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  1. I have the radiance booked for Jan 2022 for a 14 day. It's still for sale and in my planner.
  2. My cancelled cruises stayed in mine too until the day of the cruises.
  3. The 14 day panama canal cruise on freedom November 1st 2020 is no longer in search, but it's still in my cruise manager. Hopefully it's just sold out.
  4. If they sold something they did not plan on providing then they lied. If they sold something they intended on providing, then circumstances prevented them from doing so, then they did not. Two different things.
  5. There are 12 cruises listed right now for August. Hopefully their plan works out
  6. If the plan was not to sail in August then Carnival flat out mislead us all.
  7. Unacceptable. I cant believe people are waiting for so long without disputing the charge. Once that window of opportunity passes you will totally be at their mercy.
  8. You can call carnival up until it's almost time for boarding to begin. They cant do anything at the port, but carnival in miami can sale a room the morning of.
  9. I've got 35 days booked on a couple of back to backs on the freedom starting in september, one booked in november, and 14 days out of tampa in February. Fingers crossed for all of those.
  10. You can leave the TBA as that until you get to the port actually.
  11. They DO allow masks on Halloween, even if you hear or read they do not. See any YouTube video titled carnival cruise halloween .
  12. Good luck to all who are booked on these first cruises. Having 14 booked this year watching them disappear has not really upset me. I'm a little nervous about going back out. Thanks for being brave for people like me!
  13. Looks more like carnival is planning on the end of June. ☆ subject to change
  14. Sometimes they stop near half moon cay and cayman islands too
  15. Hopefully you'll be just as happy if it goes to $18 a share
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