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  1. I was married on the Magic in 2017 and we loved it! I don’t think I could name one bad thing about her!
  2. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-cruiseships.html
  3. I just saw CDC put out new guidelines for asking! For the life of me I cannot link it-maybe someone can post in this thread ?
  4. I read on a cruise group that it’s in Barcelona still but heading to Florida -who knows how true that is though! Hopefully we will hear something in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to start seeing reviews of her! We canceled this past May cruise (obviously) and finally decided to re book next May!
  5. Since no cruises last year we bought annual passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The beginning of May we are staying at a resort there (cabana bay) for the week! For the $1600 for our family of 3 (top passes) they for sure kept us pretty entertained, dare I say more than a cruise! We also only live an hour from Orlando!
  6. Was pretty certain my May 15th Mardi Gras sailing wasn’t happening.
  7. We booked the Mardi Gras a year and a half ago for May 2021! We didn’t think we would be one of the first sailings on her (if we sail). We are excited to see the new ship!
  8. I’m hoping my May 2021 Mardi Gras cruise sails! Wooo hooo!
  9. Well the reason to rush to do the online check in is to pick a check in time and usually everyone wants the early check in time ...
  10. I can’t imagine early check in times being available like they use to for FTF and VIP levels. How would they be able to clean the rooms etc with people clamoring to set down their luggage?
  11. Me too! I wish they would release more pictures of the interior sections.
  12. We are going on the Mardi Gras in May 2021. We are a pretty big group sailing, friends and family so we are pretty excited. We are going on the Western itinerary which isn’t to exciting but we mainly booked for the ship! We can’t wait to eat at all the restaurants and just relax for 7 days !
  13. My cruise is May 15th and online check in is March 31. The payment date is still 2/14 though
  14. I feel like the bigger worry is if cruises will be happening then instead of picking a boarding time
  15. I’m so glad I canceled my December 5th cruise out of Port Canaveral! I’m actually wondering if my May cruise on the Mardi Gras will happen
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