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  1. Laura, thank you for all the work you did on the blog. It was great to know how it went. No, that exit is not traditional. It definitely because it was the last voyage. hope you enjoyed the cruise.
  2. Very sad day. At least I have 101 days of great memories on her.
  3. Tioga, now I am sorry that I am not there with you. I love Gerainger! And all the “goodies” you are receiving. I will be anxiously awaiting your stories of what you did there! Lynn
  4. It sounds amazing. I would have loved the all with the dogs and cuddling the little puppies. Pictures are fantastic as usual, and you are correct, it goes too quickly.
  5. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful day! Enjoy!
  6. Funny, I got used to the block parties on Regent, which was started on both lines by Capt. Dag, but not on our cruise, but we had a substitute Captain. when I did this cruise, I did do the Polar Plunge as we crossed the arctic Circle. Once in the pool, I didn’t want to get out and face the cold!
  7. The model of the Royal Viking Sun (Prinsendam) is on deck12 . Walk straight off the elevators, instead of turning toward the Crows Nest, and you will literally run into it! Also, when I was there in April, they didn’t have much in Prinsendam merchandise, except small!! Lynn
  8. Laura, I knew about them and they are only for guests on the last cruise. I was told it was one for each guest. Is this true, or is it only one per cabin if you are married
  9. Hello again, as I was originally scheduled to be on this cruise, I am interested in the ports I hadn’t been to previously. Stavanger looks cute and beautiful. Thanks for the pictures and description. Keep them coming! Lynn
  10. I don’t know her, but I do know she was not the first choice. Linda was, but she had a family obligation, so she could not stay until the end. I was on the 4/24 sailing, and spoke to many crew members and I found out that many in the shops, dining room, front desk,etc. we’re newbies. Some to the PDam, and others new to HAL. I thought it was strange, as well as Capt. Dag “retiring”.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. I am not personally fond of modern style of decorating, but it looks very open and clean. I can’t wait to see pictures when it is finished.
  12. Hi! I was on her 4/24 and met a gentleman who worked with the new company. He told me a few major changes that will happen. If you care to know, you can email me at windy2@zoominternet.net. I will not post here while people are still on her. Lynn
  13. Can’t wait. I will be thrilled to follow your exploits, especially in places I was 6 years ago. I said my farewell to my favorite ship a few weeks ago, and will miss her terribly. Have fun everyone. Lynn
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