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  1. Seward is worth an overnight stay. If I only had 1 day, I would be going to the Sealife Center and going to Exit Glacier. Pre-Covid there were shuttles to the glacier visitor center, not sure what the situation will be when you go but you will need to arrange some type of transportation. Any leftover time can be used strolling the harbor or looking in all the funky shops downtown. If you can't get on an early train the next morning, take a full or half day wildlife viewing cruise or kayak and then take the evening train.
  2. (18) If you are born in 2020 everything looks like a hand sanitizer 😂 - YouTube
  3. Senator Murkowski's virtual visit to Haines. Not optimistic about workarounds for PVSA- which was not unexpected. Instead she is focusing on federal aid to affected communities. Murkowski pays virtual visit to Haines as Biden approves major disaster declaration after landslides - Alaska Public Media
  4. This is in response to persons with questions regarding HIPAA and access to vaccine records: What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? To implement HIPAA, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) issued the “Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information” (the “Privacy Rule”), which established a set of national standards to address the use and disclosure of individuals’ health information—called “protected health information” – by organizations subject to the Privacy Rule—called “covered entities” – as well as standards for individuals’ pri
  5. All states have their own electronic registry for vaccinations. There are designated people at health facilities ( yes I am one) who have credentials to enter data. This database is different and separate from any other EHR you have. Anything I enter will have my electronic identifier so it can be discovered who put data in if there is a question. In order to enter a vaccination, you will need the lot number and expiration date. These are loaded into your facility's electronic account by the vaccine coordinator ( yes I was one for 6 years) when the vaccines are received by the facil
  6. 3, it is the same itinerary that was rebooked 3 times.
  7. I believe the Covid vaccines will move quickly from EUA into full FDA approval and licensing, probably rapidly enough that the argument about being required if EUA will not even have the chance to be challenged or litigated. In the meantime, it can be mandated without being mandated. If there are enough restrictions placed on what you can and cannot do, and difficult hoops you need to jump through to get exemptions, then most people will just go ahead and get the vaccine in order to go back to their usual lives. This is especially true when Astrazeneca and J&J are available which are pr
  8. Students cannot attend classes without documentation of childhood vaccinations. Many colleges will not let students live in the dormitories without being fully vaccinated. Hospitals and care facilities "encourage" their staff to get the yearly flu vaccination. If you do, you get a sticker on your badge that is required to be visible at all times. If you do not have this sticker you are required to wear a mask ( which we do in these current times anyway). If you are unvaccinated and are discovered not wearing your mask, you face disciplinary action including termination for repe
  9. It's not just the Canadian cruise ban, which has put certainty that cruises to AK won't happen this summer. There are also state and local regulations to abide by. Alaska has some pretty strict requirements for out-of-state travelers. Outbreak-Health-Order-No-6-lnternational-and-Interstate-Travel.pdf (alaska.gov)
  10. Wondering if docking at a Canadian port but not allowing passengers or crew to disembark would satisfy PVSA and if the Canadian gov't would be amenable to an arrangement like that? Also not sure how long a ship would have to stay docked in order for it to count as a visit. As an AK resident for the past 30+ years, it saddens me to be driving through downtown Anchorage seeing all the closed small businesses, a for sale or lease sign out front and the windows are boarded up. The lack of tourism plus the low price of oil is putting the AK economy in a vice grip.
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