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  1. This will be my first sailing on Celebrity, thank you for all the great suggestions. Has anyone had the corned beef hash in the MDR? How was it?
  2. Ditto, thanks for the update I hope your DW enjoys the cruise.
  3. please provide us an update once this issue is resolved.
  4. A sweat stained baseball cap of course 🤣🤣
  5. I am the same way, ain't got no shame in my game. I also wouldn't want to be in a club that would have me as a member.
  6. Does this include Camo Crocs? They are the nicest dress shoes I own. I look awesome when I wear them with my cutoff jean shorts and a stained wife beater. I really hope they will let me and my kinfolk chow down in the MDR. This is my fancy dress.
  7. We just applied for my newborn son's passport and it took a total of 2 weeks from the day it was mailed to the state department until we received it back.
  8. speaking of that hotel... there are some really good restaurants right around there. Have you tried southport raw bar or the 15th street fisheries?
  9. Yes, you are correct and it does not affect the taste or texture. I would still consider this to be a quality issue as most individuals still expect the salmon to have an orangeish/pink color to it. Appearance accounts for 75 percent of an individual's perception of quality. There is a saying in the restaurant world when it comes to presentation "your eyes eat the food before your mouth ever tastes it"
  10. Pineapple and Papaya just to name a few. You don't even need to use the juice, the enzyme that does the tenderizing can be bought in powder form (Papain). Add this to any marinade and I promise you it will tenderize the meat. And yes I used to be a Chef. Back to the topic of this Thread... Why does the salmon appear white? If I received that for my plate I would be sending it back!
  11. Thank you so much for this document and the time it took you to create it. I will be using it for sure on my next cruise. I am still trying to decide if I want to upgrade my Classic Perk to the premium. just knowing some of the Single Malts that Celebrity has I might.
  12. I am wondering what is the earliest I can Disembark from the ship if we do Self-Disembark. Our ship arrives back in port at 6am.
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