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  1. You can try their online lookup tool as well. https://www.carnival.com/bookingengine/pastguestnumber/GocclJsonPPastGuestHostPage
  2. If I had to do all over again, I would book a next day flight post cruise. Or at least book the earliest flight available. Arrival the week before was easy and super smooth. I spent 5 minutes trying to explain to one of the AA agents that 3 hours before my 4:30 flight would be 1:30. He insisted that it was 2:30 and kept saying, "2:30, 3:30, 4:30 is 3 hours ma'am." I don't know how you reason with someone like that so I just left that line. TIPS: We tried to fly standby for earlier flights on AA with no luck. So don't count on that as an option. The flights are full. Any group aft
  3. Hello, For my cruise coming up this Saturday, I just got a notice that the itinerary is changing. HOWEVER, it's still the same ports just different days. Will this still fall under the itinerary change insurance? I've included screenshots from my policy.
  4. I called and asked what happens if we DON'T get our results in time from our PCR test. (I've got an appt tomorrow) and they said we would be denied boarding and get a FCC. We would be on our own to get back home.
  5. Yep, my cruise leaves on Saturday from St Martin and I was able to use my $150 per person OBC (apparently designated for shore excursions only) on anything I wanted. I used it on a 4 night dining plan.
  6. That may be what is on the official documentation, but I was able to use mine on the dining package for the June 5th cruise in a couple of weeks. I got the 4 night package which used it all up. 🤪
  7. Here are the benefits listed in the description for suites on the Move-up page. It's kind of confusing because it says it comes with all suite amenities and benefits.
  8. I booked the Elevate package with my cruise in June so that it was built in with my fare. The positives are that my OBC from my agent was more. So I got about 10% back in OBC. I also was was offered a $9 pp/per day upgrade to whatever they call the super premium package that includes 4 bottles of wine, wine tasting, $100 in casino chips and free mini-bar set up for 2.($126 total) Additionally, I was able to use the built in $150 pp OBC for the dining package. So it doesn't really have to be used on excursions. The negatives are that my insurance may have been a bit more because I needed
  9. The bare minimums are basically the same price as if you just booked them directly and got to pick your location I think. For instance, going from Veranda to Aqua is $350 per person. I paid just under $1700 for my cabin and they are booking Aqua for just over $2k and you get to choose your cabin. My move up options included Concierge $200pp, Aqua $350pp, Family suite $200pp (this one might actually be a bit less than direct booking?), Sky Suite $1000pp, Celebrity Suite $1500pp, Royal suite $2k pp. These were the minimums with a very weak/red chance of being accepted. Maybe I
  10. My understanding is there is $200 change fee per ticket no matter the circumstances once you are within final payment.
  11. I went to go checkout this morning and the offer has disappeared! It's now the same price you mentioned of $76.50. So odd.
  12. This one is in my planner. It's called Drinks & More and costs $9 pp per day. So $126 for two. We have the premium beverage package through Elevate already. We would probably spend at least $50 each in the casino whether we got the package or not. So for $26 ( If I'm reading right) we would get 4 bottles of wine, a wine tasting experience, and the mini bar is included. Upgrade and Save time and money when you purchase our new Drinks & More beverage package. Enjoy all of the benefits of the classic and premium beverage package, which includes all the top-shelf spirits (89 option
  13. I"ll be shocked if the first couple of cruises get past 40%. I really hope they do though because I'm not sure how they will justify having everything open everyday. Some things we have thought might happen: 1. Specialty Restaurants not open every day? Only certain ones on certain days? In my Cruise Planner, I'm not able to book the discounted 1st night at Tuscan Grill that's listed. I get an error page. Does that mean it might not even open the first night? 2. How will nightly entertainment be limited? Will we even get 1 "show" per evening? Will less popular venues be closed?
  14. I think this is more likely. When you go to the big box store travel website, there are sooo many available cabins. I realize some might be guarantees but there was no price incentive to book a guarantee. It was the same price. I don’t think half the sweet 16 cabins are booked on my cruise and there are tens of Aqua suite cabins available. (June 5th sailing).
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