Portland Maine. Day 3 still shows arriving at Bermuda, though that seems nonsensical given that the ship would be arriving exactly at the storms height on the island. So, I figure they are changing the itinerary as we speak. I figure it'll be roughly the Maine/Canada route that alternates with the Bermuda route - which isn't ideal but I'm okay with on the whole. Which beings me to my question about being on a cruise that gets diverted. I have heard that RCCL will usually offer a discount in the event of this happening. I'd appreciate any advice or experiences that people have had in this event. Thanks in advance, happy cruising!!
  5. The C&A page on the RCCL web site says that discounts are available for suites and balconies. Does anyone know if there are C&A discounts available for inside cabins? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! I last cruised on SotS September last year. At the time Rita’s was closed and nothing was happening there. I am curious if anyone has been on the Serenade recently and could offer an update. Thanks in advance!
  7. Greetings and Salutations! Yes, I also am thrilled to be able to cruise on out of Boston, especially on RCCL. Where are you cruising to in Oct? I have a Sept sailing back to Bermuda, as I had mentioned earlier on this thread. Go Bruins!!
  8. Not annoyed at all, lol! But anytime I've seen a discussion on hump cabins and their balconies, the discussions about the deeper balcony cabins. Such as we are discussing here, 7094. It is true that there are more cabins on the hump that have regular or even smaller than regular size balconies. People may like them for location but no one is particularly excited about the balconies - at least not that I've seen. 7094 is listed as category 1D, equal with 7090 two cabins forward. The RCCL web site currently, and wrongly, lists the balcony as being 20 sq feet for 1D. I dug out my most recent paper brochure for reference, and that lists the size as 53 sq feet. The balcony on 7094 is 117 sq feet, 11.5 short side, 14.5 long side, 9ft height parallelogram. So the cabin we are talking about has a balcony over double it's price class. Yeah. I like that. As far as I know this is unique to the Radiance class. Yes, oversize balconies exist on Oasis. Since you directed me to them I decided to check them out. On deck 7, cabins 7194 (2C Ocean View with Large Balcony) and 7184 (4D Ocean View with Balcony) seem to be what you are referring to in your post. Fares, as we all know. are constantly in flux on RCCL. So exactly how much more 7194 costs for a given cruise versus 7184 really all depends upon when you book. But you typically will pay more. Balcony sizes are 80 sq feet and 50 sq feet. So the increased size is more, but still significantly smaller than the difference of the cabins we were talking about on the thread. Look, all I'm saying is that I happen to really like the Radiance class and the design features that make the class unique. A lot of other people agree, though not everyone will agree on anything. Carry on.
  9. I know NCL doesn't sail from Boston in September. I'd rather be on RCL out of Boston to Bermuda. The key is I want to sail out of Boston, and prefer to sail to Bermuda. 🙂
  10. Nice! Did you notice that they aren't sailing Boston/Bermuda next year? I'm really disappointed! I have no interest, being from the local Boston area (north shore), to sail to Canada and Maine. I'll probably look at NCL for next year's Bermuda cruise.
  11. I found it fine and didn't feel crammed at all. I'd recommend it, and would sail it again anytime!
  12. A cruise isn't a good place to spend big money investing in art, or anything else really. Park West isn't either, IMHO. That article is really sad. I bought a few pieces on my first cruise, which I don't regret. I only paid the minimum, and would never suggest anyone actually bid. Yes, I 'overpaid' compared to the prices I could have found if I searched on land (kind of before the internet had as much selection as now). I viewed them as a bit pricy souvenirs that I liked and not an investment. I think I spent maybe $850-$900 total on 3 pieces. I loved them then, and I love them now. I have seen them online for what I paid, and even a bit more. I'd agree with the overall caveat emptor on the topic of art auctions on cruises in general, and Park West in particular. That said, if you see a piece you really like and it isn't too pricy, it is sometimes fun to just buy it for the story and as a souvenir.
  13. Yes, those are the balcony. Let me double check, but I don't think I took any cabin pics. Ok just checked nothing of cabin proper. I love the hump cabins. The only drawback is some noise from the centrum. But the Balcony is nearly unbeatable, especially given the central location. Which sailing are you on> I'm on 9/22 this year, but this time I managed to snag an aft cabin.
  14. Here's a couple of pics. One is much better lighting so you can see the whole balcony, the other isn't as well lit but will let you see the overhang better. It is a nice deep balcony with plenty of room. However, if you are hoping for a good tanning place it does have an over hang that will effect that. BTW, which Sept sailing are you on? I had this cabin Boston/Bermuda 9/23 last year and will be sailing 9/22 this year!
  15. Hi! Yes! I saw your other thread earlier but I was at work. I'll share some here then go over to your other thread since that one is specific to this cabin.
  16. I was on the cruise also. I put my bags out night before and would suggest it as the best way. Really, it was just a mess because so many people all chose to opt to carry off. I was only off about 20 minutes later than my original expected departure time. So, I feel that putting your bags out the night before is optimal for disembarking.
  17. I love craps, but don’t recall ever seeing better that 2X ever being offered on a ship. I think the lines don’t expect or want serious players (or the risk of potential losses ). It looks to me as if they offer casino games as just another thing onboard with a cushy profit margin. Otherwise, if they wanted to be a serious casino, they’d offer better comps - free drinks in particular - like a true casino.
  18. Like I said, it is just an opinion based upon three seasons I am aware of where RCCL sailed the ship from in the time in question. Given that Boston has been largely neglected by RCCL until the Serenade was sent here, it doesn’t seem illogical for them to keep a toe in the port, especially considering that the sailings seem to be selling. I WILL say this - the move of the Serenade to Boston was THE reason I decided to sail with RCCL again. I haven’t sailed with them in 9 years till they did this.
  19. Not sure if I agree. RCCL moved the Serenade up to Boston in the fall at least last year (not sure about previously), is there this year (I’m booked for the 23rd sailing also), and has already set sailing dates for September next year (I’m booked for the 22nd sailing 2019). I can’t claim any inside information, but it seems like a reasonable thought that September/Boston is the spot going forward for Serenade. FWIW, I believe the 23rd sailing is sold out (not listed any long).
  20. I’ve sailed Radiance class ships several times and never had any issues with seas being a problem. I’m also booked on the Serenade this September but on the alternate week when it sails to Bermuda. As noted earlier embarkation isn’t usually a problem, and there are Chops, and Giovanni’s on board (Chefs table also but like Izumi not fully covered with UDP). FWIW I love the Radiance class, and hope you have a great time!
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