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  1. My next booked cruise is the Carnival 50th anniversary cruise in 2022. We’ll see....
  2. Not really half off the cruise. 50% OBC from the price of the cruise.
  3. I usually leave the bathroom light on at night. It does not light up the cabin enough to keep me awake. But there are the battery powered nightlight that are pretty cheap.
  4. I was on a Carnival excursion once, we were 45 minutes late getting back to the ship. Yes, they did wait for us. I wasn’t too concerned since the captain’s 13 year old daughter was with us 🙂. that’s about the closest I have come.
  5. I think the Coast Guard determines where they are held. The ones outside are kind of close for comfort.
  6. My PVP did not give me a timeline. He said not to expect it to be fast since they are processing so many refunds.
  7. Thinking about boarding the ship, heading to Guy’s Burgers then grabbing a Funship Special.
  8. I spoke to my PVP yesterday, depending on the sail date yes. My cruise is May 28th, I was told 30 days. If I cancel before Carnival cancelled the cruise I loose the money I paid for the insurance.
  9. First cruise ever, Carnival Paradise June 2003. No occasion, just wanted to go on a cruise.
  10. Not a lot but I got a $60 drop on my May Conquest Cruise. Hey, every little bit helps.
  11. Just got off Victory yesterday, luggage tag.
  12. Either one should be good. I have done the Chef’s Table on several ships, pretty much the same-food wise. Some have been a better experience but that was due to the personality of the chef.
  13. Did not change how the app looks on the iPad.
  14. I got more notifications today reminding me show time was coming up LOL My last cruise was Jan 4th.
  15. The app does have problems. A week after my last cruise I got notifications that the show was about to start and a few more I had marked as favorite. LOL
  16. The app is fine on my phone, just tried it on my iPad and got the same thing
  17. Silly question, are you on a ship? The app won’t do much of anything if you are not on the ships WiFi.
  18. I had that happen on Legend several years ago. It was a tropical depression that strengthened and there was no way to go around it. They closed off all the open decks and a good part of the passengers were in their cabins seasick. It was pretty hard to walk around the ship at times.
  19. Just don’t get stuck on a sandbar leaving the port of Miami on the Sailabration cruise 😛
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