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  1. Maybe I was lucky, the two times so far in Meraviglia YIN I have had a chair in the room. And I precisely did just that @Beamafar , was to drape my clothing and jackets on it. Judging from your photo (and from @mickey89 video), I recall the Meraviglia YIN shower was a tad larger than the Seaside (or was that Seaview). Our first sailing on Meraviglia was in a Super family connected balcony on the Aft. I too was somewhat concerned about moving to an Interior, but absolutely NO question at all - we absolutely both loved being spoiled in the YC. And just like you said, we really did not spend much time in our room anyways. But for the OP, I believe too that you would be happier booking the YC balcony. It has a larger bathroom than YIN.
  2. I have been able to make my restaurant recommendation on the app with no problems at all, once aboard the ship.
  3. I just left Meraviglia YC on Saturday, 11/03. And I can say first hand, it's all a very quiet area. Not too many people ever in the lounge, and the Top Deck was also pretty quiet. The pool is somewhat small-ish and is not on the side of 18003, so I doubt you would hear any pool noise. The only "noise" you might hear from 180003 would be any noise during sail away, to which... there was only a few of us out during sailaway, and still that was pretty quiet. Honestly you can't go wrong w either.
  4. I purchased a 7-night cruise, however i am joining later for the final 5 nights. I called MSC customer service to see if "it was possible" for me to stay an extra night. Before I knew it, the agent put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. While on hold, he booked another cabin - and then cancelled it. Which apparently must have put another fee or cancellation on my original reservation. And now... i can't check-in using E-Tickets because the system says that I still owe money. I've spoken w over 5 different customer service agents, to which no one has helped. All supposedly "talking to their supervisor". The last agent told me that it might take 14 days to be updated. So no - you can't just stay on 5 extra days. The cabin is probably sold anyways. And you don't want to experience the mess that I'm in.
  5. Haha! I was so excited for Day 20, so that I could log in and get my E-Ticket. Well, today is Day 20... and now the website is asking me to complete payment. (I already paid in-full.) I guess I'll be calling MSC customer service..... ;) I'm sure it will be fixed soon. Just shoot, i was so looking fwd to "Day 20". ha!
  6. Yup, I'll be on Meraviglia for Halloween this year. I think we're porting in Palma de Mallorca for the day. I have some decor for my door, and am thinking about a costume.... we'll see. But it will be interesting if the crew does anything.
  7. We loved Meraviglia! I've had some positive reviews, but I guess you may have not read mine? We sailed April 2018 in an aft balcony. And I just booked an interior room the end of October. So yeah, I'm a fan! In April we had late dining, so I can't really comment too much about the entertainment. Our friends went to both Cirque shows and really enjoyed those. We ate at Eataly the food market, the Ristorante Italiano, and Chef's Table - loved!! - and Butcher's Cut. We actually spent more time eating not in the MDR, but the MDR was nice too. Same - we did not book the drink package, as we got the 12 vouchers ea w the Fantastic experience. Our friends booked the Drink package. Our room was spacious... service was great. Really enjoyed the food. Loved the 70's night! That was so much fun. And my husband has requested that I bring him some of the chocolate macaroons back from the chocolate shop. So good! I'm really looking fwd to sailing on Meraviglia again. This time I'll probably explore more of the boat.
  8. Same! We booked this same Streaty Foods Tour back when we visited Palermo in April 2018. We also were on MSC. But we absolutely loved this tour - it was our favorite port day! We love all the street foods they introduced us to, and learned so much about Palermo & Sicily. And it was an easy walk from the Ship into the main part of town where the tour started. We met some other people from our ship during the tour too. ;)
  9. Thanks for all the updates here and I followed your threads on Periscope too. Awesome, thanks for sharing. Are you also sharing on Instagram? If so, what’s your handle there? (Please.) Thanks again for all the amazing photos. [emoji1360] The Venchi shop looks awesome... and that chocolate martini. [emoji1376][emoji1376] Will be back on Meraviglia later this month, but sometime I’d like to try out Seaview & Seaside. So grazie!! Keep enjoying your vacation!! [emoji172][emoji924] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Thanks all - how about, does anyone know how much the daily rate would be if purchased onboard? Specifically on Meraviglia. Thanks!!
  11. On our sailing, we were in the first group to disembark (MSC Voyagers Club Black Card Members) along w MSC Aurea & Wellness Experience. *Im trying to upload the photo documentation, but it’s not loading . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Hey candygone, For us the embarkation/disembarkation in BCN was easy-peasy. I think we arrived around noon for boarding, and with my Status Match to Black Card we were granted Priority Boarding. So that went very fast. And the same on the Disembarkation, Black Card members had the first disembarkation. We waited w our friends for the time for our group to disembark, however they wouldn't let our friends join us. So they caught up late. But the Disembarkation was swift as well. We also ordered an Uber to pick us up after we had collected our luggage (which was waiting for us). And the Uber arrived right away. For my cruise next month, I'll be embarking in Palermo (which sounds like a breeze from Squish); and then disembarking in Genova. So we'll see how that goes, as it's a more popular disembarkation location.
  13. I'll be sailing Meraviglia again in October on a 7-night Med cruise, however I'll be joining for 5 nights. Pre-boarding MSC offers the Premium Internet package (4GB) for $86.50. I definitely will be purchasing Internet and have a few questions: 1) Will MSC pro-rate the $86.50 to my time onboard, the 5 nights? 2) If I purchase on-board for daily service, how much will daily be?
  14. I found 9 leftover vouchers from our April Meraviglia (Fantastica package) sailing, and will be sailing on an October Meraviglia sailing (Bella package). I had to call MSC customer service the other day, so I asked an agent. And she said that it’s no problem at all, for me to use these leftover drink vouchers on my new sailing. I’ll keep you posted... [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Ship: Meraviglia We had an Aft balcony, floor 14, in April 2018. It was a Super Family joining Balcony cabin, I believe. No fumes at all. Absolutely loved the balcony. As others have mentioned, yeah you could hear some noise when docking - but nothing too terribly loud. I think we even left the sliding door open most of the time.
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