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  1. I understand. All it really takes is one cough.
  2. Been pretty easy for me, I've had 8 cancelled so far and counting. I've only rebooked those for 2021 and 2022. I have 4 more for 2020 and one in Jan and one in feb if 2021 that were booked precovid. We will pick back up one day and cruise on!
  3. I'm not sure, we will see. For passengers, they will be around potential carriers of the virus for shorter periods of time. Less likely to catch, sure. For the cruise line, the guys that work at guys burgers, the stewards, the terminal workers though are all exposed to twice the amount of people in the same amount of time. Not to mention that if 3000 x 2 passengers board a ship, the odds are much more likely that one of them are infected than if "only" 3000 boarded. If I knew best though they would be asking me so I guess I will find out when everyone else does as to t
  4. How things have changed in the last 9 days since this topic was first posted.
  5. Awesome! I've usually had a good experience myself. All of my cancelled cruises have rolled over nearly effortlessly as well. I haven't called them on the latest round though, I have two more to adjust. Going for 2021!!
  6. That should be normal and automatic. Do they expect people not to want a refund for something that they cancelled? Hopefully it was timely.
  7. Lol, that's not the path to return to cruising.
  8. Its treated as two separate accounts. Money will not carry over. I dont remember about guest services but I think there is someone there when you go back up. Around that time the system will switch over to the new cruise also, then when someone is available at guest services, they can take care of your need. Keep in mind that there are workers in the terminal that already have access to the booking. Ask when you do the walk down if they can take care of it while you're in the terminal depending on how early they walk you through. If it's already busy, just head back up with your
  9. I thought you were suggesting 3 day cruises because you felt they would be safer. Now I'm seeing cruising should just be for those unafraid to live life. I guess those people like the 3 day cruises and not longer ones. Is that the reason you suggested carnival may do the short ones?
  10. You would guess wrong. How you came up with this by comparing a 3 day versus a 6 day cruise is beyond me.
  11. As pointed out by previous posters, this doesnt mean they are selling them. There is a difference between selling and sold. I'm surprised they haven't corrected you yet.
  12. Sounds like you dont have an email on file for that specific booking.
  13. So, I am more likely to catch the virus by staying at home for weeks on end with the same people as opposed to traveling from house to house coming in contact with more and more people. Got it. Cruisers will be in the port they visit a few short hours meaning no risk at all to the locals. Understood now. Thanks for clearing that up. I hope carnival is smart enough to do just that, for all of our safety.
  14. Couldnt tell you, but under normal circumstances they would fly home and not overstay their permission.
  15. Maybe I will have another round of buy orders execute.
  16. What considerations would there be for foreign passengers who cannot legally stay in the country they are able to port in?
  17. I'm only speaking of cruise ships and comparing a short cruise to a long cruise and giving my reason as to why it doesn't make sense to me to intentionally sail short cruises because of the pandemic. I dont own carnival though, they will do what they want.
  18. Quick 3 day trips mean alot more people passing through the terminals and the ships, exposing workers to double (more or less) the amount of people in one 6 day trip. Pandemic-wise the six or seven day trips or longer are much more logical to reduce exposure. The profitability of the longer ones, like everything else here, can be argued.
  19. You dont have to wait on it. Just go to the link that I'm sure some has posted to make your choice. I got mine today.
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